Proof Neither Patrick Nor This Website Had Anything To Do With Me Losing My Job

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Recently, I appeared on the news, and lead you all to believe I lost my job because of this website and because of emails I claimed Patrick sent to my associates and supervisors.  I’m sorry to have to be the person to, yet again, prove to you that I lied about that as well, but once again, my own sworn testimony in the family court comes back to take another chunk out of my ass.

I’ve just uploaded a copy of my declaration in the family court, from July 2014 .  You will notice, in paragraph 14, on pages 5 and 6, I testified:

As a result of the continued emails, I had to meet with the head of HR as well as the CIO of my company as it had the potential to damage my integrity not to mention my employment.

Fortunately I received nothing but support from every level of management up to the CIO level and my co-workers would not allow these defamatory actions to affect them or change their opinion of me. I was told that no matter what communication might be sent, my job was safe.

And, as if that’s not enough, in my declaration filed with the family court in January 2016 – right around the time I started lying to the media – I testified (at the top of page 16):

September 30th 2015 I was laid off from Apollo during their 3rd round of ‘ Reduction in Force’. I was one of many employees included in this layoff. I received a full severance package, remain completely re-hirable by Apollo, and was eligible for unemployment.Thankfully, because of the move to Tucson, the layoff in no way affected my children.

Hmm?  It seems I change my stories more frequently than Casey Anthony.

[Comment from the Editor: I certainly don’t mean to bring Miss Anthony down to Desiree’s level by saying that.  I’ve never met Casey Anthony and I don’t know the facts of her situation.]

It’s a good thing for Patrick that he withheld all this proof until after the CBC story ran – otherwise Natalie Clancy, having such high journalistic integrity, might have been inclined to not run the story, and I would still be getting away with lying my way through life.

[Comment from the Editor: I’m being amazingly sarcastic about Natalie Clancy having high journalistic integrity – in case you didn’t catch that.]


A Consideration for Potential Employers

If you happen to be a potential employer, you might want take this type of behavior into account.  I mean, do you really want someone under your employ who so brazenly lies to the world and tells different stories from one minute to the next, as it suits her interests, and regardless of how many innocent people’s lives are ruined?  How long before I’ll be accusing you and my co-workers of things?  How long before I claim my supervisor sexually harassed me, because I’d rather get a settlement and sit home smoking pot all day?

2 Responses to Proof Neither Patrick Nor This Website Had Anything To Do With Me Losing My Job

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    Casey Anthony is just more white trash that’s just as low as Desiree. She couldn’t even get a child to live past age 2 and would rather be partying than have a child. Hell, at least Desiree knows who the fathers of her children are, Casey can’t even tell you that one.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I am inclined to agree with you. My only reservation is because I don’t have first hand knowledge of the *facts* of Casey Anthony’s situation – I only have what was reported in the media. And I know from first hand experience that the media rarely presents the full, unbiased story. If what was reported was true and was the complete truth, then I’d say she’s pretty fucked up.

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