The Bitch is Losin’ It

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Desiree has never been good at dealing with stress.  She falls apart; increases her narcotic usage; withdraws from the world; takes it out on those around – namely her children, since they can’t really fight back; and guilts whoever her boyfriend is at the moment into “fixing it” for her.

And, it is apparent at this point that Desiree has lost it!  She’s past the point of freaking out.  Her whole delusional universe is collapsing on her.  She’s spending almost all her time in her bedroom, trying to stay as high as possible, she’s punishing her children for no apparent reason, she’s crying, incessantly, to James Pendleton (her fiancé) about how nothing is working for her, her life is so hard, and it’s all Patrick’s fault.

James To The Rescue?

Yesterday, Patrick received a number of emails from some “anonymous” fool.  The first email attempted to reason with Patrick that he had proven his points about Desiree and that he should do the dignified thing: he should take this website down.  Patrick was pretty certain the “anonymous” idiot was none other than good ol’ James.  A few messages were sent back and forth, then Patrick decided to post them messages on this website (see The Significance of the Bad Stuff… post).

But what really gave it away was when Patrick’s mobile phone rang and the caller ID showed “Desiree Capuano”.  Patrick figured it was GR calling.  But when he answered, the party on the other end asked “Is this Patrick Fox?”.   Patrick responded, “Yes”.  The other party said “I’m Batman!” and hung up.  The impotent imbecile then started sending messages using the user name “Batman”.  The fucking moron didn’t even block the caller ID before calling!  The moron would even call back again, leaving two voice mails – this time blocking the caller ID.  For those who are curious how much of a twit this James Pendleton really is, here are the two messages he left:

The Upcoming Family Court Hearings

In just 4 short days, on March 25, Desiree, Patrick, and their son (who we’ll call GR) are scheduled to speak with the family court mediators regarding whether GR should remain with Desiree or return to Patrick.  And on March 28, they’re to appear in the family court to address Patrick’s recent request for GR to be allowed to decide for himself who he will live with (Request for Order, 2015-11-20 ); Desiree’s response, alleging Patrick threatened to kill her, and a bunch of other ridiculous allegations that have nothing to do with GR’s well-being or best interests (Responsive Declaration, 2016-01-11 ); and Patrick’s reply to Desiree’s insane response, proving everything Desiree alleged is bullshit (Reply to Response, 2016-02-22 ).

Now, Desiree doesn’t really give a flying fuck about GR, his well-being, or who he lives with.  But what she does care about is 1) maintaining the delusional fantasy world she lives in; and 2) “beating” Patrick.

It’s wonderfully difficult to keep convincing yourself that your children love you and your life is perfect, when your child says, to the family court, that he doesn’t want anything to do with you; that he’s afraid to tell that to the court because if Desiree finds out she’s going to punish him; and that all he’s wanted for the past 3 years is to get away from her and return to his father.  Desiree doesn’t really care about that reality – she just doesn’t want to hear those words come from GR’s mouth, and she definitely doesn’t want everyone else to hear it.  But she knows Patrick is going to record everything and it’s all going to appear on this website.  And that, my friends, is freaking her out!

And, as for “beating” Patrick, well, Desiree just doesn’t seem to understand that custody of GR is about what’s best for GR – not about pissing off the other parent.  If you read through Desiree’s emails on this site, you will notice a pattern:  she always refers to GR as though he’s a possession.  She speaks in terms of “sending him” for visits, and “returning him” to her.  Parents like Desiree want to “have children” – they’re not interested in “raising children”.  So, in Desiree’s fucked up perception of reality, a court order requiring GR to remain in her custody is a “win” against Patrick, regardless of how it actually affects GR’s relationship with her.  Desiree doesn’t care about if GR wants to be with her, she only cares about if GR has to be with her.  So, if the court were to allow GR to choose where he will live, or if the court ordered Desiree to return GR to Patrick’s custody, well that would be one hell of a huge “defeat” in her mind.

And as for allowing GR to choose where he will live: Desiree has often said that she just wants GR to be happy, and that if GR ever chose to return to Patrick then she’d respect that.  However, Desiree has repeatedly sought court orders prohibiting all contact between GR and Patrick, and orders granting her sole legal and physical custody of GR.  When she was unable to get that, she had Patrick deported (by filing false allegations against him with DHS).  And, Desiree has always know that, given the choice, GR would choose to return to Patrick’s care.  So she simply doesn’t allow him to have that choice.

Desiree’s Plans Backfiring

When Desiree contacted the CBC a couple of months ago, she expected the story would only be published in the Canadian news media.  She expected she would be portrayed as a helpless victim and Patrick would be portrayed as a heartless, obsessed, sociopath.  She expected everybody would believe everything she said, without question.  She expected the bad publicity would push the Canadian prosecutor to reopen the criminal harassment case against Patrick, Patrick would get arrested and be unable to attend the upcoming hearing and, as a benefit for James, the Canadian authorities would take down this website.

