The Ridiculousness of My Harassment Claims Against Patrick

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Back in the summer of 2014 I contacted the Phoenix Police and filed a harassment claim against Patrick. In my usual fashion, I portrayed myself as the poor, helpless, innocent victim who had done nothing wrong and who was being maliciously targeted. Obviously, there was nothing the Phoenix Police could do since Patrick was living outside the US at the time the alleged events occurred.

You see, as much as we hate to have to admit it, the US courts and law enforcement agencies actually have no authority, no power whatsoever, outside the US. I know we like to think that we are the world police and that everybody has to answer to us, but that just isn’t the reality.

The Phoenix Detective did actually speak with Patrick and did ask if Patrick would take the site down. Patrick told him that there is nothing illegal about the site because all of the information contained on it is true and correct – and even if the information was false and his intention was to damage my reputation, then that would be a civil matter, not a criminal matter. The detective agreed with him. Nothing further was done.

Then, back in July 2015, I quietly moved to a new home, in a new city, without informing Patrick. I had no intention of telling him where I moved to with our son, or what my current circumstances were. But of course, he already knew everything. Damn those stupid private investigators! And since I went out of my way to be so underhanded – providing him a USPS mail box address 20 miles from my new home; then refusing to provide him the new address (or even the city) where I was effectively hiding his son from him (hey, that’s exactly what I falsely accused Patrick of doing for 9 years), he went ahead and posted the new address on this website.

So, I retaliated by filing a criminal harassment claim with the Canadian authorities. You see, in Canada they take that crap very seriously. So I did they usual routine of acting all freaked out; oh, I’m afraid for my safety because I know Patrick has guns and he’s able to cross the Canada/US border freely; and he knows where I live; and I believe he’s going to come down here and do something horrible. I provided, as evidence, some cherry picked emails which I received from Patrick (and doctored up to make them better help my claims) – but I was very careful not to include any of my emails because, of course, they’d reveal that I’ve said and done things which are far worse than anything Patrick has said or done. Under Canadian law, the police were required to arrest Patrick and charge him with criminal harassment.

Well, the RCMP did charge him with criminal harassment but then they immediately released him on the one condition that he not contact me, directly or indirectly, while the matter was pending. But again, that’s just a standard requirement when a harassment claim is filed in Canada. I had told the RCMP that Patrick was a Canadian and he had been deported – the same thing I keep trying to convince everyone (and myself) of. But, unfortunately, he was able to provide them a US birth certificate. He told them he has no interest in returning to the US because it has become a fascist, authoritarian state, and because things have been going well for him there in Canada.

The RCMP asked him if he would consider taking down the website. They explained to him the problems it had been causing me – interfering with my ability to get a job; making me known in my community as a drug user and just a generally bad person; causing problems in my relationship with James Pendleton, who I recently moved in with. Patrick told them that as long as there was nothing illegal about the site he would not take it down.

After spending even just a little bit of time with Patrick, the RCMP realized he was in no way a threat to anybody. It became quickly apparent to them that Patrick was not a flight risk and that, most likely, I was full of shit and just trying to use them to get all these horrible truths about myself and James taken off of the Internet.

My Sworn Declaration

So, having still failed to force Patrick to take this site down, I then went, with James, to the Sahuarita Municipal Court, to get a Order of Protection (a restraining order) against Patrick. Still, my goal was to get them to force him to take this site down. Click the icon to the right for a copy of the actual order and the amazingly ludicrous declaration in support of it. Let there be no doubt, absolutely every claim made in that declaration is completely and utterly false. I lied through my teeth, which I realize is perjury which is a felony. But that’s the beauty of getting a restraining order – the other party isn’t there to refute your claims. And, since James came with me, he too sought a restraining order. Click the other icon to the right to read James’ order and declaration.

James’ Sworn Declaration

Notice how James refers to me repeatedly and consistently as his “tenant”. Even though we sleep in the same bed and have nasty sex on a regular basis. Perjury? You betchya.

James and I never served a copy of the restraining orders on Patrick so they’re not even in effect. But that really doesn’t matter to us since the point of the orders was to help get this site taken down – not because we care if Patrick has any contact with us.

Even more ridiculous, is that court orders issued by an Arizona court have absolutely no weight in another country. In other words, the restraining orders are completely meaningless unless Patrick actually comes to Arizona. Do you really think that Canadian courts and/or law enforcement is going to bother enforcing, or even acknowledging, a restraining order issued by a court in Arizona? Not likely.

Then, I took that restraining order and attached it as evidence in support of my petition in the Los Angeles family court, to have our son’s visitation with Patrick “suspended”.

