I Fucked Myself by Doing a Live Interview

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On February 19, 2016 – one day after the CBC story, and the same day the KVOA story, about this website aired – I did a live interview on the Aaron Rand radio show in Montreal, Canada.

The problems with doing live interviews is once you say something it can’t be edited out; and there’s no producer or director to advise you what to say or not say.

For those who’ve not already seen the CBC and KVOA stories, I strongly recommend you watch, listen to, or read them before you listen to this live interview.
[KVOA] N4T Investigators: Internet Intimidation
[CBC] B.C. man Patrick Fox aims to ‘destroy’ ex-wife with revenge website
[CBC] Evening News segment

You will quickly notice in this live interview that I repeatedly contradict the statements I had made in the CBC/KVOA, and various newspaper interviews.  I also openly admit that I called ICE, to have Patrick deported from the US not just that one time in January 2013, but also when he returned to Los Angeles for our child custody hearing in March 2013 – something I have, until now, vehemently denied.  I also openly admit that I, in fact, have never spoken with a single attorney about Patrick or this website – contrary to my statements in all my other interviews that the reason I have’t filed a defamation suit is because I can’t afford an attorney.

But possibly the most significant thing you will notice in this interview is that the tearful, desperate, victim you saw in the CBC/KVOA interviews is completely gone!  I am completely at ease, I repeatedly laugh and make light of the situation – even while Mr. Rand remained somber.  There are no performances here, being directed by professional TV reporters, targeted at gaining the sympathy of the listener.  No opportunities to redo a given line, to make me seem more pitiful.

And finally, you will notice, without the ability to do multiple takes, I have a tendency to ramble incoherently, and to make nonsensical statements.

For those who want to hear the interview in it’s entirety, before we look at my specific self-fucking statements, here it is:


Admitting I Called ICE on Patrick Because of Our Custody Hearings

I should probably start by pointing out that there is no evidence or record of Patrick being deported in 2011. And, there is no reason I can think of why I would claim that he was.  Also, although I said “he was trying to take all custody away from me…”, I didn’t actually have custody of our son at that point – he did.

Some of you might be thinking “So what.  We’ve already heard you admit this in the family court hearing on March 28, 2016.”  But this is different!  First, that time in court was an accident.  I certainly didn’t mean to admit that in front of the judge.  Do you have any idea how pissed off the judge must have been, hearing me admit that after I emphatically denied it at the previous hearings?

It is extremely important that in this interview I openly admit that the reason I called ICE to try to have Patrick deported was exactly because of our ongoing child custody matter.  I clearly state it right in this clip!  I say I called them because Patrick was trying to take all custody and visitation away from me!  Of course, I don’t mention he was actually only trying to require supervised visitation, and that the reason he was doing so was because of my fiancé, being arrested for shoplifting and hiding an AR-15 in our house, the police executing a search warrant on our house and finding stolen guns, meth and other illegal weapons.

Also, in this interview, I am not only admitting to the time I called ICE in January 2013, but also when Patrick returned to Los Angeles for the sole purpose of appearing for our child custody hearing in the family court.  I am proving that not only will I have my son’s father deported in order to prevent him from being able to be part of my son’s life – I will even go as far as to make sure he can’t even appear in court for our child custody hearings!

And let’s not forget: me calling ICE and having Patrick deported happened long before this website was even thought of.  So all you militant feminists and pussy whipped assholes who keep sticking up for me should realize that when Patrick says he is merely retaliating against me for all the bad shit I’ve done to him…he’s telling you the truth!  And to say that he deserved it because of all the shit he put me through is pretty misguided – because I did that to him long before he did a single thing to me.  In fact, come to think of it, this website really is the only thing Patrick has ever done to me.


Admitting I Know Patrick Is a US Citizen

Given that just above, I’ve admitted that I did call ICE in order to get Patrick deported from the US, let’s pay particular attention to how I slipped up and admitted that I know Patrick “crosses into the United States legally…”.  If I actually believed Patrick was Canadian, and not a US citizen, and that he had previously been deported then, obviously, he would not be able to enter the US legally!

Let’s also not forget that I am the one that provided Patrick’s birth certificate to Natalie Clancy of the CBC, and to the RCMP – not Patrick.  Patrick doesn’t want to have to return to the US, which is why when the questions of his citizenship and place of birth came up in the CBC interview he declined to comment.


Admitting Patrick and this Website Had Nothing to do with Me Losing My Job

Another thing both CBC and KVOA made a big deal about is the claim that I lost my job as a result of this website.

