Doesn’t It Really Seem I Just Want the World’s Sympathy

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It occurs to me: I say this site is ruining my life and I just want it to stop and go away.  But then I go on national television informing a whole new audience about the site.  That brings, literally, 33,000 new visitors to the site in one day.  Doesn’t that seem to defeat my purpose?

One thing I can tell you about myself is I love playing the victim, love having people feel sorry for me.  Clearly, all this media attention isn’t helping my stated goal of making this website go away – but it’s sure as hell getting me a lot of sympathy.

If I thought it was difficult to get a job before this, well, I can guarantee it’ll be a lot harder now.  I find it unlikely that any employer is going to look at this site then say “Hey, you poor thing.  Let me give you a job.  I don’t mind if you come to work high.  I don’t mind that your name and face are all over the Internet.”  Not likely.

Before today, my shame was only published on this website and only a small number of people new about it – now it’s on national television and a slew of other websites, and many thousands of people know about it.

This is, of course, a common theme for me.  Do whatever seems right at the moment without ever considering how it will affect me as far as five minutes into the future.

Good job, Desiree!  Thanks for all the free advertising and helping to bring exponentially more people to the very website I was supposedly trying to get removed.  God, I’m an idiot!

For all potential employers out there, that is the kind of logic (or rather, lack of logic) you can expect when you hire me.


27 Responses to Doesn’t It Really Seem I Just Want the World’s Sympathy

  1. Megan says:

    What will people dig up in your past? You’re a coward who has changed your name and is harassing the mother of your child. is your child proud of you?

    • Number 6 says:

      This so called mother abandoned the child after 18 months old, to run away with another man. Then abducted the child from father after many years. What do you have to say about that, stupid?

      • Well played! says:

        Very few people are actually digesting what this woman pulled on the guy. Making a revenge website is baby-food compared to what he has gone through.

    • Mark says:

      Why do you feel the need to automatically stick up for this filth just because she is a woman? He has proven almost all his statements and backed them up with documentation. She just says “stop, this is mean and ruining my life.” Meanwhile people like you just get mad when a twat that gets what coming to her, then make baseless arguments and statements. Makes me think you are also to be avoided like the plague.

  2. I truly think you are a douche. You sad sad little man. You look like you collect hair clippings like a serial killer. Oh yeah visit the site I sent you… you will need it you pedophile looking like he has a dick in his ass ain’t getting no puss can’t see his son crying like a bitch acting like a high school girl maaaaaaafucka.

    You dick.

  3. Xib says:

    There’s nothing wrong with speaking the truth out loud. Keep up the good work!

  4. TT says:

    I will be in the minority, but I support you on this. I’m not necessarily in favour of you using your son as part of the game, however it appears that she isn’t fit to be a mother. All you are doing is bringing it to the public’s attention…and I’m comfortable with that. Best of luck moving forward!!

  5. Hello Friend says:

    Dear Friend

    I can’t imagine the pain this woman did to you – Break your heart, stealing your son, getting you in jail, etc.

    This woman will get what she deserves. Let God do the revenge you seek! Allow God to do His job!

    You have one life to live! Enjoy life! Do you want you like! She is not worth it! Let it go brother!

    Pray to God to give you strength and peace! Move on! There is a woman out there who will love you and give you everything you need and wish for! Please use your energy to find your soul mate! Don’t waste anymore time on Desiree!

  6. Anon says:

    She did everything in her power to exclude you out of your child’s life my heart goes out to you.
    Vengeful tactics she used against you to make sure you don’t enter USA , she’s a sad case.
    The best thing she can do is allow you to see your child , after the child reaches adult age he will hate her
    with a deep resentment. Children always get hurt the most in these circumstances. Best of Luck to You

  7. Ellen says:

    Also, look at the grammar of all of your supporters who leave comments. You can tell that they aren’t very smart. They are just fellow dumb men telling you to carry on, bro. Meanwhile, most of the internet is behind Desiree. You think your son won’t see that?

    You lost, man. You already lost. Forever.

  8. Reason says:

    The dipshit who made this website is a fcuking tool. Patrick Fox you are a pathetic pos.

    • Well played! says:

      At least he didn’t abandon his son, then show up 9 years later and betray the person who cared him the whole time, have him deported and denied access. THAT would be really pathetic.

  9. anonymous says:

    dude your ex wife is kind of hott.. I would fuck the shit out of her – just sayin’

  10. Rob says:

    So is this the world of all women are right all the time and actually are angelic beings ? Women are almost evil, conniving, self centered and determined to convince men that they are sweet with no deceptive qualities right up until they dump you after draining you of all they can get then moving on to another stupid chump. Women are actually mentally, just children, unable to see or care about anything but their child and in some cases, don’t even want the child because it would mess up their lifestyle… ie, abortion, adoption and abandonment. Part of the reason is Feminists have destroyed men, women no longer have anyone to place limits on their childish behavior, and as children, they think automatically, candy is good and the more the better.

  11. mgumby says:

    Fuck you Ellen you useless cunt

  12. mgumby says:

    Desiree is a whoring bitch..and a fucking thief to boot

  13. mgumby says:


  14. S says:

    Let it go.
    She hurt you.
    Deal with it like an adult.
    Move on.
    Live your life.

    Your son deserves better parents than BOTH of you.

    Canada has laws too…. anti-stalking would be one.
    I’m hoping her gofundme page does well.
    I’d volunteer to represent G***** for FREE!

    • Ikarios says:

      You must be in the media. There is no anti-stalking law in Canada. There is a criminal harassment law, and it is probably the broadest law of its kind in the world. It criminalizes a much wider range of conduct than stalking, and does so without regard to the intentions or motivations of the person the state wishes to criminalize. This itself is abhorrent.

  15. MRA MRA MRA says:

    A no gonads mangina like you doesn’t have the balls to stand in this man’s presence, much less follow, harangue and mock him. Even a teenage boy would probably clean your pedophiliac mangina clock.

  16. Rob says:

    I believe her motive for going on national tv, is sympathy, give me money because this is making me look really bad. Why this would go on tv is amazing itself unless the country was run by feminazi sympathizers.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Rob: I think you’re absolutely right about her motives. Otherwise it would make no sense at all – she claims she wants the website to go away, she cries on TV that she just wants me to stop, so she deliberately does something that causes the number of site visitors to go from about 30 per day to 33,000 in one day? Then again, she is kinda retarded.

      • Toronto Feminist Hellhole says:

        Hey man
        The woman went to the feminazi and tradcon media in Toronto.
        The law enforcement will white knight for any woman, just like how the police keeps on harassing this guy because of the Ryerson Medical Centre doctor and her feewings
        Avoid stepping in Toronto! The feminazi women are horrible and they have the police on their side!

  17. This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Many thanks!
    Where are your contact details though?

  18. Mark says:

    Love what you are doing. What is sad to me is not tell dumb bitches and femijust morons supporting her. It is the the white knights and manginas who support her. They are hoping her or some other twat will reach out to them. Pathetic. Keep up the fight.

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