The Difference Between Merely a Bad Person and a Truly Evil, Delusional, Psychopathic Person

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Hi! I would like to draw your attention to my very own Facebook page, and some of the posts I’ve put on there over the past few years. My goal is to prove, once and for all, that I am not merely a bad person, as many people believe, but in fact, I am a truly evil who not only has no concern for the well-being and safety of others – including my own children – but, in fact, I derive great happiness from torturing the people I am supposed to love.

Desiree Capuano – A Real American Psycho

First, let’s consider what, exactly, is the difference between your common, every day bad person, and your to-the-bone, hardcore, evil psychopath.

A bad person will do something that they know is bad, that seriously harms another person, and they’ll know that what they did was bad. They may even feel some degree of remorse over it. But don’t get me wrong – a bad person will continue to do bad things, but they’ll also continue to feel a sense of shame about what they’ve done.

An evil person, on the other hand, will do bad things, things that seriously harm others, things that cause lifelong emotional scars to innocent children – and then, they will rejoice about what they’ve done. They will delude themselves that they, in fact, did a very good thing. They will ignore the fact that their victim is curled up in a ball in the corner, weeping and begging them to let them go. In the evil, psychopathic, delusional person’s mind their poor, innocent victim loves them, needs them, and absolutely wants to be exactly where the evil, psycho is forcing them – against their will – to be.

Now, having said that, I would like to take you back to August of 2011. You remember: Almost immediately after popping back into my 11 year old son’s life; the son I abandoned when he was 18 months old, the son I hadn’t given the time of day, not made a single phone call to for 9 years; the son who didn’t know me from Adam; one weekend, on August 8, 2011, I travelled to Los Angeles from Phoenix (where I lived), and took my son, by force, against his protests, his pleading and begging, from the only people he had ever known as family – the people who had raised him from the age of a year and a half (his biological father, Patrick and Patrick’s friends and family).

Upon returning to Phoenix I immediately got an emergency custody order by telling the court that Patrick had been “hiding” my son from me the past 9 years and I’d finally found them. It took Patrick 3 months to get our son back.

For the first few weeks my son with with me he was very traumatized by the whole experience. He cried a lot and begged me to return him. When I went to court to try to keep custody of him I testified that my son was very happy in my home and we loved each other very, very much.

Now let’s have a look at what I posted on my Facebook page the very day I had torn my son from the only family he ever knew; the very day my son was begging me not to take him away.

I want to say a big Thank You to the universe for always bringing what should be. My beautiful son [G*****] has finally come home to live. I have my 2 awesome boys and my man who I couldn’t love more. My home is now complete…finally. smile emoticon. Thank you also to everyone for their love and support – I needed it and it worked!!!!!

Here’s a link to the actual post on my Facebook page!

Notice the particular wording I use: “My beautiful son [G*****] has finally come home to live.” Like he had any choice in the matter! Like he actually chose to come live with me! You see? Just like the deranged serial killer that drugs people to get them home then chains them up in a pit in the basement, yet convinces himself that they (his victims) came to him; that they want to be chained up in the basement.

And do you see how I say “My home is now complete…finally.” With absolutely no regard for how my actions have affected the poor child I have abducted, my only concern is that “my home [be] complete”. And just like the demented rapist who brutally forces his will on his victims, oblivious to their scream and/or wimpers and pleas for mercy, as long as I get to live out my fantasy that will justify any harm I inflict on others!

And now, let’s have a look at a message I posted, on June 10, 2011 – after the first visit I’d ever had with my son. Remember, I had left him when he was 18 months. He had never seen me before this.

More at peace then ever before. Working on making it permanent

Here’s a link to the actual post on my Facebook page.

Short and sweet. And about 2 months before the actual abduction. Proof of deliberation and intent. Proof that my trip to LA to steal my son away from the safe, familiar world he had always known was not an act of passion, not my emotions getting the best of me, not a fear that I would never see my son again (remember, this is the same son I ignored for 9 years). In fact, my actions on August 8, 2011 were well contemplated beforehand. Just like the mass murderer that takes his time, stalks his prey, learns their schedules and habits.

So do you really, really still not realize that I am a psychopathic, narcissistic, delusional, whack job?

As you see from my own words, my own posts on my public Facebook page, on the very day I abducted a child, I was bragging to the world how perfect my home now was; how happy and wonderful my life was – while that poor, defenceless, terrified child was locked in his cellar…I mean room, unallowed to call his father or the woman who had raised him, forced into a completely unfamiliar home with strangers he had only ever seen twice in his life.


On a slightly different note, you will also notice, on that same Facebook page, dated July 7, 2011, a wonderful little post from me, to Kristopher Lauchner, my ex-fiancé (who is only “ex” because he got sent to prison when I put all the blame on him to save my own ass…again). In that message, I say:

Happy Birthday to my amazing fiancé. I have never met anyone as loyal, thoughtful, and caring as you. You deserve everything this life has to offer and i intend to make sure you get it…

You are my world and my other half and I’m so grateful and proud to be able to call you mine!!

I love you Darling…

Let’s remember, Kristopher is a tweaker, a chronic meth user, a white supremacist, a kleptomaniac. When Kris got arrested for shoplifting an AR-15, he told the police he took it because he thought it was “a sign from God”. Only a crazy-ass psycho can love a crazy-ass psycho.

And I have to wonder, how it makes James Pendleton (the boyfriend I’m currently living with) feel that I insist on leaving that post on my Facebook page? Does he know that I still love Kris more than anything and that I’m just using him for his house and to support me and my kids? But, again, you see, James has been nothing but good to me, yet I just can’t help myself – it’s in my nature to abuse and manipulate people – just like Charles Manson.

[Comment from the Editor: The links to Desiree’s Facebook page, above, are a cached copy because we would expect any reasonable person to remove such content from their real Facebook page once they read this post.  Then again, it IS Desiree, and white trash people don’t seem to mind embarrassing themselves in public.]


Update (2016-02-23)

Since Desiree has gone to the media with her stories of woe, the activity on this website has increased dramatically, and she has since removed all of the public posts from her Facebook page.

2 Responses to The Difference Between Merely a Bad Person and a Truly Evil, Delusional, Psychopathic Person

  1. Rick says:

    It’s been 10 days since this post and Desiree still has the messages on her Facebook page professing her love for Kris. What a chump her current boyfriend is.

  2. Patrick Fox says:

    Shortly after the news media coverage of this website, Desiree finally made her Facebook profile private.

    But that’s okay, because we’ve saved a cached copy of the timeline and friends pages here:

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