Yet, in this live interview I openly admitted – it wasn’t even an accidental slip – that I was “laid off” as part of a general staff reduction.  Nothing at all to do with this website.  I admit my employer, Apollo Group, had been having significant financial difficulties and they simply had to lay 500 people off.

But notice, if you will, how I laugh when I say “…I wouldn’t put that past him either”, at the end of the clip.  That should show you how concerned I really am about losing my job and not “being able” to find another one.

And what about those claims that I am unable to find a full-time job because of this website?  Do I now sound like I’m the slightest bit concerned?  Honestly, James has more than enough money to take care of me, my drug habits, and my children – so why should I care about getting another job?

[Comment from the Editor: Actually, James doesn’t have much money, and he’s pretty deep in debt.]


Admitting I’ve Never Actually Spoken with Any Lawyers

In the fake, staged interview I did for CBC/KVOA, they made a big deal about how I’ve said I can’t afford an attorney to file a defamation suit against Patrick.

But in this interview, I openly admit that I’ve never even actually spoken with any attorneys – about filing a defamation suit or for any other reason related to Patrick or this website!  I went on TV and I lead you all to believe I had tried to hire an attorney, but ultimately I just couldn’t afford them.  And, not surprisingly, that, just like everything else I’ve told you, turned out to be completely false.


Admitting I’m Not Bothered by the First Person Writing or the Content on This Site

When you watched me on TV I came across as being thoroughly beaten, exhausted from the constant barrage of attacks from Patrick and this website.  Truth is, I was coached by the KVOA staff to present myself that way.

Listen to my tone in this clip, as I talk about the content of this site being written in the first person.  Do you detect any amount of despair?  I think my light laughter and jovial tone make it hard to envision me being stressed out about anything on this site, don’t you?

Now, let me reiterate so this point is not lost on you: I’m actually making jokes and laughing about people approaching me about the content of this site and it being written in the first person!  That is how upset I truly am about this website.


Admitting I Have No Problem “Living This Way”

Recall how in the KVOA interview I said “…people shouldn’t have to live like this”.  And now here I am saying that, in fact, I most certainly can and will continue to live like this!  And again, where is the sound of desperation in my voice?  Where are the heartfelt sighs?  The trembling?  Not here any longer, that’s for sure.


Admitting My Current Goal is to Get Patrick Deported Back to the US

Here I am saying that it’s “really great” that I got an order of protection against Patrick, but acknowledging that it does nothing for me as long as he’s in Canada.

When you combine that statement, together with the fact that I keep sending his US birth certificate to law enforcement and news media agencies in Canada, and the fact that I keep trying so hard to keep that meaningless order of protection in place, there’s really only one logical conclusion we can come to: I’m trying to get the Canadian authorities to realize Patrick’s not a Canadian citizen so they’ll deport him back to the US.  Only then would the order of protection mean anything.

[Comment from the Editor: That will never happen because it would mean the US authorities having to acknowledge they knowingly deported a US citizen, and the Canadian authorities having to acknowledge they knowingly allowed a non-Canadian citizen to be deported there.  Our governments are far too arrogant to ever acknowledge any kind of mistake or wrongdoing.]

You might think this creates a bit of a tricky situation for me because, on the one hand, I’ve been saying he was an illegal alien in the US and I had him deported; and on the other hand, now I’m saying he’s an illegal alien in Canada and should be deported back.  But, obviously, as you can see from this interview, I have absolutely no reservations about completely contradicting myself and telling completely contrary lies from one minute to the next.  So why should this be any different?


Openly Stating Patrick Told Our Son He Would Kill Me

This statement is critically important to Patrick’s defamation suit against me because here I am plainly, and openly stating that Patrick said, plainly and openly, to our son “…if he could get away with it, he’d absolutely kill me”.

The reason this is critical is because it’s a recording of my own voice, being broadcast on the radio and on the Internet, making a very serious allegation about Patrick having committed a felony.  This 12 second clip, by itself, is enough for Patrick to sue me for defamation – and believe me, he will!  Even if he can’t get a reward for damages, because I have nothing to give, he’ll do it just to spite me…and to get my wages garnished for the rest of my life.  He’s such an asshole!

I’ve said this same thing in the CBC/KVOA interviews but they chose not to air it because they knew it would be extremely easy for Patrick to prove it was false, and that it caused him substantial hardship.


Admitting I Don’t Really Fear for My Safety

And here I am, chuckling about the idea of having a “valid fear” for my safety.

