All This Talk of Cyber-Bullying, Harassment, Defamation, and “Revenge-Sites”

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Alright, I think enough is enough!  The media has twisted this whole issue into something that is so far from reality the story has become almost fiction.

Revenge Website

First, let’s address this issue of how everybody’s calling this a “revenge website”.  This is not revenge – this is reciprocity.  There is a difference.  I did this exact same thing to Patrick a few years ago, but because I’m a chronic pothead who can’t keep an organized thought in my head, I did it poorly.  Still, because of my actions it harmed a lot of his relationships.  He didn’t go cry to the police, the courts, and the media about it.  He put it behind me and he moved on!

Reciprocity means doing something back to someone as they’ve done to you.  That is all this website is.



All of the media has been throwing this term around.  Bullying is when someone in a superior position exerts force against someone in a weaker position.  That is not the case here!  For years, while I was working at Apollo Group and Patrick was having financial difficulties, I hired lawyers to make his life difficult, I refused to contribute any assistance for our son.  I would rather our son walk around with shoes with holes in them than to provide $10 toward the cost of a pair of shoes for him!

The fact that the tables have now turned and Patrick’s the one doing well and I’m down on my luck does not make this bullying.  Whenever I have been in a superior position I have always used that against Patrick.  Have you not read any of my emails from 2011 through 2013?  They’re here on this website.

Moreover, if a person initiates aggression against another but then starts losing the fight how can that person claim she’s being bullied?  It was not Patrick that pushed himself into my life and started throwing everything into disarray.  I am the one that came back after 9 years then started doing underhanded, deceitful things.  I am the one that initiated all this hostility by taking our son by force, after only 2 visits, rather than taking the time to build a relationship with him first.  Just because I’m now losing this fight doesn’t mean Patrick is bullying me – it just means I attacked the wrong person and took on more than I could handle.

Let’s take a look at an email I sent Patrick on February 17, 2013 immediately after I found out he was released from ICE custody and the family court was, likely, going to order me to return our son to Patrick’s care.  At that point I didn’t know Patrick had been deported.

…I also want to make it very clear that I’m not proposing this out of weakness or fear.  Immigration and homeland security are not my only avenues and if pushed I will pursue them – I agree that I will probably not “win” in family court, but I have no intention of “beating” you there.

You can read the entire email here.  And what did the court do about that?  Nothing!  So why is it acceptable for me to threaten Patrick?  So I am the poor, harmless victim everybody is rallying behind?



My whole story is based on the presumption that the content of the website is all lies.  Yet, I have not been able to provide a single piece of evidence to support any of my claims.  At the same time, this website contains documents (police reports, court records, her own written statements) to support Patrick’s claims against me which I insist are false.

Defamation is the deliberate publishing of false information about a person in order to harm that person’s reputation.  When the information is true it is not defamation!  When the information is true there is nothing illegal about publishing it – no matter how harmful it might be to the person’s reputation.

Every single word about me, on this website, is completely true.  That, and that alone, is the reason I have not filed a defamation suit.  The cost of an attorney has nothing to do with it.  I can represent myself – I’m already doing that in our family court case and in my other divorce and child custody case.  I know that in order to proceed with a defamation suit I would have to be able to show that the information is false and I just can’t do that.



Harassment, whether in the US or in Canada, necessarily requires an element of contact between the parties.  Publicly speaking about another person, no matter what you’re saying about them, is not harassment!  It really is that simple!  The entire media story is based on a false premise.  There is absolutely no law in the US or Canada, and no court in the US or Canada has the authority to compel a person to not speak about another person.  Particularly, if the statements are true – as they are on this website.



I have yet to see anything in the media which attempts to realistically convey the reason Patrick created this website, or the reason Patrick is adamant about not taking it down.  Everybody is so wrapped up in poor little Desiree that they completely disregard everything I have done.

For Christ’s sake, Patrick posted, yesterday, proof that I’ve been lying about him hiding our son from me.  My own words in a declaration I filed with the family court in 2011!

Stop being fucking sheep!  Being led around by the media which very clearly has no interest in reporting the full story.  Read about some of the things I have done recently.  Decide for yourself instead of letting some journalist with her own agenda tell you what you should think.

Alright, I have work to do!


18 Responses to All This Talk of Cyber-Bullying, Harassment, Defamation, and “Revenge-Sites”

  1. doug king says:

    Good on you man

  2. Lloyd says:

    You have a point about reciprocity Patrick. If people always turned the other cheek then the cheaters would have a field day! And if you got even with some guy, they you would have more support. You see, you are not following your gender role that you were given at birth. When a woman victimizes a man, the man is supposed to “take it like a man.” You are supposed to remain quiet and not show any hurt. This male role thing predates feminism, but the feminists take full advantage of it.

  3. Pork Chop says:

    Move on with what? The crazy woman has got.his son!

