Desiree’s Retarded Obsession with Her Order of Protection

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I know we’ve talked about this before, but I just have to bring it up again.  I just can’t get over how delusional Desiree is about that silly order of protection she got against me.

The order is currently on appeal, before the Pima County Superior Court.  And the appeal is cut and dry:

  • When Desiree filed the petition in the Sahuarita Municipal Court, she stated on the petition that there were currently two pending family court actions before the Superior Court.  That automatically disqualifies the Municipal Court from issuing an order of protection.  There’s really no room for debate there.  The fact that the Municipal Court acknowledged that, on the record, but then said it’s going to proceed anyway, is nothing short of outrageous…but that’s Arizona for you.
  • The statutory definition of “harassment” (A.R.S. § 13-2921(E)) clearly requires that the conduct in question “is directed at a specific person”.  The conduct in question, in this case, is the statements and content published on this website.  All of the content of this website is “directed at” the general public – not at Desiree.  There is not a single case law to support Desiree’s and her attorney’s, Peter Limperis, position that a person’s public statements can possibly meet the “directed at” requirement of the statutory definition of harassment.  The Municipal Court clearly erred in construing Patrick’s public statements as being “directed at” Desiree.

So, based on those two points alone, the order must be vacated!  But, of course, again, we are talking about Arizona.

But here’s what really baffles me: As I’ve been saying all along, the entire order is completely meaningless.  It doesn’t affect me in any way, and it doesn’t provide a single benefit for Desiree.  So why on earth is she willing to spend thousands of her fiancé, James Pendleton’s, dollars, trying to keep it in place?  I just don’t get it.  But then, does anybody really get anything Desiree does?

You might be asking, why do I say the order is meaningless?  Let’s review:

The order:

  1. Prohibits me from possessing any firearms or ammunition…when I’m within the US;
  2. Prohibits me from contacting Desiree…when I’m within the US;
  3. Prohibits me from going “near” Desiree’s home or place of employment…when I’m within the US.

And that’s it.


Why I Keep Fighting to Have the Order of Protection Vacated

First, let’s get this out of the way.

By now, you should be wondering, if the order is meaningless to me, then why do I bother fighting to have it vacated?  Why not just say “fuck it”, and spend my time on more enjoyable and productive things, like getting drunk and hitting on chicks in their twenties?  Simple: Spite, bitches!  That’s it, and nothing more!  I’m doing it just to metaphorically slap that pudgy, Pilsbury Dough Bitch and her panzy ass fiancé in their puffy, silly-ass faces.  It’s nothing more than my way of saying “Fuck you!”, and saying it with a smile on my face.

At no moment am I ever in the slightest bit concerned with what the outcome of the case is going to be.  Because it simply doesn’t have any affect, at all, on anything in my life.  But it sure is gratifying to contribute to making Desiree’s life miserable.  And besides, she brought it on – I’m just defending myself.


Why the Firearm Prohibition Doesn’t Affect Me

The order is only enforceable in the US.  I don’t live in the US.  The only time I go to the US any more is to occasionally buy cigarettes or liquor.  I just don’t like Canadian cigarettes.  I’m sorry, but they’re bland.

The order of protection required me to immediately surrender all of my firearms to law enforcement.  If I was in the US, that is.  But I’m not.  So I didn’t surrender my firearms.  In fact, since Desiree obtained the order of protection, I’ve also purchased new firearms (a Beretta PX4, and a Browning 1911 380).

Because of the criminal harassment complaint Desiree filed with the RCMP last year, the RCMP did a thorough investigation of me, to determine if my PAL (firearms license) should be revoked.  But that had nothing to do with the order of protection.  Ultimately, the RCMP determined there was no reason to revoke my PAL, and everything went back to normal.


Why the Firearm Prohibition Doesn’t Benefit Desiree

The fact that I don’t live in the US, aside, the firearm prohibition does nothing at all for Desiree.  It doesn’t make her any “safer”.  I am not more prohibited from possessing a firearm in the US with, or without the order of protection.  At least, according to the story Desiree’s been feeding you.

See, according to Desiree, I’m an illegal alien.  Illegal aliens are already prohibited from possessing firearms in the US.  Also, according to Desiree, I’ve been convicted of a felony (perjury).  A felony conviction automatically prohibits a person from possessing a firearm in the US.  So, according to Desiree, there are already two prohibitions against me possessing a firearm in the US.  So, as I say, with or without the order of protection – what’s different?

Unless, of course, Desiree knows, deep down inside, that I’m not really an illegal alien, and that the perjury conviction could be vacated at any moment – after all, if I am actually a US citizen, then I didn’t commit perjury.


