Desiree Backs Out of Doing the Dr. Phil Show

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Desiree Capuano at the height of her exploitation of your kindness

A few days ago Patrick was contacted by the Producer of the Dr. Phil show, about the possibility of appearing on the show, to discuss this website.  Of course, he agreed.  How could he pass up the opportunity to confront my allegations in front of the whole world?

I, being the attention whore I am, also jumped at that chance to be on international television again – to cry and put on my show about how I’m afraid for my life and how Patrick is ruining my life.  There’s nothing people like me want more than for everyone to feel sorry them.

Everything was going fine – all the production staff at the show were incredibly friendly and accommodating.  Then, out of the blue today, Patrick get a call from the Producer, telling him that I backed out of doing the show!  After all the time and effort the fine folks at CBS have been putting into the arrangements and the accommodations for both of us, I had the audacity to just say “Fuck it!” and cancel the whole thing.  Wasting all those people’s time.

Really, you shouldn’t be surprised that I’d refuse to do any more interviews.  At first, it was great for me – people were actually believing my bullshit.  Patrick was being portrayed as a vindictive monster.  I was getting a huge amount of support and sympathy from many thousands of people around the world.

But then, Patrick started posting proof on this website that everything I was telling you was false.  The number of hate mails Patrick was receiving started to decline; more people started posting messages expressing their shock that I could get away with telling such atrocious lies about someone on TV and that no one would call me on it.

And now, it would seem that I have finally accepted the reality that I am nothing more than a compulsive liar who would rather accuse an innocent man of abducting her child (an extremely serious allegation) than to face the ugly reality that I just didn’t care about my own child; I would rather accuse an innocent person of publicly threatening to kill me (another extremely serious allegation) than to admit that the horrible truths published on this website are, in fact, true!

It seems pretty clear that I finally realize that the world now sees me for what I am – a sociopathic, narcissistic, compulsive liar, drug addict, child abuser, who would sell her own children just to save herself a moment of public embarrassment!

[Comment from the Editor: The following paragraph is intended as rhetorical contemplation, directed to the public in general and not specifically to Desiree Capuano. I clarify this because I do not want to appear to be disregarding her order of protection, even though it is not enforceable outside the US.]

What’s the matter?  Am I afraid that if Patrick and I both do an interview together that there’s no way I’ll be able to cry my way out of it?  That I just won’t be able to rationalize my disgusting, deplorable acts, when we’re both sitting in front of the camera at the same time, and there’s an audience looking directly at both of us?  Why am I afraid to be interviewed by someone who might not be in my favor?  Has Patrick been shying away from confrontational interviews?  No!  Has he ran and hid from ugly truths from his past?  No, he hasn’t.  He acknowledged them and he accepted full responsibility for his actions.

If you believe Patrick and I should do the interview together, so that we can openly and honestly confront each other’s allegations, and determine who the monster really is, then you should post your comments below.  I check this website frequently.

And how must it be for my fiancé, James A. Pendleton, Jr, and his precious top secret security clearance status, knowing he’s engaged to, living with, and supporting a woman who has openly lied to the world, repeatedly filed false police reports (a felony), and has no reservations about publicly defaming someone for no reason other than to try to keep her own ugly acts hidden from the world?  I ask you again, is that really someone who should be trusted with top secret, national security information?


6 Responses to Desiree Backs Out of Doing the Dr. Phil Show

  1. viv says:

    hmmmm, I think that perhaps Dr. Phil probably also wanted to speak with your son, as he usually speaks to the child/children of families that have major dysfunction. Having to actually witness and listen to him say how he feels about living with his mother, his life experiences while in her care compared to yours, and the ultimate question: where do you want live in the states with your mom or with your father who raised you would be the ultimate slap to her ego. Deep down she knows she can create all the drama she wants, but when a child clearly states on national television what he wants, what he has always wanted===she knows she will lose all the empathy and support she has falsely gained. Not to mention that the show might offer her some support at some resort to get over the drug issues she has and seeing how she has already obtained a medical marijuana card it probably scared her off—–you know cant give up my weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!

  2. Mike K. says:

    I was directed to this website by someone that knows me and Desiree.I met Desiree a few years back and I for one can tell you this women(?) has severe mental problems ! Not only is she a drug addict,and liar,she’s a terrible mother and an all around weirdo.I met her when she was living with Kris and yes I can verify she is, and was, a white supremacist,drug addict.Desiree would sit around the house playing with her phone and talking to herself,or rather mumbling weird things to herself,probably because of the drugs,but also the fact she really does have mental problems and should get help.I watched her go “off” on her son for almost no reason at all,and not just a little,she was like a crazed mentally deranged person screaming at her kid ! Kris said she used to lock herself in her room and do drugs while her kids had no dinner or anything because she didn’t want to be bothered with them.I know there was another couple living there who did most of the cooking for the kids so at least sometimes they got fed.I lost track of her after Kris went to prison,but now she’s in Tuscon with another “sucker”,wow some shit never changes and after reading this website I can see she’s even more messed up than she was before.

  3. Stacy says:

    If Miss Capuano allegations are truthful and I understand she was the one who call the media at the beginning why did she backed out of such a great show like Dr. Phil. I thought this poor woman was looking for support and she looked in so much fear. Maybe Dr. Phil could have perhaps help them to resolve their differences , if you don’t have absolutely nothing to hide and you can show proof like this man Patrick is been doing why did she backed out? I think for what I been reading in this website everything looks very legitimate court documentation ,police reports and emails . What makes me think maybe this man is telling the truth Desiree is a liar .

  4. Ralph Gibbens says:

    Just like it says in the post about trash people not honoring agreements (, Desiree committed to being on the show then backed out at the last minute. Trailer trash all the way.

  5. Melissa says:

    personally i think she should go and do the talk show with patrick, this way it can be brought out totally in the open. also, to have the child in question to have a chance to let his thoughts be voiced as well.

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