  4. Audience says:

    I am 40 year old woman and I’ve been following your story with interest. I admit I’m getting a vicarious thrill over you successfully exposing your nasty ex-wife Desiree Capuano. It appears she didn’t think things through before contacting the media. Now your exposure website is international news. I guess the shameless narcissist had no qualms about drawing attention to her repugnant behavior in exchange for some screen time. I’m not buying for a second her victim act or those crocodile tears she’s shedding. I wonder if she’s expecting some reality TV producers to come a courtin’.

    I suspect Desiree Couteau is a sociopath based on the information presented and the fact that only a sociopath can engender the level of hate and anger is takes to create a website like this. Patrick, I don’t know what you were like before you met this woman, but I suspect you never wished for a life devoted to destroying another person, especially the mother of your son.

    My sister is a sociopath and she has gone out of her way to cause severe damage to my life. She even recruited a few thugs to assist her. She has gotten away with it and continues to get away with it. Female sociopaths are highly skilled manipulators and way more subtle than male sociopaths. They play the poor suffering meek and innocent while behind closed doors they are driving their victim to suicide. I stress – behind closed doors. I understand the anger. I understand the hate. I understand being denied a defense. I understand being denied justice. I understand the need to take matters into your own hands, to even the score, set the record straight, and expose the sociopath for the liar and manipulator she is. I also understand that this makes most people uncomfortable and that means shooting the messenger – you.

    Without exercising any critical thinking, these sheeple automatically vilify the person shouting the truth. Yeah, the truth may be ugly and presented in a context outside the norm of “appropriate behavior.” So what?! It doesn’t change what is. Do these sheeple ever take into consideration the egregious behavior initiated by the aggressor that drove you to this point? They’re all just whistling in the dark. They don’t think it can happen to them. They don’t think they could ever be capable of the type of anger and hate it takes to create a website like this. SO NAÏVE.

    Unless you’ve had the misfortune of being related to a sociopath, targeted by one or conned into marrying one and living the nightmare of shared custody, you have no clue as to what these people are capable of and the amount of havoc they can wreak in the lives of others. They can fill the most peace loving individual with rage. Sociopaths like Desiree Capuano and my sister aren’t just disliked, they are utterly despised. Therein lies the sociopath’s curse. Normal people are tormented by the level of hatred the sociopath produces in them. It is torture to carry around such anger and website likes this are sometimes the most harmless ways to vent it. Believe me, when you’re entertaining fantasies of the sociopath being run over by an 18 wheeler, a website such as this is tame.

    Patrick, I realize most people think you are a vindictive piece of shit. That’s not my take. I see what you’re doing as a form of justice and something you needed to do so you wouldn’t implode. Also, you’ve been very forthright about your actions and your intentions – as unappealing as they are, and as unhinged as you appear to be – this is something the sociopath would never reveal. Like I said, they do their dirty work behind closed doors. They are con artists and liars. They wear masks. At least you’re willing to be hated and seen as a crank in order to speak your truth. Not so the sociopath. The sociopath just wants pity. Their entire existence is a lie.

    However, I have to ask, to what end are you willing to sacrifice your life and your relationship with your son to “destroy” a sociopath? As much as exposure sites like yours are good for warning others and getting the word out about the sociopath’s true nature, and temporarily getting under their skin, they do very little in deterring the sociopath’s actions. There’s not much one can do to destroy a sociopath, short of killing them. If Desiree Capuano was normal she might be suicidal due to this public humiliation, but make no mistake, she’s not normal. She’s shameless and she’s probably getting a drug rush from all the attention she’s getting. Yes, some people may avoid her in the future, but she doesn’t care about that. Sociopaths are like sharks. They injure and kill cold bloodedly and keep on moving in search of the next feed.

    Having my life shredded by a sociopath sister has given me a death grip on reality. I no longer view the world as I once did. I’m well aware that life is not fair. I know that evil thrives because there seems to be a worldwide phobia of its existence. I also realize that if you take the legal route you get law, or at the very best negotiation, but rarely ever do you get justice. I’ve also learned that sociopaths live for the game and they play to win. In other words, the attention your website has garnered is likely feeding the bitch and her equally vile mother. Think: shameless narcissistic trash that get famous through crude sex tapes. Women like Desiree Capuano have no rock bottom.

    There’s not much you can do to harm her. She’s shameless. She’s a parasite. So even though you’ve outed her, and disrupted her con game, and even if her current target gets fed-up and kicks her to the curb, she will find another host to attach herself to and feed. She’s not aging well. She looks at least 10 years older than she is so her looks are fading fast. She also closely resembles The Grinch. With time and drug use she will lose her ability to charm another unsuspecting fool. Maybe she’ll lose her ability to hold down a job. Maybe she’ll even OD. But the only person capable of destroying Desiree is Desiree. I understand wanting to speed up the process, but what would devastate a normal human being doesn’t have the same effect on a sociopath. They are cockroaches. And some of these cockroaches go through life without ever being taken to task. You’ve already achieved that on a wide scale.