But, as always, her plan backfired on her.  In the beginning, the story ran as she expected; she got huge sympathy from thousands of people; the story got picked up in the US and even right there in Tucson, near where she lives, and everywhere she went people showed her support.  But then, that asshole, Patrick, posted proof that she was full of shit; the US media started portraying her as a lying, manipulative cunt; people started turning on her; the supportive emails turned into hate mail.  Instead of strangers in public showing support, they began snickering behind her back, giving her the stink-eye.  The Canadian authorities didn’t take down the website, they didn’t arrest Patrick, they didn’t re-evaluate the criminal harassment complaint.  The hearing would proceed and GR would have his opportunity to tell the court how he really felt.  The mediator would testify about what GR said to her and that testimony would appear on this website.  The whole world would know that Desiree was a shitty mother, who would rather sit alone in her room, getting high than to raise her children.

Attempts to Prevent GR from Speaking with the Mediator

For a while, Desiree intended to appear for the mediation by telephone.  That way, she could be sitting next to GR while he was interviewed so that he wouldn’t be able to say anything negative about her.  She even figured she could listen on the other line – that way there would be no way he would say anything bad, or that he didn’t want to live with her.  What she didn’t realize is that children are always interviewed in person.

She then thought she would just pretend she believed the mediation was only for her and Patrick.  That GR was not supposed to be interviewed as well.  She would claim the mediation department never informed her of GR’s interview.  However, Patrick made sure the Pima County Sheriff served the notice of GR’s in-person interview on her.

So, for a week Desiree was scrambling to figure out a way to prevent GR from being able to tell the court what he really wants.  And it’s not looking good.  Most likely, she’ll just not bring him for the mediation interview, then she’ll claim, in court, that she didn’t know she had to bring him.  She’ll expect the court to give her another break – as it seems to always do.  She’s hoping to just be able to delay the inevitable a while longer.

And, in the end, she has failed to prevent the upcoming mediation and hearing from occurring.  She’s in straight up panic mode!  She’s reverted to the old tactics of having her boyfriend send emails and calling Patrick to try to intimidate him.  But it’s all just the same old shit from her.


14 Responses to The Bitch is Losin’ It

  1. Tara says:

    Wow her info in her response is extensive and a bit much. I will say though being a resident of Ontario for the last 30yrs, any child under the age of 18 is considered a minor child under the law and within the Children’s Aid Society. Everyone needs to look at what is best for the child. I’m sure living with his mom he has lots of friends that he wouldn’t want to part ways with in living with dad. The on,y viable solution I see is ask the child what he wants or request that mom move to Canada so that the child can have more contact with dad.
    It’s honestly very sad that the pair of you can’t set aside your differences to benefit the health and well being of your son who ultimately is paying the price. If he doesn’t get thorough counselling now I fear he may end up turning to drugs or alcohol to cope because a person can only take so much before they reach a breaking point, and if your son hasn’t reached that point yet he will in the near future.
    Think about his needs and wants before considering your own needs and wants. I really wish you all had appeared on Dr.Phil, it may have given you all an opportunity to work through this like mature adults and set a positive example and be good role models for your son. Good Luck, I wish you the very best

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Thank you for the reply, Tara – and for taking the time to review some of the supporting documents. Most people just listen to what the news tells them, and assume that’s the whole, unbiased story.

      Anyway, our son doesn’t want to be with her. He wants nothing to do with her. She very psychologically disturbed and he’s having a difficult time in that environment.

      We have a custody hearing on Monday, and hopefully the court finally realizes how full of crap she is (as you can see from my reply to her response – almost everything she said in her declaration was false).


  2. Not my name says:

    Someone who use character assassination as a weapon to destroy another person is not worth ones time.

    If this man considers himself a nice and polite Canadian I don’t know what an evil, vindictive Canadian sounds like.

    I fear the father’s hatred towards his child’s mother will be shown every day if the child ends up in Canada. Some people seem to never grow up. If both parents are as bad as this site say, the child should be taken away from both and adopted by people who will put the child’s interest/wellbeing first.

    It’s easy making a child, it’s hard raising a child to be a good person. This child could be damaged by both parents, he’s the most important person in this.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I’m not sure that publishing the truth about someone is really “character assassination”. If it was then there’d be no news media.

      I don’t consider myself a Canadian – polite, or otherwise. My birth certificate states I was born in the US, and I haven’t made any claim of being Canadian.

      Why do you automatically assume my son’s opinion of Desiree is any different than mine? Why do you refuse to believe that every day he’s with her is anything other than a torturous nightmare and he’s just waiting for the day he can come back home? He told the family court, in his own words, that he doesn’t want to be with her.

      Why do so many people assume that children are incapable of having their own thoughts and opinions?

  3. Not my name says:

    This is the www you can write anything you feel like and try to convince people you are the one telling the truth. No matter how flat you make a pancake it still has two sides. (Dr. Phil)

    As Tara (above) suggested you should contact the Dr. Phil show, he’ll get to the truth. I would watch that show, let me know when you all will be on.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      When a person’s (mine) statements of truth are backed up with things like Desiree’s own sworn testimony in the family court, the audio recordings of her testimony at the order of protection hearing in December 2015, her own statements to various police agencies, et cetera, then it’s not really me “trying to convince people”, as you say. At that point it’s simply the unquestionable truth.

