My Mugshot from My Arrest for Possession of Marijuana

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mugshot-marijuana_possession_thumbHi, everyone! I haven’t updated this site in a while so I thought I’d throw something new on here. Nothing too exciting, just the mugshot of me from my arrest for possession of weed. Stupid, right? In this day and age, arresting people for getting high! Fucking Republicans! Anyway, as you can tell from the mugshot I was quite high at the time and don’t remember much of it. Too bad it was on my son’s 11th birthday and it fucked up our plans. Oh well, the little bastard has to learn that life’s a bitch sometimes.

For those who don’t believe this is actually my mugshot, you can download the PDF of the Scottsdale Police Department here .

When I get the chance I’ll post the audio recording of the police interview – for you’re listening pleasure.

My god, I’ve lost a lot of hair and gained a lot of weight since then!

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