I Wonder What it Must be Like to be James Pendleton

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Desiree Capuano's fiance, James Pendleton

James Pendleton

Some folks have speculated what it must be like for Desiree’s fiancé, James Pendleton, amidst all this silliness.  And that got me wondering “Indeed.  What must it be like for ol’ James?”

We have to assume, when Desiree and James first started seeing each other he knew about this website.  And, of course, Desiree insisted everything on this site was “all lies”, as she does.  And, of course, James believed her.  It’s apparent from James’ comments at the Order of Protection hearing back in December 2015 (James Pendleton’s (and His Mommy’s) Testimony at the Restraining Order Hearing), that even at that point he still believed everything on this site was lies and that I was just broken hearted and obsessed with Desiree because she left me so many years ago.

But since we’ve started adding all these supporting documents over the past few months, surely James must be starting to question whether it’s really “all lies”.  Surely he must be wondering how much of what Desiree’s been telling him is actually true.

I’m fairly certain Desiree told James the stories of her being a stripper and having sex with men who pay her were false.  I’m sure she enthusiastically denied those claims.  But now that the Pinellas County Sheriff’s report of her arrest has been made public, does he really still believe her?  Can he still believe her?  Is she really that good?

Even someone with absolutely no self esteem at all must, at some point, begin to realize the bitch is lying.

And we all know she vehemently denies the story about the time she tried to give herself an abortion.  But what reason does she give him when he asks her why she doesn’t just get the records from the hospital?  Does he even ask her?  Is he so infatuated with her that it doesn’t even occur to him to wonder about such things?

I mean, even someone with absolutely no self esteem at all must, at some point, begin to realize that the bitch has been lying about everything!  Right?

And James must know that even though his friends and his family are being nice to his face, of course, they’re talking behind his back, laughing at him.  Most people won’t laugh at you to your face – they’ll wait till you leave the room then have a good snicker.

And how difficult it must be for James to be taken seriously by prospective employers and clients when they know he intends to marry Desiree Capuano.  I wonder if James also tries to convince people that everything on this site is lies.  I wonder if those people tell him he’s a fool to his face or if they wait until he leaves the room.

And how much harder it must be for James, thinking that if only Desiree would let her son go live with his father then all of this would go away.

Is it really possible that a person would have such low self esteem, that they would think so little of themselves, that they would delude themselves into believing Desiree is truly the best they can do?

Hmm?!?!  How surreal it must be to be James Pendleton.  Caught in the vortex that is the endless stream of bullshit that is Desiree Capuano’s life.

4 Responses to I Wonder What it Must be Like to be James Pendleton

  1. Eagle Northwest says:

    Dude, you were in custody for 4 years. It seems like this misfortune is at least partially the cause of your anger. Why didn’t you just stop fighting the ICE or whatever its called and take your kin with you to Canada? Also, it seems like the crucial point of this debacle occurred when you were denied your right to attend your hearing because you were deported for a second time – which you stated was caused by the court reporting you to ICE…the previous time being by the hands of you big fat ex (and cheese whiz, sorry but she does look like one of those gals that doesn’t shop at Organics Universe). Either way, that looks like a technicality that a lawyer should have handled/ and or shouldve rescheduled your ex parte via video conferencing.

  2. Eagle Northwest says:

    Dude, listen to some naive constructive feedback – you should have fought for her when she ran away to that salami for brains Capuoni.

  3. Chris Sweeney says:

    Well.James was a strange dude here at Apollo,some that knew him better than I said he was a momma’s boy,little to no self esteem,not socially active at all, so it’s not surprising he latched on to this druggie stripper ! James and at least 2 other guys were screwing Desiree when they worked here at Apollo.I think the bottom line is James is a VERY desperate guy,not a man,just a guy,and so no matter how much she lies to him he just turns a blind eye,keeps supporting her and her kids thru all of the bullshit and lying she puts him thru.The thing is now Desiree knows that James will now believe any bullshit lies she tells him and so she will be able to lie and deny all about sorts of shit and James will either believe it, or ignore it, because she has him in the grasp of that nasty worn out snatch of hers.I don’t feel sorry for James,he almost seems retarded in a way to put up with the bullshit of Desiree and keep on being used by her,he gets what he deserves,because he can’t do any better it seems !

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