I Falsely Testified I Only Did One Interview

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On March 28, 2016, I testified in family court, while being under oath, that I only did one news media interview and that I “turned down all the others”.

HA!  It will never cease to amaze me how people will believe my shit.

You do understand, right, that knowingly making a false statement under oat, a statement which is material to the issue being addressed, is perjury?  And perjury is a felony, punishable in California, by up to 4 years in prison.  And each lie is a separate count of perjury, punishable separately.  So, if in a single hearing, you tell 5 lies, that’s 5 counts of perjury.

Let’s give a listen to my actual statement made in the family court on March 28, 2016:

[The recording of the entire hearing is available here. This particular quote is at 23 minutes and 48 seconds.]

Is that clear enough for you?  Is there any doubt at all as to what I was stating?

We would have to assume the “one news media station” to which I refer would be KVOA, which together with CBC, was the first segment run on this website.

Now, let’s have a look at the other interviews – the one’s I testified under oath I had turned down:

  1. Vice.com, Manisha Krishnan, 2016-02-18
  2. The Canadian Press, Laura Kane, 2016-02-19 – The Canadian Press is a news wire service.  This specific story (and interview) was reprinted in countless local newspapers (e.g. Vancouver Sun, Toronto Sun, National Post).
  3. CJAD Radio, Aaron Rand, 2016-02-19
  4. Inside Edition, Jim Moret, 2016-02-22 (date is approximate, I can’t remember exactly) – After doing the interviews with me and Patrick, this segment was cancelled.
  5. KPHO, Ashlee DeMartino, 2016-02-24
  6. Dr. Phil Show, 2016-03-04 (I backed out of this at the last second, but had still participated in interviews)

And those are just the interviews Patrick already knows about.

So, let’s recap:

  • lying under oath is a felony, punishable by up to 4 years in prison;
  • I testified that I had only done one interview;
  • I knew, at the time I testified, that I had done at least 6 separate interviews for at least 6 separate news agencies.
  • I committed perjury and should be sent to prison.

But what do you think the judge did about this?  Absolutely fucking nothing!  And that’s how you get away with shit, bitches!  Over time, I am going to post on this website about every single time I have knowingly lied under oath, and you know what?  Not a fucking court or prosecutor is going to do a damn thing about it.

Now excuse me while I go lie about something to someone.

One Response to I Falsely Testified I Only Did One Interview

  1. Stacy says:

    Wow!! This monster of woman is nothing but a lying machine!!
    How does the “legal system ” believes on her.
    She’s been fooling everyone around with her poor me .How can she expect things to go well after getting this man deported and he’s the father of her son that SHE abandoned for many years.
    How can someone like her claims she love her son so much ” so let’s get your father deported ” the man who took care of his child while she was gone for many years.
    Doesn’t this monster think by getting him deported she was harming her son.
    She’s disgusting!!

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