Lies! Lies! Lies! My Latest Deliberate Attempts to Commit Perjury to Get My Way

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Sworn Declaration of Desiree Capuano [Click the Icon]

At the end of August, I submitted a request to the family court to have all of Patrick’s visitation with our son suspended. And, just to show how open I am and that I have nothing to hide, I’ve scanned it and posted on this site.

You might wonder: “Why, if you’re committing perjury, would you openly admit that on a publicly accessible web site?” Because I’m fucking untouchable! That’s why. The California Court ain’t gonna do shit. I mean, come on, they know I’m a chronic drug user; they know I leave my kids in the care of dangerous criminals while I go out drinking; they know I’ve kept meth in the house. I’m the biological mother, damn it, and ain’t no court in America is going to take kids away from their biological mother.

So, let’s take a moment and consider some of the lies I’ve so blatantly fed down the throats of the California family court:

  • On page 3, I claim there’s a domestic violence case against Patrick. Complete bullshit. The case number is completely made up. To date, not one law enforcement agency has considered my claims against Patrick to be even the slightest bit credible.
  • On page 7, I boldly claim that Patrick told our son that “he would in fact kill me if he would not face jail time for it”. A complete fabrication! Such a statement was never made. In reality, what was said, in writing, in the exact email I attached to the declaration as exhibit B, was that there was a discussion between our son and Patrick wherein our son asked him if he would shoot me. Patrick responded by explaining that that would be illegal and immoral, and he would never risk going to prison for the rest of his life. Notice: there is no mention of “killing”! There is, actually, a very critical difference between “shooting” someone, and murdering someone. Shooting someone with a BB gun will not end their life. I knew exactly what Patrick meant, but lying about it makes me look better in court.
  • On page 8, I claim our son has spent every visitation with Patrick, except for his Spring Break. Completely false. I only allowed him to spend a fraction of his Summer Break with Patrick. Then, in July 2015, I told the RCMP I had no intention of allowing any more visits. Patrick sent me multiple requests for our son to visit during his Fall and Winter Breaks and I either ignored them or simply refused.
  • On page 8, I also say that Patrick is using this site to “bully” me. Yet, everything on this site is true. He’s really only reporting facts about what I’ve actually done. I know publicizing the horrendous acts of a person is not bully. Does this amount to perjury? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s a statement which I know is false and it was made under oath – so, yeah, I suppose it is perjury.
  • On page 8, I further state that in the summer of 2015 I moved from Phoenix to Tucson, and that I had informed the court of such. In fact, I never moved to Tucson at all. I moved to a town about 20 miles from Tucson and I only provided the court a PO box address more than 20 miles away – in Tucson.
  • On page 9, I claim I called the “local authorities” because Patrick had failed to provide me our son’s return flight information. I fail to mention that when I called the local authorities (the RCMP), I told them I had no idea where Patrick and our son were and that I believe Patrick had taken off with our son. The RCMP went to Patrick’s home, found everything fine, then closed the report as being unfounded. On a sidenote, in April 2015, I also filed a claim with the RCMP that Patrick had been threatening me. They looked into it and also concluded it was completely unfounded.
  • On page 9, I claim I was “planning on seeking guidance from this court” before providing Patrick my physical address. Actually, I had absolutely no intention of ever providing Patrick my address, or any other information. In fact, when James kicks us out and I go back to Florida, I have no intention of informing Patrick or the court. Why would I? I also have no intention of complying with any orders of the court which conflict with what I want. It’s not like Patrick can do anything about it – he was deported, and US courts exist to protect US people, not dirty, illegal immigrants.
  • On page 9, I claim that Patrick went to the court in Vancouver to seek authority to keep our son there since I had refused to provide my address. I completely made this up. Patrick never went to court about this. As if that’s not enough, I then say that Patrick was “informed by the Canadian court that they would contact and work with this Superior Court…”. Complete and utter crap. Not one word of it is true. Patrick never went to court about this in Canada and the court in Canada never spoke with Patrick at all.
  • On pages 9 and 10, I claim Patrick said that if people got mad about the racist statements on this website and came to harm me and our son got hurt he wouldn’t care because no court would ever find him guilty of causing it. Like everything else – completely made up. If you read the content of exhibit F, you’ll see that wasn’t said at all. You wonder, how can I make such allegations and attach supposed evidence which says nothing of the sort? Because I just don’t give a fuck. What’s the worst that can happen? Do you think the court’s going to do shit about me lying? Fuck that! They don’t give a fuck. They hear it all day long.
  • On page 10, I claim Patrick told me he was able to obtain my new address using our son’s cell phone. On the contrary, Patrick actually said the exact opposite. He said our son had nothing at all to do with it. Again, the attached exhibit G, which is supposed to prove that I’m telling the truth actually proves that I’m lying through my teeth. Do I even read these exhibits before attaching them?
  • On page 10, I claim Patrick is being charged with Criminal Harassment and prosecution is pending. Actually, there was never any prosecution. The RCMP didn’t really believe my claims and after speaking with Patrick, they found that no crime had actually been committed. They sent the case to the Canadian prosecutor for consideration. The prosecutor took one look at it and tossed it.