      Anybody who would look at all that evidence against Desiree, evidence which completely supports my statements, yet still believe this is a case of “he said, she said” is clearly either in denial or is delusional.

      As for the Dr. Phil Show: The producer from the show did contact both me and Desiree back on February 29, 2016. We both agreed to be on the show, and CBS went through the effort of making all the arrangements. Then, on March 2, 2015, Desiree backed out of doing the show. She didn’t provide a reason, but I think it’s pretty clear it was because by that point there was so much proof published that she had lied about everything that the public (and the folks from the Dr. Phil Show) had turned against her. I wrote a blog post about it: Desiree Backs Out of Doing the Dr. Phil Show.

  4. Not my name says:

    YOU can still go on the Dr. Phil show and make your case.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I would love to. But, unfortunately, without Desiree there isn’t very much “entertainment value”. They wanted us both on at the same time so that they can get to the bottom of what really happened and who really did what.

      They also wanted to speak with our son, and Desiree realized that he was going to say, on national television, that he didn’t want to be with her.

  5. Not my name says:

    There already is a show, as far as I know, why can they not refer to that if she will not come?

    Another question. If she is as bad as you write she is are you 150% sure the child is yours not someone else’s, that would be a bummer.

    Hope the best for the child.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I believe they wanted to be able to put us both on the spot – to ask us the “tough” questions, while on camera and in front of a live audience. That way neither of us could backtrack. Also, I’m pretty sure they wanted to be able to get our reactions to the proof that what we had said in the previous interviews was false. Obviously, when I say “we” in this sense, I mean Desiree – there has not been any evidence offered that anything I have said has been false. I’m not saying I’ve never lied – I’m just not dumb enough to lie on camera, on the news, or on this website.

      If the Dr. Phil Show were to only use the existing video of Desiree, then they wouldn’t be able to confront her about her allegations. And that’s what sells – exposing the person live, on camera.

      Yes, I’m 100% positive our son is mine. But even if he wasn’t my offspring, biologically, he’s always known me as his father, so it would be unthinkable to turn him away. I true father is the person that raises the child – not the person that provided the sperm. So, biology aside, I have a moral obligation to him, as the person he considers his father, to do everything I can to be a parent he can rely on and who would never turn him away.

      And, while a lot of people think this website is only harming me in the family court, I don’t believe the family court has any intention of returning custody to me since I’ve been deported from the US. I believe the only way I (or anyone) can fight a person like Desiree – a sociopathic, compulsive liar who can so easily manipulate people – is to publicly expose them using their own lies and horrendous acts. That is what this website aims to do.

  6. Curious says:

    I agree that the press does not report the whole truth. I agree the court should let the kid decide.

  7. Jim says:

    Hi Patrick:

    Your story is very fascinating to me not only in itself, but also because there are so many resemblances to my own. My wife (we are legally separated, but not divorced) has so much in common with yours. She is American, a drug abuser, has psychological problems, lies all the time, is very manipulative and is extremely promiscuous changing partners like underwear. In fact it seems that their personalities are virtually identical.

    It doesn’t stop there. When our son was six, she started a campaign to discredit me and accused me of all kinds of false charges, while in truth she was the one actually doing those things. She then proceeded to kidnap my son and disappear with him. She also managed to convince a (female) police officer to break into my residence (while I was at work) and steal a lot of valuables (mine). She was basically holding my son for ransom. Initially, I could only contact her via her cell phone (which I paid for), but eventually, she had the number changed, once she realized that I wasn’t going to play her game. At that point I had court papers drawn up to give me custody, but I had to find her and have her served, which I did with the help of a private investigator (she was actually served only two hours before the case commenced). Of course, she didn’t show up in court, but rather used the opportunity to find another hiding place. Of course, I was given full custody, but I had to find her again to have it served, which took another couple of weeks and a lot of money.

    Once I got my son back she continuously harassed me and eventually found where my son was going to school and caused many problems there until the police arrested her and read her the riot act. Interestingly, although my son spent the majority of his time with her previously (I worked and she didn’t), he really didn’t want to have anything to do with her. If she phoned I had to convince him to talk to her and eventually, he just refused to do even that.

    That all happened when he was six. Now he is seventeen and hasn’t seen her since. Further more, he has no interest in her and never even brings her up in conversation.

    Just for your information, in Canada I know that once a minor has reached the age of 16 they have the right to choose which parent they want to live with. This may come in handy for you at some point in time.

    It is interesting that the majority of people still support mothers without question when they are in disputes of this kind with fathers even though there are a substantive number of totally inadequate mothers out there. I commend you on your perseverance in your battle and truly hope that you can finally re-establish the custody you want and he needs.

    Good luck,


  8. Jim says:

    Hi Patrick:

    I found this web site as a result of seeing the article on CBC’s site. It is amazing how biased the reporting was, but after all it is CBC and they have an agenda (white males are the scourge of the Earth). The reporter obviously didn’t even read anything of substance on the web site, before reporting. What is most disturbing is that we (Canadians) actually pay for the CBC.

    Welcome to Canada.


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