James’ Security Clearance Under Review

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Oh my fucking god!  I can’t believe that stupid fucking faggot asshole Canadian son of a fucking bitch!  That FUCKING ASSHOLE called the Department of Defence OIG and filed a false fucking claim against James (Pendleton) and now James’ security clearance is under review.

Fuck I hate that fucking bastard!!!  Who the fuck does he think he is, stupid fucking cocksucking faggot immigrant bitch.  What the fuck did James ever do to him?  Not a god damned thing!  Why does he have to bring James into his stupid fucking shit.

Fuck you, Patrick!  One day your going to get what you deserve.

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  1. Chris Sweeney says:

    He shouldn’t have ANY security clearance,especially with a security risk of the likes of Desiree and who knows what she could do with the info he and her might talk about.

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