Exposing My Kids to Brutal Domestic Violence, And Loving It!

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Hey, Fuckers!

I have lots of domestic violence reports and photographs to share with you from the time I was married to Michael Capuano.  Don’t worry – every one of them will eventually be posted here.

Michael Capuano after being attacked by his wife, Amanda

Michael Capuano after being attacked by his wife, Amanda, in front of our child, Sage

But, today we’re going to look at a fairly recent incident that occurred last summer, while our son, Sage, was visiting him in Florida.

There are 2 very important points to keep in mind here: 1) I was with Michael for 9 years and I am almost identical to his current wife, so I know exactly the kind of bullshit that can be expected to happen in that environment; and 2) all of this happened right in front of our son, Sage – in fact, Sage was the one that called the police.

For those that are interested, here is the full police report of the incident we’re talking about.

When Michael and I were together, this type of shit was commonplace.  We used to get into it like this on a regular basis.  Our fights would often escalate to the point of physical injuries – punching; kicking; biting; throwing things at each other; yelling extremely crude insults to each other.  And we always did it all right in front of Sage.  What, like we’re going to put our fights on hold just for the sake of our child?  Fuck that!

So, let’s have a look at the report:

When I arrived on scene I observed a shattered clay pot against the front door which appeared to have been thrown as the contents were scattered across the front porch…I observed a female later identified as Amanda Capuano crying and screaming on the couch in the living room at her husband, Michael Capuano.

– Pinellas County Sheriff’s Report

Oh my god, that is so me!  I swear, Amanda Capuano is a spitting fucking image of me – except she’s better looking.

In the back bedroom appeared a juvenile male, Sage Capuano, who was crying and on the phone with 911.

– Pinellas County Sheriff’s Report

A decent person, a person capable of feeling any kind of remorse would have enough sense to not act this way in front of their child.  But people like Michael, Amanda, and me are not those kinds of people.  Though, in all fairness, I do believe Michael is capable of feeling remorse – he just lacks the common sense.

[Comment from the Editor: I truly feel bad for Sage, that he has to grow up in this type of environment, with such fucked up parents. It’s sickening that a 13 year old child has to call 911, out of fear, because his father and step-mother are behaving this way.]

Michael Capuano, domestic violence injuries
Michael had blood actively dripping from his left earlobe onto his brown t-shirt which was ripped from the left collar to his shoulder blade. On the upper portion of his left eyebrow was shallow laceration approximately three inches long consistent with a scratch caused by fingernails. On the left side of his chin I observed a small bloodied abrasion as well as the middle portion of the right side of his neck. On Michael’s right inner bicep there appeared to be a fresh bite mark with teeth marks surrounding the moderate bruising. Michael’s lower left arm had numerous scratch marks consistent with fingernail scratches.

– Pinellas County Sheriff’s Report

And this is the bitch Michael left me for?  God damn!  She better be hella fucking good in bed.

And what did Sage have to say about all this?

I spoke with Sage, Michael’s son and Amanda’s step-child who stated both subjects were fighting throughout the night due to Amanda not feeling well. Sage stated that his parents were in the living room yelling at each other when Michael told him to go into the other room to play on his computer. Sage advised “One thing led to another and it escalated quickly” further stating “she pushed him into the wall and he hit his head.” Sage said both subjects were pushing each other back and forth which lasted approximately one minute.

– Pinellas County Sheriff’s Report


Desiree Capuano's mugshot

Desiree Capuano

Amanda Capuano's mugshot

Amanda Capuano

Now, you might be thinking “But this is an issue with the asshole father.  It’s got nothing to do with poor little Desiree.”  Right?  Well, not exactly.  Like I said, I was with Michael for 9 years.  I know what goes on in the home.  I have stacks of reports from the times the police were called on me and Michael (they’ll be posted when we have time).  Michael’s new wife, Amanda, and I are so incredibly similar that I’d have to expect this was going to happen.  Not to mention, she was arrested for battery against Michael in the summer of 2014, and Michael was arrested for battery against her in December 2014.  I mean, come on!

So, knowing what happens when you have two psychopaths in a relationship, of course I knew this would happen.

And yet, I have absolutely no problem with allowing Sage to spend extended periods of time with his father, in that environment.

But what should fascinate you is that I am so incredibly opposed to my other son, Patrick’s son, spending any time at all with his father.

And I will continue to send Sage to spend time with his father, so that he can continue to be exposed to this wonderful way of life we proudly call “trash”.

And even knowing this is the type of environment I happily expose my children to, Commissioner Stephen Lowry, of the Los Angeles Superior Court, Family Court Division, would rather order mine and Patrick’s 15 year old son remain in my custody than to allow him to return to a dirty, fucking, immigrant like Patrick.

[Comment from the Editor: So many people have gotten so upset with me for creating this website, yet seem to have no problems with Desiree or anything she’s done. You people are so fucked up in the head if you think there is something wrong with creating a website like this, to expose the pure evilness that is Desiree Capuano, but you are okay with the endless atrocities Desiree commits.]

2 Responses to Exposing My Kids to Brutal Domestic Violence, And Loving It!

  1. Mike K. says:

    I personally would contact CBC and the reporter and give him/her all this information and documents and tell them you would like the REAL story to be done about Desiree and all her sick,wickedness !

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Thanks, Mike. That’s an excellent idea. I have noticed that someone from CBC does still, periodically, check the updates on the site.

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