Family Court – My Son Hates Me and is a Spoiled, Ungrateful Bastard!

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As some of you may know, I recently had to go to family court in Los Angeles, because my asshole ex-husband is trying to get custody of our son back from me. So what that I abandoned my son when he was only a year and a half so I could go back to Florida to hook up with the guy (Michael Richard Capuano) I was with when I was a 19 year old stripper; and was completely absent from his life for more than 9 years while I traveled Europe and started a new family with Michael and had another son. I’m his mother and what I want is all that matters!

Well, my son has been with me for over 15 months now because I called DHS on my ex-husband so they’d arrest him and deport him. What did he do to be arrested and deported? Nothing, really. But that doesn’t matter – he was in the way of what I wanted. And DHS doesn’t give a shit – they’ll just lock you up until you admit you did something wrong, even if you didn’t. Ah, what a great country we live in. So, my son is finally with me because I got his father, who he had been with all his life, deported. But at court a few weeks ago the ungrateful little prick actually told the court he wants to go back with his father!!! Can you believe that shit? And after all I’ve done for him?

Of course, his father’s been spoiling him, buying him all sorts of needless things like sheets for his bed, a down comforter, shoes, a laptop, teaching him how to shave! I mean, come on! What 13 year old boy needs any of that stuff? And the bank accounts and credit card! That asshole of a father went and opened my son his own bank account which he transfers $100 into each week, and gave him a credit card on his account which my son can use to buy any necessities which I’m too selfish and/or lazy to provide him. He says he’s trying to teach my son to manage his money. Yeah, right! He’s just trying to poison my son against me by spoiling him with everything he wants. Children don’t need to learn how to manage money – if my son wants anything all he has to do is ask me and I’ll say no. That way he stays dependent on my and has to beg me for things and I can manipulate him easier.

So, the little fucker says he wants to go back with his father – even though his father is in Canada now (thanks to me). My son hates me and disrespects me so much that he’s rather live in Canada with is bastard father than with me in Phoenix. And its all because his fucking father filled his head with crap about me. It has to be! There is no other logical explanation, right?

So what happened in court, you ask? Nothing! Not a damn thing! The useless, stupid, fucking court just postponed the hearing until July. But at least now I know what my ungrateful kid thinks of me. Though, it doesn’t matter because I just refuse to acknowledge anything that is not in line with what I want it to be.

Anyway, I’m fucking bored! I’m gonna go smoke a big fat bowl, drink a beer, and ignore my fucking kids because that’s what kids are for!

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