James Pendleton: Not So Smart After All

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The other day my boyfriend, James Pendleton, and I testified in court against my ex-husband, Patrick.

James Pendleton Photo

James Pendleton admiring himself in his phone

As it became obvious to everyone other than James and I that we really had no case, James tried to suggest that Patrick was committing copyright infringement against him by posting James’ picture, resume, and LinkedIn profile on this website. But as if that wasn’t ludicrous enough, good ol’ James, in his phenomenally ignorant way, actually asked Patrick if he understood that he was in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by publishing that information on this website without James’ consent.

Now, it’s one thing to be misinformed or downright ignorant – but to try to present a legal argument, in an open forum, on a completely misguided misinterpretation of specific laws – well, that’s just idiotic. Particularly when you know your opponent is going to post the transcripts of the hearing on this very same website.

Up to that point, I had actually thought maybe James was at least a little bit intelligent – contrary to what his prior supervisors have stated. But after that hearing there is no doubt in my mind that he is right up there with Kristopher Lauchner and Michael Capuano on the intellectual ladder (for those who don’t know Kristopher and Michael, I’m being facetious – they’re combined intellect is comparable to something similar to a tree stump).

Let’s be a little more specific: James claimed that he was the copyright holder of his resume and of his photograph – the very same resume and photographs he, personally, posted on public websites. He then suggested that copyright law prohibits anybody other the the copyright owner from using such copyrighted material in any way without the consent of the copyright owner. But he didn’t stop there! He then argued that the DMCA made it illegal to reproduce, in any way, such copyrighted material without the owner’s consent. And quite possibly the most ridiculous of his claims was that because he took the picture he is automatically the copyright holder of any such photograph. Ultimately, his claim was that Patrick was violating him by putting his picture and resume on this website and that Patrick was damaging his professional reputation and harming his career.

Here are the problems with his arguments:

  1. Copyright laws only protect a copyright holder from other parties reproducing and distributing the copyrighted material “for profit”. There is absolutely no clause in any copyright law in the US or Canada which would prohibit other parties from reproducing any copyrighted material for personal and/or non-commercial use and/or for free. Last I checked, Patrick’s not charging anybody anything to view any of the content on this website.  Nor is he generating advertising (or any other) revenue from this website.
  2. The material James is whining about isn’t even copyrighted. Or, more importantly, it isn’t copyrighted by him. If a person creates something and releases it into the public domain then they cannot later copyright it, thereby prohibiting other parties that obtained it while it was in the public domain from freely using it. James has never copyrighted any of the material in question.
  3. The moment you post any content – including the text of your resume, or a photograph of your own face – on LinkedIn, Indeed.com, or Facebook, that content immediately becomes the property of the entity which owns the respective website. It’s right there in the End User License Agreements which nobody reads. So, if anything, the material in question actually belongs to Indeed.com and LinkedIn – NOT to James Pendleton! For that reason, and others, he has absolutely no standing for a copyright infringement claim. And if LinkedIn or Indeed want to file a civil action against Patrick for reposting such material well, that’s there right I suppose.
  4. And as for the DMCA, all that did was to criminalize (as opposed to it being a civil matter): a) the deliberate circumventing of a copyright protection scheme; b) increases the criminal penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet; and, c) absolves Internet service providers of any liability resulting from any copyright infringement committed by their customers/users. In other words: It has absolutely nothing to do with ANY of what he was talking about!!!
  5. Even if the DMCA did apply, which it so clearly doesn’t, it is a US law and is not enforceable and has absolutely no legal relevance outside the US. Patrick doesn’t live in the US and this website is not hosted in the US. So, once again – absolutely no applicability!
  6. The “fair use” doctrine allows for copyrighted material to be used without the consent of the copyright holder, for the purposes of comment, critique, parody, news reporting, et cetera.  The intended uses of James’ information and likeness, on this website, falls cleanly into those categories.  The primary focus of this website is to report news relating to me and to criticize and parody every aspect of my existence – including the fact that I am living and having regular, sweaty, nasty-ass sex with someone with the intelligence of turnip.
[Comment from the Editor: When considering all of the above, I’m finding it hard to believe James is actually intelligent enough to be a software engineer, and a project manager. So, I called some of his past employers for references. As I suspected, the general consensus was that he was “capable” but I haven’t yet found someone that has stated they would hire him again.]

So given the facts, the evidence, I would have to conclude that James is actually NOT so smart.  His thought processes – based on how he attempted to present his arguments – is fairly consistent with the typical chronic drug user.

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  1. Chris Sweeney says:

    None of this surprises me,that’s one reason he’s no longer at Apollo,in fact when looking back at him he’s had about 6 or 7 jobs in the past few years,he never seems to be able to stay at one long.I can’t believe he is still with, “druggie Desi” as we called her here at Apollo,he must like the problems she has and is willing to put up with all the BS that comes with her.I think,and several of us here at Apollo have talked about this,James is going to ruin his reputation and his ability to have, and hold,jobs because of druggie Desi and in time will find it a severe problem holding employment because of her.One has to seriously question James intelligence at this point to continue his relationship with her and the harm it has already caused and will continue to cause him,not real smart on his part.James seemed ok at Apollo,but he’s taken a bad turn with druggie Desi,hope he smartens up soon for his own good before it’s too late.

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