No, I Would Not Feel Harassed!

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When James Pendleton was questioning Patrick on in court the other day, James asked him if he would feel harassed if James were to publish information about him on a website as Patrick has been doing to James.

Patrick replied that under such circumstances no, he would not feel harassed by someone posting factual information about the things he had done, on the Internet. He continued that if someone is ashamed of the things they have done, then perhaps they should stop doing those things.

Apparently James is not the sharpest wit, because he felt compelled to ask, essentially, the same question again – except phrasing it as a statement while inflecting it as a question: “You wouldn’t feel harassed if I posted this information about you on the Internet?”

Patrick contemplated for the briefest fraction of a second, then replied: “I wouldn’t feel harassed. If anything I’d feel…ashamed and embarrassed…about being involved with somebody like Desiree.”

Me, sleeping, with my dog’s ass in my face. I’m so classy!

Ah, snap! Dissed in a court of law, in front of the judge, and on the record! What a fuckin’ slap in the face. Dang! How do you retort something like that? The courtroom was dead silent for what seemed like an hour.

Looking at James, I caught the faintest look of embarrassment in his own eyes. He is, after all, a man. And to a man, the realization that other men see your girlfriend as “embarrassing” is tragically humiliating.

Consider, for example, the extremely smokin’ hot chick that every guy would fuck. Now take that same smokin’ hot chick but give her the unfortunate characteristic of also being the girl that always gets shit-faced drunk and regularly pisses her pants in public. I am that girl…except that I’m not smokin’ hot…

But at the end of the day, the best thing about being with a guy like James is that he has no idea that people are laughing at him and making jokes about him being with me. He will convince himself that Patrick is the only person in the world that thinks poorly of me and that the reality is that most guys envy him for being with me. That’s a good boy, James; ignore the unpleasant reality…


[Comment from the Editor: While we’re on the topic of “harassment”, perhaps we should take a moment to consider a critical part of the definition of “harassment” in the Arizona Revised Statutes, section 13-2921(E), which states “…’harassment’ means conduct that is directed at a specific person…”. Under that definition, saying (or publishing) something about someone can never be considered ‘harassment’ as long as you’re not saying to the person. Yet more evidence that James is, in fact, an idiot. Whoa! Before you get all bent out of shape about me calling James an “idiot”, check the definition here. It’s merely a statement of fact.]

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