And Still Desiree Completely Misses the Point

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Hello.  This is Patrick.

This morning Desiree and I had another custody hearing in the family court.  I was requesting that our son be permitted to choose which parent he will live with.  Our son is now 15.  He has been with Desiree since January 2013 – when she had me deported from the US, based on false allegations.  Prior to that I have always had custody of our son, since she abandoned him at the age of a year and a half.

For anyone who is interested, a recording of the complete custody hearing is available here:

Since our son has been with Desiree he has maintained that he wants to come back to live with me.  He has never wanted to be with her.

Desiree, being a narcissistic sociopath, doesn’t care at all about what our son wants.  She doesn’t care that he doesn’t want to be with her.  She only cares that he is with her and not with me – even though he’s only with her because the court ordered it, not because he wants to be.

And, being a sociopath, Desiree sees everything in terms of “winning” and “losing”.  If you look at her emails and her declarations, you will notice that she often uses terms like “winning custody”.  She has never once spoken of what our son wants.

By now, I think we all know that my goal in life is to completely ruin Desiree’s life and to cause her as much misery as possible (without violating any laws, of course).  Now, with that in mind, if the court were to order her to return our son to my custody then she would be able to use that as a means to gain people’s pity – and that is, after all, one of the things sociopaths always seek.  She would be able to say that the court is unfair and that she’s a victim.  And that is exactly the opposite of what I want.  I want for Desiree to lose everything because of her own actions, so that she has no one to blame but herself.  To that end, I want our son to hate her because of the things that she did to him.

As of this morning, the court ordered – and I have to say, I’m somewhat surprised by this – that henceforth, Desiree shall have all authority and discretion regarding not only visitation but also contact.  She can, if she so chooses, completely refuse to allow any contact between me and our son.  And, if history is any indication, that is exactly what she is going to do.  The reason I am surprised by this is that I would have expected the court to at least order visitation.

And, in Desiree’s mind – again, because she is a sociopath – she would interpret this most recent court order as a “victory” for her.  But what she refuses to realize is that our son was expecting the court was going to allow him to choose where he will live.  So, when he finds out that Desiree now officially has complete and unquestionable control over every aspect of his life and of our relationship, he is only going to hate her more.

As it stood, prior to today, our son intended to leave Desiree and never have anything to do with her, the first opportunity he could.  I just don’t see how a sane, rational person can consider that a “victory”.  But, then Desiree is not a sane, rational person.

I don’t believe that Desiree has any intention of ever allowing another visit between our son and me, and it’s only a matter of time until she is going to cut off telephone contact between us as well.  She will, again, see that in terms of her “beating” me.

But the inevitable outcome of all of her actions is almost guaranteed to be one thing: our son is going to leave her and that will be the last time she will ever hear from him.  He and I will continue to have a strong relationship, based on mutual trust and respect.  And that, in my mind, is the true victory.

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