Desiree and James Hire Hack Attorney to Jack Them Off

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Hello!  This is Patrick…and I’m actually writing as Patrick, because it would be difficult, otherwise, to make the kind of outrageous mockery I am about to of Desiree’s and James’ new attorney – Peter Limperis, of Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally.

Those of you who live near Tucson, AZ, might recognize Limperis from the KVOA News coverage of this website.  He was that yahoo lawyer who foolishly suggested, on television, that Desiree would very likely be able to convince a court in Arizona to “assert jurisdiction” over me in a defamation suit.  Let’s have a watch, shall we:

Now, do you see how he says “…I think if you look at the facts in this case…”?  What the FUCK?!?!  What “facts” is he referring to?  He’s going based solely on what Desiree has claimed – and I’m pretty sure that bears very little resemblance to actual “facts”.

Limperis, that charlatan, goes on to say “…he [Patrick] specifically states that he’s trying to get in touch with her [Desiree] employers and her neighbors…”.  Wow!  Good luck finding any record of my ever saying that.  Is this one those facts Mr. Limperis alluded to?  How the hell did this guy pass the bar?

And, finally, he concludes by saying “I think there’s a very good argument that a court here would be likely to assert jurisdiction of him [Patrick].”  Huh?  Dude, did you even study law?  Are you suggesting that a court in Arizona could possibly assert jurisdiction over a purportedly foreign national who is not present within the US, for a purely passive website which he is maintaining while not being present in the US, and the website itself is in yet another country?  Do you really believe that the US courts have that kind of global authority?  Moreover, do you really believe that an Arizona court would attempt to “assert jurisdiction” over someone for allegations of defamation on a website, while that very website also provides all the proof that the allegedly defamatory statements are, in fact, true?  Come on, dude!  Really?

If Limperis’ statements on the television news are not enough to make you question his competence, then just have a look at the Motion to Correct or Modify the Record on Appeal he recently filed in my appeal of Desiree’s and James’ restraining orders.  I realize that motion is just a ploy to delay the appeal process, thereby keeping the orders in place a little longer, but really – it kinda makes an attorney look like an ass when they file such frivolous arguments, don’t you think?

We should also point out, at this…point, that Limperis is not actually representing Desiree and James in a defamation suit – only in the appeal of their silly restraining orders.  That’s interesting since Limperis apparently “specializes in libel and defamation”.  No doubt, Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Desiree and James) first contacted him about the possibility of filing such as suit against me.  Likely, they’ve contacted many attorneys before settling on Pete.  But all those other attorneys probably shooed them away with a hearty guffaw.


So, I think it is safe to conclude that either:

  • Mr. Limperis is an amazingly incompetent attorney, just as Desiree’s previous attorney, David Goldfarb, was; and/or
  • Mr. Limperis is just looking at the billable time he can get from James (because, of course, it would be James paying him, not Desiree – she’s broke); and/or
  • Mr. Limperis advised Desiree and James that they have no case, but they wanted to proceed anyway and he figured “Fine, I’ll take your money”; or
  • Mr. Limperis just thinks that any time on TV is going to be good, free promotion for him and his firm (though, you’ll notice his firm is not mentioned in the news segment) – even if what he’s saying is pulled so far out of his ass it makes him look like a complete retard.

I’m curious how this is going to play out.  So far, none of Desiree’s attorneys have had much success against me.


[Comment from the Editor: Some of you might be a little dismayed to find this story wasn’t, literally, about Desiree’s and James attorney masturbating them. Come on! What kind of sick fucker do you think I am?]


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