Hey! Let’s Not Forget About James Pendleton – That Unfortunate Bastard

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Me and James, walking down our street in Sahuarita, AZ

Over the past few weeks there has been so much attention on me, that we’ve almost completely forgotten about my current fiancé, good ol’ James Pendleton.  After all, where would I be today if not for James?

The Police Reports

It was James who first filed a report with the Sahuarita Police Department, claiming Patrick had been “harassing” me, back on July 20, 2015.  Why did James file a police report if I was the one allegedly being harassed?  Who knows.  The Sahuarita Police told him that they would have to speak with me. Then, James called the Sahuarita Police and filed another report on August 4, 2015 – crying about the hurtful stuff on this website.

It wasn’t until August 17, 2015 – almost a month after James first called the police – that I finally got around to speaking with the police about James’ repeated complaints.  And, even then, it was only because James kept nagging me about it.  And, what did I say when I finally spoke to the police?  A whole lotta nothin’, really.  I never actually alleged any kind of harassment – just that Patrick had created a website about me.  I never stated that I didn’t want the website up or that it was harming me in any way.  But what is truly insightful is that I referred to Patrick as my “husband” – not my ex-husband, and not the father of my child – but my “husband”, present tense.  Interesting!

James was not present when I spoke to the police, and never saw my report until it was posted on this website, for all his friends to see – I wonder how that made him feel, knowing that his current fiancé still refers to Patrick as her “husband” when he’s not around.

Interesting that after that one phone call from me in August, 2015, the Sahuarita Police continued to receive complaints of harassment related to this website.  But can you guess who they were all from?  James motherfuckin’ Pendleton!  Really, dude?  I mean, if the bitch doesn’t care that some guy that was fucking her 14 years ago is publicly humiliating her, then why should you?  Am I right?  Keep her stashed away in the house, so you don’t have to be seen with her in public, and bang her from behind once in a while.  Fuck it.

The Restraining Orders

And, it was James Pendleton who got me to put down the bong for 10 minutes so we could go over to the Sahuarita Municipal Court and get our entirely pointless and ineffectual restraining orders against Patrick.

The whole world has seen how well that worked out for us, huh?

Bet we never thought Patrick was going to contest them.  Ah, if I had a quarter for everybody who had a good laugh at the audio segments that have been posted from that hearing.  Could you imagine if the Municipal Court had actually complied with the laws and dismissed the orders?  Then we wouldn’t have that classic moment where Patrick tells James that the reason he doesn’t use his real name on this website is because he’s ashamed and embarrassed that he had actually been with a person like me.  For those who don’t know, I’m referring to the blog post James Pendleton’s (and His Mommy’s) Testimony at the Restraining Order Hearing.

James Even Committed Perjury for Me

The hell, you say!  Surely, this fine upstanding member of the community would never commit a felony like perjury.

Well, I’m sorry to say, but in fact, he did.  You see, the petition he filed, for his Injunction Against Harassment, contains a sworn declaration.  Within that declaration, James testifies that me is his “tenant” – not his girlfriend or fiancé.  And the reality of the matter is that there is no landlord/tenant relationship between me and James.  No, sir!  So, although it is unlikely that he would ever be prosecuted for it, he did, unquestionably, commit a felony, on multiple occasions, by falsely stating, under oath, that I’m is his “tenant”.

Now that’s a good boyfriend that’s willing to risk his top secret security clearance to lie under oath for something that doesn’t even provide them any real benefit.  Assuming, of course, that he even still has his clearance.

Financial Support

Aside for getting me motivated to file useless Police reports with our local police, for things which aren’t actually crimes; to seek restraining orders which are impotent because the person they apply to is outside their jurisdiction; and, committing perjury for me; James has also become my sole means of financial support.

Indeed, even though I was working, full time, at Apollo Group for 6 years, and my salary at the time I was fired (September 29, 2015) was in the $70,000 range, I have not saved a single penny and have absolutely nothing to show for that period of employment.  How the fuck does that happen?  Oh, right, I forgot – drug addict.

I can’t help but wonder how much longer James is going to be willing to support me and my kids, knowing that I only gave in to his nagging to get an annulment from Patrick because I knew there was already a pending dissolution proceeding in California – which would render the annulment void.  I’ll probably tell him I didn’t know.  He’ll believe it because he’s whipped, and has no self esteem.


Yeah, that James Pendleton – sure is a hell of a guy!  We should definitely not forget about James and all the good he’s done for me.  And we should honor him with his very own blog post on this website.


4 Responses to Hey! Let’s Not Forget About James Pendleton – That Unfortunate Bastard

  1. mgumby says:

    Amen to you james

  2. Rick M says:

    This James guy has to be a total blithering idiot with no self esteem,no morals,and no self respect ! Who in their right mind would put up with,and monetarily support this useless,worn out,druggie skank ? All I can think is the dude is desperate and has some strange mental problems,oir is a druggie like her and can’t do any better than her.I’m not sure what a “security clearance “is,but this moron sure doesn’t seem the type that could have one,any company would be crazy to give it to him or even hire him if he’s living with this druggie whore.I think this women ( ?) is just hoping all her boo-hoo crying will make people feel sorry for her and give her money or a job,don’t think that’s going to happen,she’s pretty much done as far as getting employed anywhere now ! What a screwed up,weirdo couple,they deserve each other !

    • Patrick Fox says:

      A security clearance is a government issued authorization to have access to sensitive, national security, and military intelligence related government information. It is required in order to work on certain types of government projects such as those related to the NSA, CIA, and the Department of Defence (e.g. missile guidance systems). It’s also required to work on government related projects in certain “sensitive” areas, such as energy and transportation, where the person might potentially have an opportunity to cause harm to a large number of people within the US.

      Obtaining security clearance involves background checks, character checks, et cetera. The higher the level of clearance, the more thorough and extensive the screening process.

      Top Secret clearance is the highest level of clearance. In order to obtain and keep it the person must undergo a very extensive review process and remain in compliance with the requirements. Being engaged to a psychologically unstable, drug addict should certainly result in the loss of such clearance.

      It’s very unlikely, at this point, that James will be getting any more positions which require any level of security clearance.

  3. mgumby says:

    Or a job that requires any form of logical thinking

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