I Finally Admit I Had Patrick Deported – And it Was Recorded!

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For years now, since 2013, I’ve been denying I had anything at all to do with Patrick being deported from the US.

Well, last week, at our child custody hearing, I slipped and actually admitted it in open court.  And, of course, the hearing was recorded and ended up on this website (recording of the full hearing ).  But the hearing is kinda long (about 40 minutes), so I’ve extracted the relevant 48 seconds for you:

Fuck! Right?  Oh well, by now you all know I’m a compulsive liar anyway, so there’s not much point continuing to try to convince you that I’ve ever told the truth about anything.

You will notice, the Judge’s response was a mere “All right…Okay, well…”.  Did he chastise me for lying about it the past 3 years?  Hell no!  I’m Desiree fucking Capuano, damn it!  No judge will ever hold me accountable for anything I’ve done!

So, there you have it: I admit, openly, that yes, I was unable to get custody of our son based on the merits, so I called ICE and filed a false report against Patrick to get him deported so that I could get custody of our son.  Even though Patrick had never actually done anything wrong.

I’m a bad person – so what, I have custody of our son and I won’t ever let Patrick have contact with him so long as I do!  So, in the end, I win!


4 Responses to I Finally Admit I Had Patrick Deported – And it Was Recorded!

  1. micky says:

    has this woman ever told the truth about anything?

  2. Eagle Northwest says:

    Putting all this mindless drama for all its been a riot. Must admit, the cooking oil in the ass was hilarious. Pounding the crisco in there hehehe. Kinda like a Hooters interview LOL.

    But, whats with the two names? These things stand omitted. Dont ever steal the identity of anyone deceased or alive or you’ll be cursed with terrible luck. The spirits will spare no mercy. If you’ve been exposed to the beliefs of the Southwest tribes, you should know some things.

    Finally, there’s hope here

    • Patrick Fox says:

      The reason for the assumed name (Richard Riess) was because I had a very unpleasant childhood, with very unpleasant parents, and even after I left home (ran away at the age of 14) they kept finding me so eventually (around 1993, or so) I decided to just start using a new name and that’s what I chose. I lived with the name Richard for about 20 years. But since 2013, I’ve been going exclusively by my birth/legal name, Patrick.

  3. reaper says:

    This woman is sick. I hope she gets everything she deserves. I’m disgusted at the family court for allowing her to act this way. So what if the father was living in the country illegally. Only a sick racist like this piece of shit woman would think that has anything to do with anything.

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