And Just Where Have All My Loving Friends Gone?

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Hello!  This is Patrick – the creator and maintainer of this tribute to the great Desiree Capuano.

I have to say, I’m finding it very interesting that I’ve not received more feedback from the supposed many people, the friends and family which, according to Desiree, love and care about her so much.  In fact, if memory serves, over the past two and a half years this site has existed, I recall only ever receiving one strongly worded message from one of Desiree’s childhood friends.  Moreover, I’ve searched the Internet and I have found nothing in support of Miss Capuano.

The reason I find this so interesting is that Desiree seems so adamantly convinced that there are so many people that care so much about her, and that nobody believes anything that is written on this website.  Yet, this website receives anywhere from 10 to 45 visitors a day (tiny, I know, but considering this is just a website about an insignificant, generally irrelevant, self absorbed ageing pot head, it’s not that bad) and I, personally, receive at least 35 messages a week from people thanking me, offering me information about what Desiree’s doing from one day to the next, or sharing their own stories of why they hate Desiree so much.

You may be thinking “I, he wouldn’t post/publish messages in support of Desiree anyway”.  But on the contrary, the one supportive message, and the two message received from Desiree herself have all been posted (you can find them in the blog “Comments”).  This site is not about bashing Desiree – this site is about publishing the truth and the reality about who and how she really is.

So, I invite all you people who supposedly love and care about Desiree to write in, to add comments to any blog posts.  To share with the world, your support of the person you care about.

But you know what?  I do not expect that we will hear from a single person supporting Desiree.  I do not believe that there is a single person out there that actually cares enough about Desiree to take 5 minutes out of their day to write something nice, yet sincere and truthful about her.  I believe she is alone in her delusional fantasy world where drugs and her boyfriend of the week (currently James Pendleton) are the only things that give her a reason to continue living.

How sad for her – and by sad I mean pathetic, not sorrowful.

5 Responses to And Just Where Have All My Loving Friends Gone?

  1. Suzanne Lagasse says:

    I do not give you permission to use my picture on this website. You don’t know me nor I you. Please remove it immediately. I have used a email that I will delete right after I send this request.

  2. Patrick Fox says:

    So, in response to a post suggesting that there is not a single person that truly likes, let alone loves or cares about, Desiree so far we have received one message from a blood relative (Lagasse is Desiree’s mother’s maiden name) asking not to be associated with Desiree.

    Surely there must be at least one person out there who thinks Desiree is a good person.

    As for Miss Lagasse’s request, I will certainly remove your picture from the website. As I can understand you would not want to be publicly associated with Desiree, I will go ahead and removed all reference to you. My apologies for any hardship it may have caused you.


  3. Chris Sweeney says:

    Well my co-worker here spoke to James recently and Desiree still has no job after about 2 months and James said she has little prospect of getting one.James said she has had some interviews,but none have panned out yet and he said he’s already having a hard time supporting her and her 2 kids.My co-worker said James sounded stressed about the whole situation and said he never realized he was getting into this kind of living arrangement and taking care,and now supporting, of all these people.One has to wonder how long this will last,James seemed ok,and pretty level headed when he worked here but,we’re not sure how much longer he will put up with this.James also said Desiree rarely gets up before noon and so by thenthere’s not much incentive for her to even look for a job.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Thanks for the update, Chris.

      It warms my heart to hear that things are not going well for her. And, I’m glad to hear that James seems aware of the situation. It’s unfortunate that he’s gotten entangled in this – I really have no issue with him and I believe he is a decent person.

      If James reaches the point where he’s fed up, at least he doesn’t have to worry about G***** (my son with Desiree) because the whole world knows G***** can return to me at any moment – which is what he wants anyway. As for Desiree’s other child, Sage, well call me heartless but it’s not my child and not my concern. Maybe his father can help out, though I doubt it.

  4. Judy Hatfield says:

    Wow!! One thing I don’t understand about Desiree is if she is truly upset about the website I don’t see her or any of her “friends ” proven with real facts that everything that is been posted in this website is wrong .
    so like Patrick said where have all her friends gone ?

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