Audio Recording of My Arrest

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Hey, all! I finally got around to uploading the audio from my arrest on my son’s birthday, 2011. As you can hear, the detectives came to my place looking for Kris for that counterfeit money scheme he was involved in and the idiot gave them permission to search the apartment! I’m quite proud of myself – I had the tears streaming and the begging and the dumb-shit cops bought it. But, of course they would, I’m that good.

Here’s a link to the part of the arrest where I come in:

And here’s a link to the entire interview and arrest – it’s mostly Kris talking and the cop searching my bedroom; I come in about half way through:

When I have some time I’ll upload the media from the time the Glendale Police executed the search warrant on our home in Peoria. Now that’s a performance I’m particularly impressed with. You’ll never see someone turn on the person they love as quickly as I turned on Kris. But fuck that, I ain’t going to prison.

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