Notice Mr. Rand’s tone when he asks “Do you?”  There seems to be a bit of disbelief there, no?  Though, by that point in the interview, it should be clear to everybody – particularly Mr. Rand – that the entire story has been bullshit.  I mean, I’m making jokes, I’m chuckling.  How could anyone possibly believe at this point, that I am sincerely afraid for my safety?


Nonchalance About the “Destitute and Homeless” Statement

Another one of Patrick’s statements which got a lot of attention was when he said he would only take down the website when I’m destitute and homeless, or dead.  The way CBC and KVOA presented that statement made a lot of people see Patrick as a monster, and gained me a lot of pity.

But, here I am blowing that statement off, without the slightest concern.  Notice my tone when I say “Yeah, I know”.  It’s like, “So what”.

And, again, this clip goes to show how afraid I really am for my safety.  Not the slightest bit.


Admitting All I Really Want is Attention

Those of you that are intelligent enough have realized all along that my going to the media was really nothing more than a pathetic attempt at getting a bunch of attention.

And this clip proves that.  My statement “…if I can help get laws in place…then I’ll be the example…” , is clear narcissism at it’s finest.  Maybe they’ll name the law after me – “Desiree’s Law”!  Just like “Megan’s Law”, or “Amber Alert”, or “Brady Bill”.

That would be the best!  Because then everybody would always remember me!


Admitting I Want Your Money…I Mean “Your Help”

A small group of intelligent people have been suggesting all along that the reason I went to the media was just to try to get a bunch of strangers to send me money.

Ultimately, it turns out they were right.  Did you notice, as soon as the story was aired on CBC and KVOA, there were a few people on the Internet who dropped some hints that someone should start a “GoFundMe” page for me?  Can you guess who those commenters really were?

Of course, for me to accept money from people based on false pretenses would be fraud.  And since it’s been proven that everything I’ve told the media (other than the live interviews, like this one) has been false, if I were to accept any money as a result of those media stories then I’d be in a hell of a lot of trouble.



As you can see, I really am as full of shit as Patrick and this website claim I am.  I have no reservations at all about going on TV, fake crying, and lying through my teeth to all of you.  I wouldn’t give a second thought to accusing an innocent person of threatening to kill me, raping me, abducting children, or hell even of being a child molester.  Fuck it, if it gets me what I want!

My biggest problem, though, is that I tell so many lies it is, literally, impossible for me to keep track from one moment to the next.  And, because of that, I contradict myself constantly.

Anyway, now you know why I stopped doing live interviews – well, one reason why, anyway – and why I backed out of the Dr. Phil Show – they would have pulverized me!

Now, in the meantime, go fuck yourselves, you bunch of gullible, blind sheep!  I can say that because you’re going to support me and defend no matter what I do or say.  Even right now, as you’re reading this, you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s not really Desiree – it’s Patrick righting all this bad shit.  Even though it’s my voice in those recordings, you’re still going to love me.


A Special Note for Potential Employers and Attorneys

Before you call me in for an interview, or consider offering me a position with your company, or consider taking me as a client, take a moment and contemplate not only the number of lies I’ve told on television and to the newspapers, but the severity of those lies.  Consider the amount and the extent of the lies I’ve told to the various police agencies over the past year.

And consider also the number of lies I’ve told in court, while under oath, which Patrick has recorded and posted on this website.  Now consider that each instance of those lies under oath is one count of perjury – a felony!  Stop and think for a moment, how easily the lies rolled off my tongue.

Am I really the kind of person you want to employ or represent in court?


[Comment from the Editor: I commend Mr. Rand on his professionalism and objectivity in this interview. I realize he only had the incredibly skewed CBC story and Desiree’s statements to work with but I believe he did a very good job of remaining impartial. I only wish they would have given Patrick the opportunity to present his side of the story as well.]

2 Responses to I Fucked Myself by Doing a Live Interview

  1. Sophie says:

    Let me be the first to say I was wrong. Dead wrong!
    I was one of the many who supported Desiree Capuano when I saw the stories in the news. I even posted a comment on the CBC site tearing Patrick Fox a new ass hole.
    After reading this post and listening to this interview I can not believe so many people (including me) were so manipulated by her. The entire time we were feeling sorry for her she was laughing about the whole thing. She is a monster and that is all there is to it. I hope every other person who supported Desiree Capuano discovers how she played them and they turn on her.
    I am so f*#&*ing mad right now!

  2. Angry Neighbor says:

    This woman is my neighbor and I can tell you everything on this website is true. She is a psychopath. She sits in her yard and talks to herself. Yells at her children in front of the whole neighborhood. She always smells like pot. Most of the time she is so high she can’t even finish her sentences.

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