Trashy, Ghetto People and Honoring Agreements

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A few months ago Patrick sent me a written request (via email), for our son, to visit with him over his winter break. Patrick didn’t expect that I would permit it because I had already told the RCMP that I had no intention of allowing any visitation at all, and I had recently filed a request in the family court, seeking to suspend all further visitation.

My request to the court had eventually been rejected, and our son had recently stressed to Patrick that he really, really wants to get away from me and come back to live with Patrick. So, Patrick filed his own request in the family court, seeking to allow our son to choose for himself with whom he will live.

I, realizing this meant we would have a custody and visitation hearing within the next few months, and that over the past couple of years Patrick had amassed a stack of evidence against me for all of the horrendous parenting things I had done since our son had been with me – not to mention my realization that our son had been living with me for two and a half years and he still could not stand me – actually responded, pseudo-agreeing to allow our son to visit during his winter break. However, in the great tradition of emotionally juvenile, delusional schizophrenics, I attached a list of ridiculous, completely unreasonable and inappropriate “conditions”. If you wish, you may read the actual email here. Particularly troubling was my attempt to dictate what Patrick is “allowed” to speak with our son about.

Patrick promptly responded, informing me that he would not agree to such ridiculous terms. Patrick politely, yet frankly, told me this was not a negotiation. You can read that email here.

There has been no further communication from me about our son’s winter break or visitation. He is currently on his break, and I did not allow him to visit.

The Problem with Trashy, Ghetto People Like Desiree

I will surely try to use that as a basis to claim, in the family court, that I never refused to allow our son to visit over his winter break and that, in fact, Patrick was the one that refused to allow him to visit, by refusing my “conditions”.

You see, people like me believe it is perfectly acceptable to agree to whatever conditions are presented, in order to get what you want – while having absolutely no intention of honoring that agreement. We just don’t understand, we can’t understand just how trashy, how ghetto, how utterly gross and disgusting such pathetic mentality is. We are, after all, white trash!

I would, and in fact have, on numerous occasions in the past, agreed to things only to turn around the next day and go completely against what I had agreed to. Let me give you an example:

Back in 2011, the time I had abducted our son from Patrick’s custody in Los Angeles and taken him to Arizona. The three of us – me (Desiree), Patrick, and our son – were all on the phone; Patrick insisted the only fair, reasonable, and decent thing to do is to allow our son to decide with whom he wants to live. I agreed (only, of course, because our son was on the call). Our son clearly stated that he wanted to go back to live with Patrick and perhaps visit with me during his school breaks. I said, before both Patrick and our son, that if that’s what our son wants then I will respect that. I said I’d call my attorney the next day and start the arrangements for our son’s return. Oh, I did call my attorney the next day – only, I requested he tell the court Patrick was threatening to go to Arizona and take our son back by force. I instructed my attorney to request an emergency order prohibiting any further contact between Patrick and our son.

That is the way I think! That is all I know. That is how my equally trashy, ghetto mother raised me. So in my mind it is perfectly okay to enter into an agreement with someone even though you have no intention of following through with it. And that is why, in my mind, Patrick is the one that refused to allow our son to visit over his winter break.

According to people like me, Patrick should have simply agreed to my “conditions”. I would not have expected him to follow them, anyway. Trashy people are incapable of thinking in non-trashy terms. We simply assume our way is right, and everybody else must, reasonably, think the same way we do. It would never even enter my mind that decent, civilized people would not deliberately enter into an agreement with no intention of honoring that agreement, just to get what they want at that moment.


If you ever have the opportunity to enter into any type of agreement with me, you can be absolutely certain that I will agree to whatever terms you propose and I will not honor that agreement. Unless I am required to fulfill my part of the agreement before I receive the benefit of that agreement, you’re very likely going to get shafted.

Nasty, white trash, ghetto losers will say and agree to whatever we have to to get what we want, all the while having absolutely no intention of keeping our end of the deal.


[Comment from the Editor: As always, we declare, with 100% confidence, that every word of this post is true and correct. Desiree will surely tell you it’s all lies, but then why is it she is not able to get an injunction, based on a claim of libel, prohibiting us from publishing it? Why is it that she doesn’t even try to get such an injunction – because she knows it is completely true and accurate.]

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  1. Mike says:

    Very interesting dynamics to this relationship. Good reason not to get married.

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