I Approved of this Website and of All Patrick’s Efforts to Ruin My Life!

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Yes, that’s right!  Long before this website was created – or even thought of – I authorized Patrick, in writing, to go ahead and publish every single horrible thing I had ever done.  In fact, I approved him to do anything he deemed necessary to try to ruin my life or to try to make me miserable.  I actually had the audacity to claim I had nothing to hide!  Literally – I said that.  And it’s all eternalized in our emails.


Near the end of June 2013, after being deported to Canada, living in homeless shelters for the past couple of months, and as a result, losing custody of his son, all thanks to me (see Until I Am Destitute and Homeless – Just Like I Did to Him), Patrick had finally gotten a job and was getting back on his feet.

On July 21, 2013, Patrick sent me a lengthy email titled “Last attempt at an amicable resolution” (email dated 2013-07-21), wherein he gave me one last chance to do the right thing and to return our son to his care before the start of the upcoming school year.  He then went on to explain, in detail, that if I did not then he would devote the rest of his life and all of his resources to do everything he could to destroy me by exposing every horrible thing I have ever done, and will ever do:

This is my final attempt to resolve this matter amicably.  I hereby request that you return G***** to my custody before the start of the BC school year, with all of his belongings.  If you continue to refuse to cooperate, in G*****’s interests, then my only remaining alternative is to proceed with the lawyer.  And let me be perfectly clear: if we go down that road EVERY aspect of your life WILL be scrutinized, his investigator WILL research, document and record EVERYTHING you are doing and have done for the past 10 years; every disciplinary action or behavioral report about Sage will be brought up; every single time you, Michael, Kristopher, your mother, your brother, and anyone else close to you has ever interacted with any law enforcement officer, not paid a bill on time, will be scrutinized; every past and present employer and landlord will be interviewed; every person you’ve lived with or associated with will be questioned; every tax return, every credit card bill, every bank account, every medical record (including psychological/psychiatric) for all the relevant people in your life will be found and picked apart (medical records are confidential but investigators always have ways around that).  Every time Sage choked a kid at school it will be found.  Every person you’ve ever had any relationship with, or slept with, or even just had a drink with, will be found and questioned.  Every person that comes to your home, or whose home you go to; every person you work with, will be researched and questioned.  Every person you have ever betrayed, lied to, deceived and mislead will be located and interviewed.  I anticipate it will cost me well over $100,000, and I accept that.

Anyway, it’s up to you to decide how we proceed now.  You know my position and intentions.  If I do not receive an affirmative response by the end of the week I shall presume you oppose my request and shall proceed accordingly.

Those of you who have seen the CBC and KVOA news coverage of this website might be interested to know, that is the email which those ridiculous news agencies portrayed as being Patrick’s “ultimatum” to me.  I think, to call that an ultimatum is a bit of a stretch – considering he was just responding to what I had did to him and to our son.  But anyway…

So, that same day I sent the following concise response (email dated 2013-07-21):

You do what you feel you need to.

It could be argued that that could be interpreted as me telling Patrick that he will do whatever he feels he needs to, and not me telling him he may do whatever he feels he needs to.  Admittedly, my ability to clearly and effectively express my thoughts is, well, grossly deficient.

[Comment from the Editor: These narratives are not written by Desiree. If they were they’d generally be incomprehensible, as you have probably discerned from many of her emails.]

So, to be a little more clear, I subsequently responded as follows (email dated 2013-07-21):

…So – do what you need to do. I am not scared and I have nothing to hide.

Yes!  I actually said “I have nothing to hide”.  Well, I guess we all now know that’s not true, huh?

I then responded with the following (email dated 2013-07-22):

You believe whatever you want to, it doesn’t make any of it true – it just makes it your belief.  You have always put your own spin on events – I no longer care.  Take it back to court – I am not scared and have nothing to hide.

Again, I insist I have nothing to hide and that I’m not scared of Patrick publicly exposing every lurid aspect of my horrible, meaningless, self-absorbed existence.  I am perfectly okay with the world knowing everything I, and everyone close to me, have done.

Now, you militant feminists and white knights out there who insist on defending me no matter how much proof of my terribleness slaps you in the face are, likely, going to insist “But Patrick was talking about going to court – not about creating a public website”.  Well, you’re just idiots!  Courts are public forums.  Every document and exhibit filed in a court proceeding, every statement made in court, is all public record, available to any person upon request.  And what is the bulk of this website?  Court documents, recordings of hearings, transcripts, police reports – all the shit Patrick was talking about.  All this website does is consolidates all that information Patrick mentioned, into a convenient, easily accessible place.

So, as you can see, more than 6 months before this website was created, I explicitly authorized Patrick to go ahead and compile a collection of everything I, and anyone I have ever come into contact with, have ever done and make it all easily and publicly available to anyone who might want to see it.  Because in my insane, sociopathic mind, I have never done anything wrong and “I have nothing to hide”.

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