    You have to ask yourself, what’s the end game? What’s your goal? Are you trying to destroy your ex-wife or get your son back? If you’re trying to get your son back and nurture a relationship with him, you’re going in the wrong direction. You’ve admitted that if it takes destroying your life to expose Desiree that’s what you are willing to do. I guess your son will be without a father. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of your crusade? And haven’t you already exposed her?

    Your website is up forever. Even if you remove it, it will pop-up somewhere else. So taking it down is not the issue. You need to decide if you want to sacrifice your life for this cockroach. If you do, you are treating yourself with the same aggression she inflicted on you. She isn’t worth it. And from what I know about sociopaths, she will get a power high from being responsible for your downfall. Here’s a story of a man who committed suicide because his sociopath ex-wife and the family law court system failed him and caused him such grief.

    You may want to drive that sociopath Desiree Capuano to suicide, but from what I’ve learned about sociopaths, they aren’t usually suicidal. They are the ones that drive others to suicide and self-destructive acts. Consider for a moment that perhaps the evil bitch is succeeding in driving you to commit a slow suicide. My sociopathic sister wanted nothing more than to destroy me by driving me to self-harm. I recognized this and reversed my direction. I will never let anyone have that much power over me.

    I hope you decide to save yourself. Perhaps this media attention is the crescendo of the battle and when it all plays out you can walk away. If you do, you will not only save yourself but your son too as long as he didn’t end up with the sociopath gene. The kid needs one healthy parent. Desiree Capuano and the company she keeps are clearly low-life trash. Step back and give the bitch and her scumbag brigade all the rope they need.

    I wish you well.

    • BFA says:

      Keep up the good work! The people that support you, are for the most part, quite well spoken and understanding of the situation. As for the people that disagree with the content, their comments really speak for themselves. The site is informative and mild compared to the some of the threats made by a few commentators. Are these being monitored by the RCMP?
      If not, why not?
      They, the RCMP, were very willing to detain you, now how about going after some real hatemongers as displayed here.
      This story is becoming more and more interesting.
      Atta boy!

  5. RdR says:

    It’s nice to see an intelligent guy fighting back. The days of freedom of expression are being dragged away and it is good to see someone make s stand.
    Best of luck!

  6. HRB says:

    The CBC, whenever providing its thoroughly biased, misandrist coverage of this website, has its censors delete any comments that describe the men supporting the blatant misandry as manginas, while they happily let commenters libel Patrick by accusing him of being a cyberbully, or even a stalker.

    Talk about double standards.

  7. HRB says:

    How do you know how many comments the blog has received, you homophobic maggot?

  8. doug king says:

    Your site is awesome. You have my sincere sympathy for being with her and what she put you through. I’ve known people like her. My sister is just like Desiree without the drugs.

  9. Christina says:

    I think you need to close down this website and beg for your son’s forgiveness. IMHO

    • Lloyd says:

      You have it backwards Christina. It is Desiree who should be begging for her son’s forgiveness. I am now in my 60s and I have witnessed many examples of mothers using the feminist legal system to steal children away from their fathers. The psychological research shows that boys generally do better with their single parent dads than their moms. I have witnessed many boys ending up hating their mothers for what they did to them. Patrick does not have a legal choice because the courts and child welfare systems are biased against men. Would I have done what Patrick has done? No, because I am not into revenge. I would have taken a more political route with groups fighting for men’s equality. But I can understand Patrick’s pain.

  10. Joe says:

    Wow!! What a pathetic sub-spinal orifice you are Patrick. Get a fuckin life man. You’re nothing but a fucked up stalker no matter what kind of lipstick you slap on it. Fuckin loser probably don’t have one friend left in the world outside of family and they don’t count (but probably can’t stand you anyway) You should really take the advice you gave your ex and off yourself. And guess what… nobody will give a shit.

    • MRA MRA MRA says:

      Magina, Mangina, Mangina. You’re nothing but a fucked up Mangina no matter what kind of lipstick you slap on it. Patrick is exercising his right to freedom of speech. You should really take the advice you gave Patrick and off yourself. Nobody will give a shit you fkn mangina.

  11. mitch says:

    hi can you clarify something for me are some of the posts in the blog section stuff that you are saying she wrote it is kind of confusing

    it seems like they are partially your posts and then stuff that also came from her but I can’t really figure it out for sure

    • Patrick Fox says:

      The posts that appear to be from Desiree were written by me, but from her perspective. I’m attempting to give the reader an idea of how she perceives the world. I’ll add my name to the posts that are from my perspective.

  12. Kelly Green says:

    I read a news article which brought me here. I think your Web site is clever and enlightening. I looked at her photos, and I have to say, that’s one UGLY broad. I cannot understand why anyone would want to date her. Does she get prettier the drunker one becomes?

    • Patrick Fox says:

      In my defense, when I was with her 14 years ago, she was much better looking. The years of drug use and trashy living have not been kind to her. At that time she was 19/20 years old.

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