Everything on This Site is Completely, 100% True and Accurate

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Sometimes, when I meet someone new, they ask me why on Earth I would create a website about myself.  I usually tell them I have absolutely nothing to do with this website; that this website is the creation and ongoing pursuit of my ass-hole ex-husband who is just interested in trying to make my life difficult.

Let’s entertain that possibility for a moment.  Let’s assume – for the sake of argument – that that’s the case; that this website and all the content on it is, in fact, created and maintained by my vindictive ex-husband.  IF all of the content on this site is actually true…then does it really matter who is actually typing the words onto the page?  Is the point of the site NOT to inform and educate the public and, in particular, the people I will come into direct contact with, about who I really am – once you get past the thin façade of sweetness and kindness that I usually portray myself as being?

Now you might ask “But if the content on the site is not written by Desiree, then isn’t it really just some jerk flinging unsupported claims to try to discredit and humiliate her?”  And wouldn’t that take a lot away from the significance and impact of posting all this information on the public Internet?

Let’s consider: If a person publicly makes a false claim against another person and even goes as far as to put it in writing – publicly, than the subject of those claims has legal grounds to obtain a court order for such a website to be taken down.  No such case has ever been filed…because, unfortunately for me, every single statement made about me on this website is, in fact, true.  I would have no legal grounds to pursue any remedies in court.  The other problem is that if I did claim, in a civil proceeding, that certain statements made on this site were false, Patrick could (and would) easily present the proof (usually my own words, emails, and actions) that they are true.  Then, I’d be committing perjury and I’d go to prison.

The unfortunate reality, my friends, is that regardless of who is actually writing the content that appears on this site, every statement made about on this site is true and accurate.  So, regardless of what I might tell you face to face, or in an email, I really am the horrible person I am made out to be on this site.

Although, at the same time, I would, and have publicly protested that I don’t believe I have done anything wrong.  I stand by every foul, nasty thing I have ever done to anyone.  And as long as I keep telling myself I’m a good person then I really must be.  Right?

2 Responses to Everything on This Site is Completely, 100% True and Accurate

  1. desiree capuano says:

    Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding, Richard ( or whatever the fuck fake ass name you’re using now)? No one buys or believes any of your bullshit. The past is the past and obviously you can’t get over that. Your son may think you’re a fucking god because you’ve brainwashed him to think so, but when he gets older and learns everything (including about this site) he will grow to fucking hate you and you will be alone in the hell you so rightfully deserve. Instead of wasting your computer skills on a woman you can’t stop crying over, how about you do something legitimate that would make your son proud to call you dad? And I hope you come after me full force with anything you can gather and post, bitch.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Yes, I am the Patrick referred to so frequently on this site. Judging from the terrible grammar in the above comment from “go fuck yourself faggot”, and from the extreme hostility, and from the IP address it was posted from (yeah, I have administrative access to this site), I can confidently say that message is from Desiree herself.

      That is the side of Desiree that so few people ever get to see. And THAT is the purpose of this site: to expose, through truth and her own words, the evil, selfish, narcissistic, cruel, vindictive, petty, misguided, and disillusion psychopath that Desiree Capuano really is.

      But the point of the original post still remains: every word on this site is completely true and backed up with substantial physical evidence. You’ll notice, even in the above comment, Desiree does not claim anything on this site is false or inaccurate.

      Good day, dear readers!

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