The Time I Let My Fiancé Take My Children With Him to Pass Counterfeit Money and He Got Arrested With Them

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As if there’s not enough horrible stuff about me on this website already, let’s go ahead and add some more.

This time, let’s talk about the time when I was engaged to, and living with good ol’ Kristopher Lauchner, and I left him in charge of my kids (particularly, the son I have with Patrick, since that’s more germane to this site) and he took them to Walmart to use some counterfeit money to buy some shit – and got arrested while the kids were with him.

Before we go any further, I know there’s going to be people out there that are going to say “This is just more unsupported allegations by that asshole Patrick”.  Well, here’s the Scottsdale Police Department report !

One thing to pay particular attention to is the date of the incident.  It happened on November 1, 2011 – a little more than a month after I was arrested for possession of marijuana.

I guess there’s not much more I can say beyond what’s in the police report.  I mean, it’s pretty clear, right?  Kristopher went to Walmart to buy some stuff with counterfeit money, and to return some stuff he’d bought with counterfeit money the previous day (it’s a form of washing counterfeit money).  All the while, he had mine and Patrick’s son with him (and my other kid from Michael Capuano, as well).  This is the man I openly protested my love to on my Facebook page.  This is the man I defended against Patrick’s allegations that he was not fit to be around our son.

Medical Marijuana Card

Then notice on page 8: When I arrived at the scene to pick up the kids, the police searched my purse and what did they find?  More fucking marijuana!  At that point I still didn’t have a medical marijuana card, so it was still illegal for me to have.  If you look at the picture on the the right, you’ll notice my card wasn’t issued until November 7 – 6 days after this incident.  So, on September 27 (our son’s birthday) I was arrested in my home for possession of marijuana – then on November 1, I was still illegally carrying and using weed – even when I went to a crime scene to get my kids from the police!  Booya, bitches!  I can get away with anything!

Next time I’ll post a copy of my medical marijuana application.



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    I love this sight lol desiree should be a cartoon character at this point lol hahaha u should tooootally do that lol

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