And So Just What Have I Accomplished by Going to the Media?

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It’s been 6 days now since that story was first published on the CBC website and aired on the CBC television news.  Since then, there have been a few more interviews with a few other agencies, and some live radio interviews.  And now, things are getting pretty much back to normal.

The number of visitors to the website hit around 25,000 that first day; then up to 36,000 the next day; then 13,700; 18,800; then down two 5,000; and 2,000 yesterday.  In another day or to it’ll probably go down to 100 or so per day.  Still 2 to 3 times what it was before I cried to the media – but nothing near the ridiculousness of a few days ago.  With all the additional media publicity that has been generated and which will remain forever on the Internet, I don’t believe it will ever go back down to the 30 or so visitors per day it was getting before I concocted that terrible idea of going to the media.

I say it was a terrible idea because, according to my public claims, all I wanted was for the website to go away.  But all I did was caused exponentially more people to become aware of it.  Exactly the opposite thing I claimed to want.

How Was This Website Affected?

And how has all of this affected the website?  Did it result in the website being taken down?  No!  Have the laws in the relevant jurisdiction changed such that it will need to be taken down in the foreseeable future?  No!  Is the Canadian government going to change their laws?  Maybe.  But does it matter?  No, the website is not hosted in Canada.

How Was Patrick Affected?

And how has all this affected Patrick?  Well, he’s utterly despised by thousands of people who had never heard of him a week ago.  But that’s fine with him – he never cared about peoples’ opinions before this happened and he still doesn’t care about them.  Has it affected his ability to meet chicks and get laid?  Don’t know, but again, he doesn’t really care.  He wasn’t very concerned about that a week ago and it’s still not a high priority for him.  Has it affected his income and/or earning potential?  Not really.  There have been a couple of restaurants which have refused to serve him but that’s no big deal.

How Has Desiree Benefited?

And now, how have my fiancé, James Pendleton, and I benefited?  Did we accomplish what we set out to?  No, the website is still here, except now it gets a lot more traffic than it used to.  Am I now able to get a job?  Unlikely.  In addition to the recent growth in awareness of the website, I  still have the issues of being a drug addict, a child abuser, and having been proven to be the type of person that will falsely accuse an innocent man of abducting and hiding my child for 9 years, on national television.  Am I now able to walk into a Starbucks with my head held high, confident that nobody will recognize me as the dirty skank who was banged in the ass with cooking oil?  No, in fact, we can now be almost certain that every single person who lives within a 30 mile radius of Sahuarita has seen this site (and that is, after all, the most popular page on this site).

I suppose, if this was all really just about the attention, then I have been successful.  I’ve gotten a lot of attention for about 5 days.  But now people have lost interest and moved on to newer, shinier stories.

[Comment from the Editor: If I were allowed to speak to Desiree, which I’m not because of her order of protection (which is not enforceable in Canada, but I’ll honor it nonetheless), I would have to ask her how her grand plan of going to the media and exposing Patrick for the monster he is has really worked out for her.]



And now, less than one week after James Pendleton and I went on television and cried about how my life has been ruined by my terrible ex-husband and his “revenge website”, we are right back where we were a week ago, except that this website now gets a hell of a lot more visitors each day; I am more known than I’ve ever been – but most importantly: this website is still up and running, still serving it’s mission to inform the world of the evil, vindictive, manipulative woman Desiree Capuano truly is.


Update (2015-03-13)

It’s now been almost a month since the CBC story ran.  Shortly after this commentary was posted, a local Phoenix news show ran it’s own story about me, Patrick, and this website.  That segment was picked up by CNN and syndicated all over the US.  That resulted in another week of continued interest in this site, which kept the number of visitors between 2,000 to 5,000 per day for the next week.

And now, a month later, the website is still getting about 400 visitors each day.  I guess my original estimate of 100 visitors per day was somewhat low.

5 Responses to And So Just What Have I Accomplished by Going to the Media?

  1. who cares says:

    What a sad, little, pathetic excuse for a man you are. Your entire existence depends on “hits” and responses here (when they’re not you, supporting yourself). You don’t promote anything positive; you just try to disrespect those who crossed you and succeed only in showing what a sad, drug-addicted and lonely life you made for yourself. The saddest thing is that you don’t even see that and think you have “friends” here. You’re a circus show of disfunction. That’s all.

    Your son is lost to you and that’s due to what you did when you went to jail and abandoned him. He’s with a stable mother and gains nothing by reading your disgusting ‘blogs’ about anal sex with his mother (so you say).

    Help is available. Your choice.

  2. Tre says:

    ^^^ This person is an idiot. You name yourself “who cares” but apparently you care a lot to actually comment. I give this guy props for putting ANY manipulating, lying PERSON on blast. I am sure if someone came with a site about a man and his horrible ways, women would be standing up giving her a standing ovation. This guy obviously is showing proof of how horrible this lady is and all you can say is its bad of him. Have you read what she has done to HIM? Of course you haven’t..because “who cares” right? HAHAH..lame.

  3. Great job says:

    Keep on fighting brother!

  4. The courts are ridiculously biased in favor of women, minorities, sexual non-conformists, etc. — anyone but the perceived majority of white men.

    I don’t know what I think about this website, but I think it was dumb of her to go to the press. They made it into a human interest story, everyone came to the website, and the courts are not gonna touch a free speech case.

  5. Guest says:

    I came here, because I saw it on the news. Before I came to the site, I thought it was stupid of her to go to the media if there was proof. This is a legitimate site. She seems like a huge skank.

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