Michael Capuano Arreseted for Smackin’ His Bitch Up!

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You all remember that I was married to Michael Richard Capuano from 2001 until 2010, right? And you remember how I always used to say he was the greatest man I’d ever been with, right? I mean, that I stayed with him for 9 years and had a child with him should tell you something, shouldn’t it?

And you remember how Michael ran off back to Florida to be with that trailer park skank, right?

Well, anyway, it turns out I’m not the only one he’s been smacking around. Ha! Stupid cunt! I just found out Michael was arrested back in December 2014…for domestic violence. Here’s a link to the Pinellas County Court information.

But as you know Michael’s been a bit of a shithead for some time – perhaps that’s why I’ve been able to stay with him so long – birds of a feather and all that shit. I mean, just have a look at the Pinellas County, Florida court records for him. And of course, let’s not forget his assault conviction from right here in Arizona, back in 2011.

For further curiosity, here’s a copy of Michael’s booking record .

Yet, I suppose the only difference between me and the other stupid bitches Michael’s been with…and beat up…is that I had the decency to not report him for it.

But I guess none of this matters now, because now I really am with the greatest guy I’ve ever been with. Unlike Kristopher, and Michael, and Patrick, at least James knows how to treat me. Then again, if James is so nice and so smart then why did he hook up with a white trash, single mother of two kids, who has such a “colorful” background? Guess I’m just a lucky gal. Either that or he really is intelligent and he’ll soon be giving me the boot like all the other men in my life. But until then I will milk it for everything I can.

Yep, ya sure gotta admit, I do know how to pick ’em!

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