An Open Letter to All Prospective Employers: Why You Should Hire Me

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I’ll cut right to the chase:

  1. I use drugs while I’m at work.
  2. I regularly get high before going to work.
  3. I fully support having sexual relations with my co-workers. In fact, the guy I’m with right now (James Pendleton)…the guy I’m living with…I started banging him while we were both working at Apollo Group.
  4. I regularly…okay, frequently…miss work. I usually make up some bullshit about my kid being sick, or something.
  5. Even though I frequently try to talk like I know what I’m talking about, the truth is, I’m usually barely competent. And often, barely coherent.
  6. I habitually criticize my supervisors and co-workers. Though, this is only because I have a constant fear that people are going to realize I have no idea what I’m doing.
  7. Did I mention I regularly go to work high? Chances are I’m high right now:)
  8. I’m amazingly racist – but only toward brown people (Mexicans, Cubans, Guatamalans…whatever, they’re all the same). But I’m fine with black people so it’s okay. Well, actually, I also don’t like anybody that doesn’t speak English.
  9. I enjoy telling my co-workers about how I used to be a stripper and how we used to get the best coke (cocaine, not the soft drink).
  10. When you meet me I’ll put on a facade of sweetness so thick you’ll immediately adore me. You’ll wonder how it is anyone could dislike me. But it really is nothing more than a facade. The moment you’re not looking I’ll be scheming ways to betray you – not for any real reason – just because it’s fun to fuck with people.
  11. I’ve never accepted responsibility for anything – which is okay because so far there’s always been someone else to blame it on.
  12. I have a history of jumping into relationships with men that abuse me (though, admittedly, I usually deserve it because any man that won’t hit a woman deserves to have dishes thrown at him). This is relevant because I’ll probably be missing some work as a result of these fights.

I would tell you about my skills, but honestly, I don’t really have any. The work I was doing at Apollo Group was so specific to their internal systems that it doesn’t really transfer to other workplaces very well. Well, that’s not really true – truth is, I’m just so high most of the time that I just don’t care enough to put the effort into doing anything…like finishing this blog post.

Anyway, fucking hire me or don’t hire me, whatever. Who cares. I don’t really need the money – I’ve got James to take care of me and my kids.

As long as Patrick keeps writing all this nasty (though true) stuff about me people (like James) are going to keep feeling bad for me and I’ll keep getting free rides.

Suck it, bitches! Keep your fucking jobs – I wouldn’t work for you anyway. Stupid dirty cocksucking faggot whores.


4 Responses to An Open Letter to All Prospective Employers: Why You Should Hire Me

  1. Chris Sweeney says:

    Desi still talks to some of the people here at Apollo and she thinks they’re her friends,but they aren’t,they wish she would just go away,nobody liked her when she was working here and want nothing to do with her now,well,except James and the other 3 guys she was banging here.

  2. Jhonny Repley says:

    Dont worry a bout a thing Desiree since you are a comiunity fuck and a proffessional fuck up and like to get fuck in the ass why dont work as WHORE now with your wide streched pussy and ass and saggy tits dont spect to get big bucks how ever there will always be dump guys like Elliot Spitzer at least you wont be using cooking oil when his fucking you in your wide stinky ass by the way I know a couple of Mexican guys with 12 inches dicks who want to fuck the shit out of you for a 2 bags crack.So what are your ratings? 20 for dick sucking? 30 for pussy fucking or ass fucking (cooking oil not included right?)jut make sure that when you get fuck the shit out of you take a SHOWER stinky ass pussy no good ok white pride world wide crackwhore Iam living you with a big brown dick in your mouth and one in your stinky ass

  3. Kimberly Brown says:

    this entire website is disgusting. Whatever this woman did, doesn’t give you the right to ruin her. Just remember what comes around, goes around!

  4. Jhoney Repley says:

    I think you need a good pussy licking and a goog fuck KImberly and tell your friend Ms.KKK I say… when you go around hurting people for your own pessure and benifit with out any regards you deserve every bit of shit It used to be that all women had to do was go to court and crie and lie to destroy a mans life for ever.well now we can hit back in the worst way you can ever imagine.So yeah Kimberly what goes around comes right back at wanna fuck

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