Of Racism, White Supremacy, Nazis, and Those Damn “Dirty Mexicans”

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Let me say this as clearly as possible so there is no misunderstanding: I am a raging, hateful, racist!  I can deny it all I want, now that I’ve been exposed to the world for what I really am, but I cannot go back in time and change my own words.

Before we go any further, let’s review some of my own words – you know, so people don’t think I’m just making up false allegations to make the whole world hate me.

[Comment from the Editor: I wish to be absolutely clear that the views and beliefs expressed in this post are those of Desiree and many of her boyfriends, fiancés, or whatever she’s calling them this week. I absolutely DO NOT share these beliefs! I do not believe any race or ethnic group is superior or inferior to any other groups. I believe the person you are is determined by how you live your life and the choices you make – not by genetics, the language you speak, where you were born, or what religious beliefs you have.]


My Hatred of Mexicans

On October 5, 2012, I sent Patrick an email containing a single, concise statement:

You are no better than a dirty Mexican.

You can read the entire email here.

Now, I suppose you can argue that what I meant was that Mexicans are hard workers who take a lot of pride in the effort they put into their work, and that Patrick is no better than one of them.  But I’m sure most of you get what I really meant – particularly since it’s no secret that Patrick and I hate each other.

So, who would consider such a statement to be the absolute worst insult they can fling at someone they hate?  Simple, a racist!  A person who, deep down in her heart, sincerely believes that Mexicans are inherently dirty, and a lower life form than themselves.  Though, that statement alone does not prove that I believe white people are superior to everybody else who happens to not be white.  It only proves that I believe Mexicans are gross, and dirty, and that to me every Mexican on the planet is as disgusting, as utterly revolting as the one person in the world that I hate more than anyone else – namely, Patrick.


My Dislike of Blacks and Hispanics

Now lets have a look at an email I sent Patrick, upon finding out he had been released from ICE custody in February 2013 and I believed the family court was going to order me to return our son to him.

It does offend me that I have to defend myself and my lifestyle, I’ll not lie…but what offends me more is that we have to resort to squabbling in a court like these less intelligent people.  I hate sitting in that courtroom surrounded by those people because we are smart enough and reasonable enough to figure this out.

Again, you can read the entire email here.

For those that don’t know, our family court case is in the Compton Courthouse, which is in an area of Los Angeles with a very high black and Hispanic population.  In case it’s not readily clear, “those people” to which I refer, are the predominantly black and Hispanic folks of South Central Los Angeles who have family court proceedings at the Compton Courthouse.

And again, you can argue that I didn’t mean just the blacks and Hispanics; that I included the “less intelligent” white people as well.  Yes, I suppose.  But I’ve never made any such comments when talking about going to the Torrance Courthouse (where our case originally was), which is mostly white people.

My Support of Nazi’s and the Holocaust

We all know I was engaged to, and living with Kristopher Lauchner for years.  We all know Lauchner was a proud white supremacist and neo-Nazi.  What most of you might not know is that when Kristopher and I were living together, we proudly exhibited Nazi paraphernalia in our home.  For example, we kept a Nazi dagger, with the swastika insignia, mounted on the living room wall for all to see and admire.

Now, given that Patrick and our son are Jewish, they have difficulty comprehending how that can be interpreted as anything other than an implicit show of support for “Uncle Hitler” and his “final solution”.  [Editor’s Comment: Don’t get me wrong, I fully support Desiree’s and Kristopher’s right to have whatever misguided beliefs they want, but you would think they could at least take the Nazi propaganda down when her Jewish son was visiting her home.]

Oh, before I forget, the proof of the fact that I certainly did (does?) proudly display Nazi artefacts in my home is in an email I responded to, which you can read here.  In that email, I claims the swastikas were all turned, facing the wall, but I think we all know by now you can take such claims from me with a grain of salt.

Guilt By Association

I will surely try to claim that it was Kristopher Lauchner, and Michael Capuano before him, who were the racists and the white supremacists – not me.  But I ask you, how can someone who is not a white supremacist herself, be engaged to, or in the case of Michael Capuano – married to (for 9 years), such raving white supremacists?  I mean, I know for most people, if they were dating some guy and if they went to his home and saw a poster of Hitler, or if he started making pointedly racist declarations, I’m pretty sure that relationship wouldn’t be going much further.


Throughout this website, Patrick boldly accuses me of being a racist.  A lot of people have criticized him for doing so.  They assume he’s just making it up.  Well, no!  The fact is I hate minorities; I hate Mexicans; I hates Jews, Muslims, and even Christians if their sincere about their belief; I believe blacks and Hispanics are stupid and dirty; I’m proud of the work Hitler did; and I believe anybody who is not a US born citizen is below me.

I really am as despicable as this website depicts me as being, and I will deny all of this if I think I can get something from you.

One last consideration: Although Patrick has repeatedly and consistently accused me of being racist and a white supremacist in many emails, I have never, not once, denied those allegations in any of my responses to him.  Not even in my declarations in the family court, have I denied such allegations.  It was not until I went on television, about this website, that I started pretending the allegations are false.


Update (2016-02-29)

In November 2012, Patrick filed an ex parte request in the family court, to suspend our son’s visitation with me until the next upcoming (March 20, 2012) hearing.  That request was based substantially on the fact that Kristopher Lauchner (my fiancé at the time) had recently been arrested for shoplifting an AR-15, which he was hiding in our home, and that the police had found crystal meth, and evidence of it’s use, in our home when they executed a search warrant.  In Patrick’s supporting declaration, he also clearly stated his concerns about the Nazi propaganda Kristopher and I displayed in our home, and provided supporting evidence that I knew about, and allowed the propaganda to be displayed – even while our son was in my care.  The court denied the request.

Here is a copy of that entire request and declaration .  It’s quite large (46MB) because there is about 100 pages of supporting exhibits.  And here is a copy of the request and declaration, without the exhibits .  The documents are searchable, so you should be able to just search for the keywords “nazi”, “swastika”, et cetera – rather than having to find them manually.

I never bothered responding to that request because just over a month later, long before the next hearing, I called ICE and had Patrick deported.

4 Responses to Of Racism, White Supremacy, Nazis, and Those Damn “Dirty Mexicans”

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    As someone with Jewish family, I have to ask how it was permissible to allow a Jewish child to go to a house with a known Nazi supporter? How was no one in law enforcement not informed of the potential danger that could have resulted? That’s asking for trouble.

    And that’s also on BOTH of you, by the way. Had that been my child, I would not have allowed it to even be a thought. I’m surprised nothing happened to your child, honestly.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      It was court ordered visitation. If I’d refused to allow our son to visit I would have been in contempt. I had brought this issue up to the court but the court ignored it. I’ll post the relevant court documents and declarations once I have a chance to redact them.

      • ChangedPerspective says:

        I would like to see those documents. What is not in your favor is Arizona is known to be a racist state in general, so you can see why she feels at home there. However, even racists should realize what is not a good decision, and putting a defenseless child in the care of someone who would potentially hurt him should have been an obvious decision to keep him out of harm’s way. In fact, he DID end up in harm’s way, seeing as he was with a racist, neo-nazi felon who was high on meth and committing crimes. That’s a serious fail on the courts. I smell a lawsuit in your favor.

        • Patrick Fox says:

          I’ve uploaded the document, and linked to it at the bottom of the post. I inform the court about the Nazi artefacts (at least the one I was aware of at that time), in paragraphs 49.4; 55; and 56. I also included, in Exhibit 10, an admission from Desiree about displaying the Nazi dagger on the living room wall of her home.

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