Why All the Other Prohibitions Don’t Affect Me and Don’t Benefit Her

I live in Vancouver.  Soon I’ll be moving to Toronto.  Desiree lives in Sahuarita, Arizona.  Soon, she’ll be booted out of James’ house and she’ll likely return either to Phoenix, or to Tampa.  Either way, we live more than 1,700 miles from each other, in different countries.  I cannot possibly fathom the circumstances under which I would have any reason, or interest, in being anywhere near Sahuarita…or Tucson…or anywhere in Arizona.

And how does Desiree benefit from me not being permitted to go near her home?  Well, again, since her story is that I’m an illegal alien, then I’m already not permitted to enter the US.  Arizona is in the US.  Sahuarita is in Arizona.  So what the FUCK is different?  How does the order of protection change a single thing?  It doesn’t!  I am completely convinced that Desiree is retarded.

As for not being able to contact Desiree?  I can’t say that’s been a big deal – or even a small deal, really.  In fact, I have contacted Desiree, on numerous occasions, since the order has been in place.  And she has contacted me.  I call her home phone very regularly – to speak with my son.  Technically, under the order, I’m prohibited from calling that phone because it’s James’ phone (James also has an injunction against harassment against me, which prohibits me from contact him).  But do you think that anyone is going to do anything about me contacting Desiree?  Highly unlikely!  What are they going to do?  Issue a warrant for my arrest?  Extradite me from Canada?  Doubtful.  Not to mention, the order is only enforceable on conduct which occurs within the US.  Again, since I’m not in the US, there’s fuck all they can do about it.

And, let’s consider how me not being able to contact Desiree has helped her.  Actually, it’s worked against her – quite substantially!  See, you might think that our prior email correspondence was hostile, but at least it provided her a heads up as to what I was up to, what I was working on in my pursuits of destroying her.  Now, she doesn’t know about anything until after it’s been done.  So, really, in that respect, this prohibition has benefited me much more than it’s benefited her.


Desiree’s Misguided Belief that the Order Matters in the Family Court

Desiree believes the order of protection is helping her in the family court – in our child custody matter.  But in a few days I’m moving to Toronto, Ontario; and in a few months our son is turning 16.  The age for a child to become legally independent of their parents, in Ontario, is 16.  That is 99.99% of the reason I am moving there – so that my son can finally be able to decide, for himself, who he will live with.  And there’s not a damn thing Desiree or the California family court can do about it.

So, even if the order of protection did actually help her in the family court, the family court become irrelevant in a few months.

Also, once the order is vacated, then the California court cannot rely on res judicata any more and Desiree’s likely going to be in a lot of shit there for filing false domestic violence allegations to manipulate the court.  But that’s another story.


Desiree’s Misguided Belief that the Order of Protection Would Require Me to Shut Down This Website

When Desiree first got the order of protection, her sole goal was to get this website shut down.  And, because she’s an idiot, she actually thought that an order of protection could compel that.  Even if I, and this website, were in the US, it wouldn’t matter.  Posting hurtful statements about somebody on a website is simply not harassment – as long as the statements are not “directed at” that person.

In January 2016, Desiree and James finally realized their silly little orders had no relevance to this website (that’s when, and why, she went to the media).  So, now that she knows the order can’t be used to get this website taken down, what incentive can she possibly have left?


Why I Say Desiree’s Obsession With Her Order of Protection is Retarded

So, as you can see, the order doesn’t adversely affect me in any way whatsoever, and it doesn’t benefit Desiree in any way whatsoever.

Yet, Desiree is willing to pay an attorney thousands of dollars to try to keep the order in place.  Granted, it’s not her money, but still.

And, even if she prevails in the Superior Court, that just means we appeal to the next level – the Arizona Court of Appeals.  That will be another few thousand dollars for her attorney.  Then, from there, we go to the Arizona Supreme Court, then the 9th Circuit.  It drags on for years, and in the end, James is grossly in debt and ultimately, the order gets vacated anyway.

But, even if the order doesn’t get vacated.  Even if it stays in place and Desiree continues to renew it every year – what difference does it make in anybody’s life?  I mean, I’m still buying guns and going to the shooting range, and running this website, and going about my daily routines.  And Desiree is no better off because of the order.

The only reason I can imagine, that Desiree insists on trying to keep the order in place is either spite, or pride, or both.  I think, in her demented little mind, she sees it as a victory or a defeat.  The fact that it’s completely meaningless and irrelevant is, well, irrelevant.


3 Responses to Desiree’s Retarded Obsession with Her Order of Protection

  1. Stacy says:

    Why would she invested so much time with the restraining order I understand
    You don’t live in the U.S so your are absolutely right it won’t affect you in any sort
    Of form or shape.
    So silly !!!

    • Patrick says:

      Because she’s an idiot. But hey, as long as she keeps throwing money at her attorney, and giving me entertaining stuff to post on this website, it’s all good.

  2. mr. grrrrr says:

    This woman and her lawyer are the biggest idiots ever. They’re wasting the courts time with this while others wait forever to have their legitimate cases heard. Her lawyer should be sanctioned.

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