Patrick Choosing to Stay in Canada

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I recently received an email from my ex-husband (well, okay, he’s not my ex-husband yet because clearly I still love him, otherwise I wouldn’t have cancelled the divorce proceedings I initiated in Phoenix in 2011, and HE is the one that re-filed for the divorce and HE is the one that is pushing so hard for it), the one I called DHS on and had deported to Canada.

It turns out he’s actually considering staying up there, of his own free will, because apparently, things have been going well for him there and the market in Vancouver is better than in the US right now. He says the corporate tax rate in Canada is only 15%, compared to 30% here. He’s gotten himself a firearms license so he’s allowed to own firearms there (he can’t here because of my filing a false report with DHS – bad me). Those who know him know he’s a gun enthusiast.

What’s even more astounding is that he’s already gotten his Florida birth certificate and resolved the issues he had with DHS. So, he can come back any time. Yet, he’s choosing to stay there – in Canada! What the fuck is that about? I mean, its Canada! Fucking igloos and shit. How can anyone even think that anywhere’s better than America?

My point is this: I called DHS on him to get his attention and piss him off because, as anyone with pulse can tell, I want him back. Of course, I always say I called DHS so I could get custody of our son, but come on, really now? I already have a kid, and kids are such a nuisance anyway – always needing things and sucking up all your time and money. Things were not supposed to go well for Patrick in Canada, dammit! He was supposed to hate it there and realize how much he loves me. He was supposed to come crawling back to me. Well, fuck him and fuck the Universe! The Universe sucks!

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  1. Ywgjet says:

    It amazes me that a woman can do no wrong , if this site was about Patrick , then poor Desiree gets the attention she desperately craves from all of the pussy whipped men , and then gets a lot of kudos for having the balls to create this site………Patrick for Mayor!

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