So why are my claims of harassment against Patrick “ridiculous”?

Patrick has absolutely no history of violence. No history of ever being irrational or losing control and doing something rash. He’s calm, calculated, and methodical. As is evident from how he goes about this website – his singular gaol in life is to ruin me, to completely destroy my life. But he does it in such a way that it is completely legal. It will take him years, and lots of time, effort, and money, but he is just systematic and stubborn enough to devote the rest of this life to it. Sometimes, Patrick has information which would be clearly harmful to me – like my records from the Penn Mar psych hospital, and the UCLA hospital in Carson, California; but he sits on them for months, even years, sometimes because he understands that it’s pointless to publish them until I have something to lose by them being published. “But wait”, you say, “wouldn’t that be criminal harassment?” No, actually it wouldn’t. As long as what he’s publishing is true, and as long as he’s not threatening to do it in order to get me to do something then there’s nothing illegal about it. Then, it’s just “news”. And everybody has the right to report “news” – no matter how damaging that news might be to the other person. And since he’s not attempting to control my behavior, then it’s not really a “threat”. This is clearly not the mind of a person who would do something so silly as physically assaulting or harming another person (unless in self defence or the defence of others, of course).

Now, let’s add to that the fact that I spent 8 years with Michael Capuano – a man who actually was violent and abusive. And during that whole time – and even to this very day, I insist that he is a wonderful man. I let Sage Capuano (our son) visit with him whenever it serves my interests.

And consider, from 2011 through 2013 I was engaged to, and living with, Kristopher Lauchner – a man with an extensive, violent, criminal history. A proud white supremacist who saw nothing wrong with beating the crap out of someone because they were black, or Mexican, or Jewish. And the absolute only reason we broke up was because he got arrested again and went to prison again. And the whole time we were together I swore publicly that he was the kindest, gentlest man I had ever known. At one point Patrick tried to get a restraining order for himself and our son, against Kristopher based on Kristopher’s violent history and based on actual, unambiguous threats Kristopher had made against Patrick. I testified at the hearing, on behalf of Kristopher, protesting to ridiculousness of Patrick’s supposed concerns. Hell, even good ol’ Michael Capuano provided a written declaration attesting to what a sweet, kind, gentle man Kristopher was.

And where is Kristpher now? Serving 7 years in Arizona prison for shoplifting an AR-15 (which I allowed him to hide in our house), and for possession of meth (which I also allowed him to hide and use in our house), and some other petty stuff. At the time he stole the assault rifle, he was a prohibited possessor due to his previous felony convictions. Is he back in the Aryan Brotherhood? Probably. Is the AB known for being a kind, gentle prison gang? Not really.

So, it would seem that I have a pretty consistent history of claiming that violent, dangerous men are actually kind and harmless; and accusing any man that doesn’t let me get my way of being dangerous and violent.

Why else are my claims retarded?

Patrick now lives in Vancouver, which is about 1,500 miles away. Although there have been cases of people travelling that far to harm another person, Patrick is clearly not that type. His form of reciprocity is informing the world, prospective employers and landlords, my neighbors, and anyone else who cares to research me about the real me. In his mind it is much more gratifying to watch me slowly descent into misery because of my own actions. No, Patrick would never travel all the way to Sahuarita just to cause me harm.

And the restraining orders? Well, gee, Patrick can’t contact me or come with so many feet of me. Oh, pooh! Since he lives in a different country such a restraining order is 100% meaningless. As for not being able to contact me, well, I shot myself in the foot there. You see, Patrick has this ethical belief that before doing something like taking legal action against them, or doing something which would be damaging to the other person (yet completely legal) he should inform the other party of his intentions unless they correct their wrongdoing. in other words, while his emails were annoying, they provided me the opportunity to prepare for what was coming. Now that he’s not allowed to contact me he cannot provide me such opportunities. Instead, I have to find out that he published such-and-such or that he reported James to the DoD, or that my mugshot is on the bulletin board at the office AFTER the fact. AFTER all of my friends, associates, and neighbors have listened to my interview with the RCMP. So, as always, I took action without considering the effects of that action and it has hurt me and helped Patrick. Fuck! Sometimes I’m just so fucking stupid.

