My Desperate Attempts to Get People to Listen to Me

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On January 15, Patrick was looking at the access logs of this site and he happened to notice a bunch of hits from the CBC studio in Vancouver.  “Interesting”, he thought.  Over the next few weeks he saw, in the logs, that there were more visits to this site from that same location.  His first thought was that somebody who works there just happened to stumble across this site and was intrigued.

Then, a couple of days ago, Patrick received a telephone call from a journalist, Natalie Clancy, at that studio.  She said she’d like to interview him about this website.  Okay, that was unexpected!  From some of the information she disclosed, Patrick suspected she had spoken with me (either that or they had done a huge amount of investigative work, which was unlikely).  Patrick thought he should probably provide his side of the story, so that if the story ever got published or broadcast it wouldn’t be completely one sided.  He agreed to be interviewed.

Yesterday, Patrick went down to the studio.  He was quite surprised how friendly and professional everyone was.  They really made a concerted effort to make him feel comfortable – aside, of course, from the huge camera pointed straight at his head.

Through the course of the interview, Patrick was able to gain some insights he wasn’t previously fully aware of.  For example:

  • Apparently, I have been contacting a bunch of news and media agencies, trying to get my story out.  The story of how Patrick was destroying my life with this website, and how everything on this site is lies.
  • Apparently, I contacted the FBI about this website.  Though, it’s not clear what I would hope to accomplish with that.  The FBI’s jurisdiction is only within the US – neither Patrick, nor this website are within the US.  Not much the FBI can do about it.  And even if Patrick, and this site, were in the US, there’s no crime in publishing the truth about someone or talking shit about them.
  • Apparently, they (I’m not certain who “they” is, but we’ll go with it) spoke to Patrick’s father and he sternly disapproves of what Patrick is doing.  That’s particularly interesting since Patrick hasn’t seen or had contact with his father since the 1990’s; he wasn’t around and didn’t contribute anything while Patrick was growing up; and, oh, yeah, he’s been dead for some years now.
  • Apparently, I am still trying to convince people that when Patrick and I separated, he took our son, moved and didn’t inform me, and then I couldn’t find them for that 9 years until Patrick hired a private investigator, tracked me down, and contacted me.  This, also, is peculiar, since the apartment building Patrick and our son were living in when we separated – the same apartment building Patrick continued to live in with our son, for the next few years, has records of the fact that he certainly didn’t move.  In fact, I’m sure a quick public records check would verify that it was me who had moved around so frequently and didn’t keep Patrick or our son informed of my whereabouts.
  • Apparently, I have applied for over 90 jobs and have been unable to get a job because of this website.  [Editor’s Comment: If that’s true, then I say “Yay, this website is working!”]  But honestly, it’s highly improbable that I’m even looking for a job.  And if I am, I’m pretty sure my chronic drug habit and Joe Dirt demeanour have a lot more to do with why I can’t find one.  Remember, this site’s maintainers have full access to the access logs of this website – they know exactly how many people go to this site every day, and they know the IP address they connect from.  How do you think they knew about Green Valley Hospital and Carrington College?  The personal, first hand experience of those who know me is more along the lines of – if I don’t absolutely need to find a job then I’m not going to.  Right now I has James to take care of me so I highly doubt I’m concerning myself with it.  The only reason I looked for a job when I got the position at Apollo Group was because I was with Michael Capuano, who’s a total yahoo and can’t/won’t even provide basic necessities for our child.
  • Apparently, I’m trying to convince the world that I’m sincerely afraid for mine and my children’s safety because of this website.  However, I didn’t really start all this “oh, boo hoo, I’m afraid for my life because Patrick’s a big, scary, murderer guy” stuff until just after I moved in with James Pendleton and Patrick posted James’ name and picture on this site.  I don’t think that’s much of a coincidence.  Let’s face it: I don’t give a shit about the safety of my children – I only care about not losing my current meal ticket.  If my concern was for the safety of my children then why has Patrick’s firearm ownership never been an issue until the day after Patrick mentioned Pendleton on this site?  I’ve known for 15 years that Patrick owned firearms; I knew that when our son went to Vancouver to visit Patrick they would go to the shooting range; I knew Patrick got their son his own, antique World War II rifle.

But what’s more baffling than anything else in the universe is, if I really want this site to go away, if I really don’t like the publicity it provides me, then why the FUCK would I go to the news media about it?  That’s got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of somebody doing!  I mean, if the story got picked up then I can guarantee, 100%, that it’s going to drive a lot more traffic to this website – exactly the opposite of what I claim to want.  I mean, how am I not the dumbest person on the face of the planet?  Perhaps it’s my mind boggling stupidity that’s been holding me back from getting a job.  No?

And, let’s say this story actually got aired on the local news; let’s say the CBC also put it on their website; I suppose it’s inevitable that Patrick will run into some people on the street that will recognize him and say “Hey, you’re that asshole with that website!  Why don’t you leave that poor woman alone?”  Okay.  Fine by Patrick, I suppose.  Patrick probably doesn’t care too much about their opinion, anyway – what with them being strangers and all (for those who don’t know Patrick – he doesn’t like strangers).  And, there’ll be the occasional folks who will see Patrick and say “Hey, you’re that guy with that website about your ex-wife.  Good for you.  Fuck that bitch!”  And to them he’ll say “Indeed!  Fuck that bitch.  Fuck her in her dirty, nasty, over-used, worn out, catcher’s mitt of a snatch.”

And, in closing, I say: To all the asshole ex-husbands of the world – Cheers!


6 Responses to My Desperate Attempts to Get People to Listen to Me

  1. Ryan says:


  2. Well played! says:

    Having had my own experience with a jilted and evil ex who did every underhanded thing she could ruin me (it all blew up her face, of course), I have to commend you for the inspiring model for other men who have been treated like shit and were expected to just go away. Women take revenge on men ALL THE TIME, in ANY WAY THEY CAN – why people are so surprised when a man does the same is beyond me. I guess they don’t believe in ‘equality’ unless it suits them.

    While I don’t agree with all the content of this website, which is all apparently true, I do commend you for having the bravery and courage of conviction to do this. For standing up in the only way you can, ignoring the obvious backlash you will endure and just saying ‘fuck it – I’m gonna make this woman pay for the horrible things she has done to me, in an original, effective and non-violent way’.

    Well played, sir! We men (and, I bet, plenty of women, too) are taking note of the exact way this was done – you should do workshops on it, bro! Maybe that would make evil women think twice and consider the consequences of their actions before they go out of their way to fuck men up.

  3. Jo Awatere says:

    Good for you. Too many people roll over these days, we live in a world of “no smack, no punishment, no rules’ bullshit.

    This is not hurting her if she is so happy to share it with everyone.

    Why does everyone take the girl’s side? I know lots of crazy cows.

  4. doug king says:

    The man is just making a stand. Letting Desiree know that some won’t put up with her crap. Bravo

  5. Thay Dende says:

    I was just looking up how to get back at this bitch in my class then found this website. Magical! Fuck every little bitch trying to start shit and not able to keep it in your face. Little bitches always start shit and try to hide after. Nope. Not around me! Dummy up or get beat down.

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