Oh, to Work at Pima Community College

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Pima Community College, West Campus


Pima Community College is located in Tucson, Arizona, about 20 miles from where I live.  And as it just so happens, they have a few positions for “Information Technology Analysts”, which seems to be roughly a “Systems Analyst”.  Kind of like what I was doing at Apollo Education Group for 7 years.

Obviously, since I’ve been out of work since being fired from Apollo for being high at work and using drugs at work, and all that other shit, I need to get a job because my fiancé, James Pendleton, is getting tired of supporting me and my kids from all those different fathers.  And, I can only use this website as an excuse for so long, right?

So, I sent my resume, and today this site got a flurry of visitors from there.  I wonder if this website really is preventing me from getting a job?  I mean, is it really because of the website, or because of all the terrible things I’ve done which just happen to be reported on this website?  I mean, are employers refusing to call me in for interviews because a website full of completely true information about me exists, or because of all the terrible things I’ve done (which just happen to be documented on that website)?  If the website ceased to exist, would my deplorable acts also cease to exist?  And if this website didn’t exist, would the fact that I get high at work, and have sex with my co-workers, cease to be an issue for employers?

And, do employers really believe all the shit that’s posted on this site?  Of course, my official position is that everything on this website is all lies, and that all the court documents and police reports, and audio/video recordings are all forged!  Surely, nobody actually believes that I’ve ever done a single bad thing, right?

Anyway, I’m very curious whether Pima Community College (or any employer, for that matter) will call me in for an interview.  I wonder if I will ever be able to get another job?  I wonder how long James will continue to support me?

I wonder, if I show up for an interview at Pima Community College, whether they will be able to tell that I’m high?

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  1. hiring manager says:

    I am the hiring manager for my department. I would never call this woman for an interview and I urge every employer to avoid her! She lied under oath, she lied to the news, and she lied to the world. She took advantage of people’s kindness and pity, while laughing at us all. If you think she is not going to lie to her employer then you are as dumb as her “fiance”.

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