  • On page 11, I claim Patrick is “permitted” to contact our son freely. But I don’t bother to mention that I’m recording and monitoring the calls. I fail to mention that I only allow our son to speak with Patrick on the home landline which I monitor.
  • On page 11, I claim that our son called Patrick and “demanded” that he stop harassing me and take down this website. Not entirely true. What actually happened was that I had taken away the iPhone Patrick provided our son, so they could communicate freely and openly. I had told our son that if he could get Patrick to take this site down I would give him his phone back. Our son just wanted his phone back. In point of fact, our son has never objected to anything Patrick has done toward me.
  • On page 11, and throughout my declaration, I portray James Pendleton as my landlord and nothing more. Of course, everyone knows we’re fucking and living together and are in a monogamous relationship (or, at least he’s in a monogamous relationship – I’ll fuck whoever the fuck I wanna fuck, whenever the fuck I wanna fuck them). This is very significant in family court because Patrick has the right to know who his son is living with and what the living conditions/arrangements are in the home.
  • On page 11, I also claim I was awarded an Order of Protection against Patrick. Though, at the time I filed this declaration in the family court I hadn’t made any attempt to serve it on him so it was meaningless. I’ve since pseudo-served it on him, but he filed a request to contest it and we’ll be going to court about it shortly. If James and I actually attend the hearings we’re going to have to testify, under oath, regarding the statements we originally made to get the restraining orders. Either we’ll have to stick to our original stories and get deeper into the perjury whole, or admit we were lying and hope for the best. I should also point out, the restraining orders mean absolutely nothing because they’re neither recognized nor enforceable outside the US.
  • On page 12, I claim the “local police department” seized our son’s phone as evidence and they’re holding it as such and cannot return it to our son or Patrick. Actually, there is no investigation. There is no criminal harassment case as it claimed. I just said that because I know the California court is going to order me to return it to our son. But of course, Patrick is going to show the court a copy of the public records request results he received from the Sahuarita Police Department, showing that there is no active case and no phone was seized.
  • On page 12, I boldly claim “the local police department was able to forcibly take down the harassment website”. I’m referring to this very site. There is not one shred of truth to that statement! On the contrary, every authority I have spoken with has fairly plainly told me there’s nothing they can do about it. No crime is being committed by the existence of this website or any of the content on it. I say the site was down for 24 hours but then petition brought it back up. Uh, not really. It was never down – not for 5 minutes; not for 24 hours.
  • Still on page 12, I say “As of right now, both Canadian and local authorities are working on the issues against the petitioner.” Except that there are no “issues”. Perhaps the “authorities” were just telling me that so I’d go away? I have, after all, filed countless unfounded or blatantly false charges against Patrick over the past few years. Between you and me, though, they supposed “authorities” never actually gave me any reason to believe they were pursuing anything at all.
  • On page 12, I then say the Canadian authorities advised me they do not believe it is a good idea for our son to travel to Canada to visit Patrick. Malarkey! Total hogwash! Nothing of the sort was ever said. It amazes even me that I’m able to spew so much bullshit and people just keep falling for it.
  • And then, at the bottom of page 12 and the top of page 13, my true purpose becomes crystal clear! I say “…I would like to request that it be reasonable to allow our son to continue to visit his father in Canada once all the harassing behavior stops…”. And there it is: the singular purpose of requesting a hearing to suspend my son’s visitation with his father actually has nothing at all to do our son, his safety, or his well-being…he, and the California court are nothing more than tools to me, to get what I want. Since it is obvious I have no legal way to get Patrick to take down this website, then I will do like all of the other women I look up to would do: use our child as a leverage.
  • On page 13, I claim Patrick has not provided any financial support since our son has been in care. This is, of course, completely, 100%, unquestionably false! Patrick has provided our son a credit card which can be used for ALL support related expenses – be it clothing, medical care, school supplies, transportation, food, shelter, et cetera. There is absolutely no reason that our son would have to be any financial burden on me whatsoever – except that I refuse to allow Patrick to contribute to anything while our son is in my care.


So there it is. So many lies in just one declaration. I should be a politician – I’m clearly no good at being a Systems Analyst.

And this is nothing – you should see/hear some of the things I’ve said previously in the family court. Maybe, if I have time, I’ll post more of my previous declarations.


2 Responses to Lies! Lies! Lies! My Latest Deliberate Attempts to Commit Perjury to Get My Way

  1. Judy Hatfield says:

    Hmm! Let me tell you something I don’t clearly understand this Lady. How can she claims so much. so far it looks to me that this guy Patrick keeps providing real evidence so we can see who’s the one telling the real story. If she truly knows that Patrick is lying why doesn’t she provide real legal evidence.
    Also it sounds she is one again using her kid to get Patrick to remove the website. she is not really concerned for her child. she sounds she is concern for herself.

  2. Papa Smurf says:

    I hope you get your son back, good-luck

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