Desiree’s Response to the Time She Tried to Giver Herself an Abortion 5 Months into Her Pregnancy, Causing Her Son to be 3 Months Premature and Blind

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On March 22, 2016, we published the story of the time Desiree tried to “induce a miscarriage” 5 months into her pregnancy with hers and Patrick’s son (The Time I Tried to Induce a Miscarriage at 5 Months).

But let’s not sugar coat it.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  An “attempt to induce a miscarriage” is really nothing more than a pleasant way of saying an “attempt at a do-it-yourself, home abortion”.  Originally, we chose to use the term “miscarriage” because we thought “abortion” might evoke some strong emotions in some readers.  But, given Desiree’s reaction to that story, we really, really find it so hard to have any compassion for that horrendous monster of a human being.

Any decent person, whether a parent or not, having done something so atrocious, would be compelled by a sense of guilt and remorse, to acknowledge it and to try to make it right – if nothing else, to express their remorse to the person affected by her actions (i.e. her son) and plead for his forgiveness.

But Desiree is incapable of experiencing remorse or guilt.  And, she has never – and never will, accept responsibility for her actions.

In that post, we clearly stated that if the story was, in fact, not true it would be the easiest thing in the world for Desiree to prove.  All she would have to do is obtain the records of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center visit.  Yet, she refuses to do that.  What she did, instead, was the day after the story was published, her and her fiancé, James Pendleton, hired an attorney to file a frivolous and pointless motion in the appeal of their restraining order cases.  In that motion, Desiree claims that the story is a lie, and says:

It is hard to imagine anything more harassing or intimidating than a graphic and untrue description of a mother attempting to kill her unborn child.

And, what is even more telling is that the law firm they hired, Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, specializes is personal injury, and business law – in particular, defamation!  Defamation is exactly what Desiree is claiming the story is – in fact, she’s claiming this entire website is defamatory.  She recently went on national news, both in the US and in Canada, and claimed the only reason she hasn’t filed a defamation suit against Patrick is because she can’t afford the legal fees – yet, she can afford to hire an attorney to try to keep her irrelevant order of protection from being vacated?  Clearly we see where her priorities are.

So, it would seem very likely Desiree and James retained this attorney to try to bring a defamation suit against Patrick, but since there is no false information about her or James on this site, because the story of her attempt to self-abort her pregnancy is actually true and can be proven with the medical records, the attorney told them they don’t have a case for defamation.

We believe Desiree’s refusal to do the incredibly easy task of simply calling the hospital is all the proof the world needs that the story is true.  That 5 months into her pregnancy with her son she tried to give herself an abortion by repeatedly hitting herself in the stomach for no reason other than she was mad because of something Patrick had said.  And that as a direct result of her selfish and disgusting actions, their son was born 3 months premature, had respiratory complications most of his childhood, and is blind in one eye.

And having done such a revolting thing to a poor, helpless, innocent baby, what is Desiree’s reaction?  Remorse?  Guilt?  Compassion for the child she permanently, physically injured?  No!  Her reaction is to deny it, to blame it on others, and to go on the offensive against the people that are simply speaking the truth about her – exactly what would be expected from a sociopath/psychopath.

Their son is now 15 years old and recently found out he will never be able to have a driver’s license because of the blindness.

Perhaps next time we’ll talk about the time Desiree tried to sell that same son when he was only 3 months old.

[Comment from the Editor: Patrick has looked into treatments for their son’s blindness, and has found that there has been much success with stem cell surgery. However, that is not available in North America yet, so it would require going to China – and Desiree refuses to allow that. It seems she would rather their son stay blind, than to allow his father to try to improve his life.]
[Comment from the Editor: I am not at all opposed to abortion – when it is done properly, by a qualified medical professional, and early in the pregnancy. I believe it is much worse to keep and raise an unwanted child, or for unfit parents to raise a child, than it is to terminate the pregnancy humanely. But, I believe what Desiree did is absolutely inexcusable!]

3 Responses to Desiree’s Response to the Time She Tried to Giver Herself an Abortion 5 Months into Her Pregnancy, Causing Her Son to be 3 Months Premature and Blind

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    Tried to SELL a baby?! You’re kidding me, right?

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Nope. 100% true story. About a month after we brought our son home from the hospital, she was having a lot of difficulty dealing with taking care of a newborn (you know, lack of sleep, constant attention, et cetera). She was considering putting him up for adoption. She called some agencies and inquired about whether she would be able to get any money for it. One of the agencies told her that would be illegal. Then, since she wouldn’t be able to get any money for him, she gave up on it.

      Of course, her version of the story is that I told her to give our son up for adoption but only if I could get money for him, and that I forced her to call to find out. But, if we put all the words and accusations aside, and consider both of our actions: 1) Who was the one that left our son in Phoenix and moved to Florida? Desiree; 2) Who was the one that immediately brought him back from Phoenix and raised him alone for the next 12 years? Me. Based on that, I’d be much more inclined to believe my version of the story than hers.

      The reason I haven’t published that story yet is because I refrain from publishing things I can’t prove. And this is one of those stories there is no hard proof of – except for this email she sent me in October 2012, where she admits it did happen but, as I say, she blames me for it. You can also see my response to that email here. You may notice she didn’t respond after that.

  2. the426 says:

    I have waiting long enough for this woman to disprove this claim. Her silence is all the proof I need. I am convinced this story is true. I hope this woman gets the worst kind of cancer and dies a very slow, painful death. She is evil incarnate and deserves all the misery life throws at her.

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