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Marnie Tunay runs a blog.  On February 18, 2016, as soon as she saw the CBC story about this website, she was frantically banging on the keyboard, composing a scathing commentary on Patrick Fox.  She titled the article “WARNING: Don’t get involved in any way with Patrick Fox of Burnaby, B.C.“.

Take a moment and go read what she wrote.  I suspect Miss Tunay will eventually remove the page, so I’ve cached it here, for your convenience.

As you can see, Miss Tunay has some pretty strong opinions about Patrick.  But, what is so retarded about Miss Tunay’s opinions of Patrick is that they’re based entirely on what she read or hear in the CBC report – not on any actual facts or first hand knowledge of Patrick.

But, where things really get interesting, is that after a month of Miss Tunay’s misguided editorial being published on the Internet, Patrick decided to post a comment, pointing out that her entire article is based on information which has since been proven to be false.  Patrick asked Miss Tunay why she is regurgitating negative information about him which has been proven to be false.

Miss Tunay responded that “with [her], [his] credibility is Zero”.  But, it’s not a question of Patrick’s credibility – the proof is in the form of Desiree’s sworn testimony in the various courts; her own statements in various police reports; audio recordings of her testifying in the order of protection hearing.  What does Patrick’s credibility have to do with anything?

Miss Tunay, goes on to claim that what Patrick “freely admitted to” in his interview with the CBC “amounts to a prosecutable offence in Both countries” (namely, Canada and the US).  And she claims to “understand the limits of the law quite well”.

First, of all, Miss Tunay clearly has no knowledge of the relevant laws at all.  If she did she would realize that the reason there has been no criminal prosecution is because there has been no criminal offense.  Because of Desiree’s allegation of criminal harassment, the RCMP investigated Patrick for 5 months.  His PAL was “under review” during that time.  He wasn’t able to purchase any more restricted firearms while it was “under review”.  In early March, the RCMP finally concluded there was absolutely no merit to any of Desiree’s claims against Patrick, and they restored his PAL to “normal” status.  There is no “right to bear arms” in Canada – firearm ownership here is purely a privilege.  And after 5 months of looking at all the evidence, the RCMP concluded Patrick is a fine, rational, psychologically stable, and responsible person.

Miss Tunay is not the only one that doesn’t seem to understand what words like “harassment”, “libel”, “defamation”, and “bullying” mean though.  There have been a lot of people posting messages on the CBC and other sites, asking how it is that Patrick is getting away with this.  Let me say it again: everything on this website is true – therefore, there is no libel or defamation; harassment requires that the allegedly harassing party repeatedly attempt to initiate some form of contact with the allegedly harassed party, either directly or indirectly, something publicly publishing statements to the general public, on a website cannot ever amount to – therefore, there is no harassment; bullying is when a person in a superior position exerts force against a person in an inferior position – telling the truth about someone, or expressing your opinion of them is not bullying!  Just because somebody finds something “offensive”, or just because somebody’s feelings got hurt by something somebody said doesn’t make it harassment or “bullying”.

But, back to Miss Tunay.

If you look at the comments Patrick posted to her blog article, you will notice Miss Tunay censored sections which she refers to as “allegations [she] consider[s] to be unproven and slanderous”.  The “allegations” to which she refers are Patrick’s statements about the proof that Desiree had lied about everything she said to the various news agencies.  For example, Desiree’s sworn declarations in the family court, admitting: that she abandoned their son and moved back to Flordia; that she had actually been in contact with Patrick during the time she now claims Patrick was “hiding” their son from her; that Patrick had never threatened her.  Those are not “slanderous allegations”, those are references to Desiree’s own statements, made under oath.  They’re not even Patrick’s statements – they’re Desiree’s statements!

The communication continues in that fashion – Miss Tunay censoring out anything that doesn’t agree with what she wants to believe.

Miss Tunay’s responses to Patrick actually give us a very good look into the mind of people like her and Desiree.  The proof of the reality is all right here on this website.  Not unsupported statements and/or allegations made by Patrick against Desiree.  Desiree’s own, signed declarations.  Desiree’s own voice at the order of protection hearing.  Yet, when Patrick proposes she review that proof before formulating her conclusions, her response is to refuse to acknowledge the existence of that proof.  To erase from Patrick’s comments anything which would not fit with what she wants to be true.

I suspect Miss Tunay suffers from the same psychological disorders that Desiree suffers from.

So, in the end, how do a sane, rational people, who are constrained by annoying things like reality and the truth, fight people like Desiree and Miss Tunay, who believe they can just make up reality by pulling it out of their head?  People who believe that reality can be deleted and modified like words in a text editor?

This is the mentality of the people that support Desiree.  It is moronic.  It would rather cling, with all it’s life, to false beliefs than to accept reality.

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