Did I Happen to Mention I’m an Amazing Hypocrite?

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Yes.  I am.  I see nothing wrong with doing things to people, then when they do the same to me I run to the police.  Let me give you two examples:

Disseminating Damaging Information

In 2012, when Patrick still had custody of our son and the family court made it abundantly clear that they would never take our son from Patrick and give me custody, I set out on a mission to contact as many friends, family, and associates of Patrick’s as I could, to turn them against him.  I contacted the people I believed to be his parents; his Rabbi; any associations I could find through Facebook and LinkedIn; friends of his friends.  I told them he was an illegal alien; he had been deported and re-entered the US illegally; he was not really Jewish; he hid our son from me for 9 years; et cetera, et cetera.  All the same stuff I still try to convince people of.  As a result of that, Patrick lost a lot of his professional associates; he lost the support of his Rabbi and people from his temple; his reputation – excellent up to that point – was severely tarnished.  Patrick never went to the police about it.  He tried to repair the relationships he could, and he moved on.

It’s very important to point out that most of what I was telling people was false – and I knew it.  Patrick was not and illegal alien; he really is/was Jewish; and he never hid our son from me (in fact over the 9 years he had made numerous attempts to locate me, and he was periodically in contact with my mother).

A little more than a year after all that, after I had successfully gotten Patrick deported, resulting in me getting custody of our son, Patrick setup this website.  He began publishing information about me and about all the terrible things I have done – not just to him, but in general.  He was essentially doing to me exactly what I did to him – except he wasn’t spreading false information, he was only spreading the truth; and he wasn’t actively contacting people, he was just making the information publicly available on a website.

So what did I do about it?  I started filing police reports of harassment, trying to somehow claim that by passively publishing true and correct information about me Patrick was “harassing” me.  When that didn’t work, I filed a report that he had been threatening me.  The Canadian police investigated and found the allegation to be unsupported.  Then, while our son was visiting with Patrick, I filed a report with the Canadian police, that Patrick had absconded with our son and I didn’t know where they were.  The police went to Patrick’s home and found everything fine.  They, again, decided the report was unfounded.

Since none of that worked, I filed another report with the Canadian police, for harassment, providing altered emails I claimed I received from Patrick, being careful to remove all of my responses (I’ve said much more harassing things to Patrick than he ever said to me).  That resulted in Patrick being arrested and charged.  But upon further investigation, the charges were dropped and the case dismissed.

So, then I went to the Municipal Court here in Sahuarita, and requested a restraining order, claiming Patrick had guns and had been threatening me and I was afraid for my life.  I was able to get the restraining order, but the court refused to do anything about this website (which sucks because I don’t care about the restraining order, I just want this website off the Internet).  Also, the restraining order is under judicial review because the Municipal Court didn’t have the authority to issue it in the first place.


In my warped, fucked up mind, it is perfection acceptable and reasonable for me to actively spread lies about someone to turn the world against them; but it is absolutely NOT acceptable for them to passively spread the truth about me!  If someone were to do to me exactly (though not as harshly) what I did to them, then I will go to the police and file false reports in order to get them arrested.  In person, I may try to tell you the reports were not false – that I was telling the truth.  But then, why has every single report been dismissed and/or dropped as being “unfounded”?

Just Doing My Duty as a Patriotic Citizen

After I called Homeland Security on Patrick to try to get him deported, I told our son “I was just doing my duty as a patriotic citizen”.  The implications of that statement being: If you know someone is doing something wrong you should report it; people who do bad things should be held accountable for their actions.

A couple of weeks ago, when James and I went to court against Patrick, about the restraining orders, Patrick said, essentially, that same thing.  When asked why he believed there is nothing wrong with this website, he stated “If a person does not want the shameful things they’ve done made public, then they shouldn’t do shameful things”.  He also said “The purpose of this website is to report and to publish relevant information about Desiree, for the benefit of anyone who may be interested in knowing – neighbors, potential employers.”

Kind of sounds to me like Patrick’s justification for publishing this website is essentially the same rationalization I had used for why I called DHS on him.

The difference, however, is that I was completely justified in reporting him to DHS.  He has absolutely no right to publish information about the disgusting, despicable things I have done and continue to do!


In my incredibly demented mind, I, and I alone should be allowed to report the wrongdoings of others.  And if they’ve not done anything wrong then I should be allowed to make up whatever allegations I want against them.  At the same time, if anybody, ever, tries to publicly discuss any of the terrible things I’ve done then they should be arrested and prosecuted for whatever I can make up about them.

A Word to Potential Employers

If you’re reading this post then you’ve probably also read, or are going to read, some of the other posts.  If this website doesn’t completely discourage you from hiring me then you’re a fucking idiot!

It is true, the content of this website is not written by Desiree Capuano.  In person, and to her friends and her family she insists everything on this site is lies.  Yet she refuses to file a suit for libel.  If, in fact, anything on this website were knowingly and deliberately false then she would have a case for libel and, since I make a hell of a lot more money than she does, she would easily be able to get significant punitive damages.  I am completely open about the fact that part of the purpose of this website is to damage her reputation and contribute to ruining her life – that proves clear intent for the purposes of punitive damages.  But as long as the information being published is true and correct to the best of the knowledge and ability of the publisher(s) then she will never, ever, ever, ever have a case for libel or for harassment.

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