And what about the petition to cancel our son’s visitation. Well, first of all, there is no evidence at this point that that’s even been filed with the Family Court. Second, who does that hurt: our son or Patrick? I’m thinking, our son. By doing this I am surely pushing our son past the point of truly hating me. As it is right now, he despises me (though he won’t say that to my face because he knows I’ll punish the shit out of him), but by making it so he can’t even visit with his father I am making sure that on his 16th birthday he runs off to Ontario, Canada and I’ll never hear from him again. And little does he know, the next step is to try to get all contact between him and Patrick suspended. Ha! Fuck him, that little bastard! Choosing his father over me. I’m his god damned, fucking mother DAMN IT! He will FUCKING love me and that’s all there is to it!!!!! And do you think the court is really going to suspend visitation because of conflicts between me and Patrick? Not likely. In fact, I’m actually opening a can of worms that’s going to explode in my face, by doing this because when we do go back to court our son will be 15 and he will tell the court he wants to go back to his father and the court will say “Okay”. Over the past year, Patrick has accumulated so much proof of my unfitness to be a parent – pictures of me getting high at work; pictures of me buying drugs; medical records showing that I knew my son had a staff infection but taking him to the doctor would have been inconvenient so I let it go for 3 months; proof that I haven’t taken the kids to the dentist in over two years; proof of using drugs in their presence; sending them to their fathers’ for the summer so I can move in with my new boyfriend, in another city, and when they return they’re in a new home, a new city, a new school. Yeah, going back to court is not going to be good for me.

But back to the harassment claims against Patrick: So, even if the Canadian prosecutor decided to proceed with the harassment charges against Patrick, there is the problem of not having a victim. Face it, I’m a drug addict, a terrible parent, and an all around bad person. I don’t make a good witness or victim in front of a jury. Testifying at a trial would mean having to travel to a foreign country – the Canadian government would have to cover the costs, but still, do I really want to put myself through that? Fuck, I wouldn’t be able to bring any weed with me and the trial would likely drag on for days, if not weeks (Patrick’s pretty good at legal shit). The Canadian government currently has jurisdiction because the alleged acts occurred in Canada. But how will they prove that? Patrick lives a few miles from the border – he could easily have taken his laptop down to Peace Arch Park, stepped 5 feet into the US and uploaded the content to the website committed the alleged acts from there – then the Canadian court would not have jurisdiction, it would be a matter for the Washington State courts. Or, he could have simply gotten into a boat and went a few miles offshore. Or, he could have tunnelled the emails through various servers located in other countries, making it impossible to determine where they originated. Not to mention, that it’s one thing to claim harassment against someone when they’re not able to refute your claims with hard proof against you, but if this matter actually went to trial, which knowing Patrick it absolutely will, then my false statements and perjury are going to be revealed in the Canadian court – then what? They charge me in Canada with perjury just to make a point: We won’t tolerate obnoxious abusing and manipulating or legal system just to be a pain in the ass to their ex-husbands?

And then there’s the issue of the website – the only part of all this that really matters to me. Under both the US and the Canadian freedom of speech laws Patrick has every right to have this web site up and when you get right down to it there’s just not a damn thing I, or either of the two governments can do about it. Even if they did try to trample his constitutional rights by forcing him to take it down, all he would do rent a server in Argentina or Russia or some bumfuck place and host it there. And although I insist this site is being hosted on a server in his living room, there is absolutely no way to establish that. I mean, he’s a pretty fucking smart guy and he’s not going to have everything sitting on one server in his residence where it can be destroyed or stolen. Forwarding packets from one router to another (anywhere in the world) is not exactly difficult. Just because the packets appear to be going to a given IP address doesn’t mean very much.

So, in conclusion, yes, my claims of harassment against Patrick are complete bullshit. I’m not the slightest bit concerned for my safety and I have no intention of travelling to Vancouver to testify at a trial and have all my own nasty secrets put on court records. My motivation is entirely getting this site taken off the Internet (which will never happen), and removing the stress from my meal ticket’s…I mean James Pendleton’s…life so I don’t lose my current sweet setup.

If you’ve read this far you have far too much fucking time on your hands. Get a life!

One Response to The Ridiculousness of My Harassment Claims Against Patrick

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    When I saw this website posted on Jezebel, I came here to say how horrible you are for harassing this woman and how you’re a narcissistic sociopath.

    However, the more I read, and the more I see the evidence, the more I conclude that I understand why you’re doing this.

    Is it mean to do this to a person? Yes.

    But does she deserve it? I think, with the decisions she’s made for her and her two kids, she should have expected someone to finally explode and call her out on her actions.

    Is it the best course of actions? Maybe, maybe not, but who can really say in this case?

    You love your son. You were there for his first nine years and gave him everything he needed and wanted. She randomly swoops in and takes him away for her convenience and the chance of collecting child support. Now, you’re reduced to only seeing him when she and the courts decide. That’s not fair, that shouldn’t have happened. I understand your pain and anger.

    But, honestly, how does any of this help your son?

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