Until I Am Destitute and Homeless – Just Like I Did to Him

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The news media made a big deal about Patrick saying he would not take this website down until I am destitute and homeless.  And when you heard that you thought “Oh my god, what a horrible, vindictive monster that Patrick Fox is”.

But, what CBC (and other so-called “news” agencies) left out was that that is exactly what I did to Patrick in 2013!  I knowingly, and very intentionally, pursued a specific course of action which I hoped would not only result in him being deported from the US, but also in him being homeless, penniless, and without any resources or assistance at all. I deliberately and intentionally caused Patrick to be “homeless and destitute”.  But what’s worse, is I caused him to be homeless and destitute in a foreign country, where he didn’t know anybody, didn’t have any legal status, no identification – nothing!

Now that I’ve openly admitted, publicly, on the radio and in the family court that I absolutely did call ICE and file a false report in order to get Patrick deported, I might as well tell you about all the humiliation and suffering he went through as a result – fuck him!

Admitting on a live radio show that I filed a false report with ICE to get Patrick deported

Admitting in family court that I filed a false report with ICE to get Patrick deported
[Comment from the Editor: Although Desiree doesn’t state, in the above clips, that her reports to ICE were knowingly false, she has already admitted that she knows Patrick is a US citizen – which would mean her report that he was an illegal alien, a fugitive, and had re-entered the US illegally, would have been false.]

And is if that was not enough of a kick in the face for him, I had him deported in January – when ICE arrested him in Los Angeles, he was dressed for LA winter: jeans, a T-shirt, and a hoodie!  When he arrived in Vancouver in February, that’s all he had!  He must have frozen his fucking balls off!  Good!  Like I said: Fuck him!

Middle of February, in a foreign country, no money, no ID, no jacket, no cell phone

So there he was, middle of February, in a foreign country, without a single dollar in his pocket, not knowing a single person in Canada, not even having a jacket to protect from the cold.  No cell phone, nothing!  He had no idea where he was or how to get downtown.  That first night, he slept on the floor of the entrance of a bank – you know, where the ATM machines are.  Around 3AM a couple came in and found him there.  They gave him $5 so he could make his way downtown.

That first night, Patrick slept on the floor of the entrance of a bank.

The next day he found a Salvation Army homeless shelter downtown and was able to get in.  He spent the next few weeks looking for work and doing day labor to make pocket money.  But it’s extremely challenging looking for work when you don’t have transportation or a phone.

You might be thinking, “Didn’t he have friends or family he could turn to for help?”  No!  I made sure that couldn’t happen when I contacted all the people he knew, back in the summer of 2012 and told them all those horrendous stories about him hiding our child from me for 9 years, and about him being an illegal alien and a fugitive.  No, there weren’t many people willing to talk to Patrick by the time I got through with them.  Come on, you’ve seen me in those TV interviews.  You believed me!  You turned on Patrick just like they did.

We had a child custody hearing scheduled in the family court in Los Angeles, in March 2013.  He was a US citizen and had a birth certificate to prove it, so legally, he was allowed to return to the US.  Problem was, he was in a foreign country, didn’t physically have his birth certificate, or any ID with him, and according to ICE’s records he was an “illegal alien” and had been deported.  There’s no way he was getting back to Los Angeles!

His rabbi sent him $300 to help with getting to LA for the hearing.  He figured he’d have problems at the border, but surprisingly, he didn’t.

I suspected he might show up for the hearing, so I called ICE and filed another report, saying he was going to be at the Compton Courthouse on the day of the hearing.  Sure enough, he was there.  ICE arrested him again, held for another 6 weeks, then sent him to Vancouver, again.

Again, he found himself in a foreign country, but at least this time he had $35 in his pocket and knew a bit about the city.  He was able to get into the homeless shelter again.  He realized, without proof of US citizenship, I was just going to keep calling ICE on him and he was just going to keep being detained and deported.  He decided to stay in Canada until he was able to get his birth certificate, ID, and resolve the ICE issues.

Patrick spent almost 3 months living in homeless shelters, doing day labor to earn pocket money, while he looked for a job

He spent the next month and a half at various homeless shelters, looking for work, and doing day labor for pocket money.  Eventually, after almost 7 weeks, he finally secured a position as a senior software engineer, which enabled him to quickly get back on his feet.

Once he was able to get an apartment, he contacted me and told me he’ll give me one last chance to do the right thing – to return our son to his care, before the school year began.  He said if I didn’t, he would devote the rest of his life to doing everything he can to destroy me – legally, of course.  I told him to do whatever he felt was necessary.  I refused to allow our son to return to his care, or to even visit with him.



Do you think that I feel any remorse about having done that to another human being?  Do you think it ever crossed my mind that my actions caused another person to be sleeping, literally, on the ground in the middle of February?  Had Patrick wronged me in some way that I could consider my actions “revenge”?  No, all he had done was to seek supervised visitation in the family court due to all the drugs and criminal activity going on in my home (which I openly admitted to in the radio interview, above).

So, you see, by saying that he will not stop until I am destitute and homeless, is only saying he intends to do the same thing to me that I did to him.  Reciprocity.  Kind of like he’s been saying all along.  But at least he has the decency to let me stay in my own country.

[Comment from the Editor: Although this post is written in the first person, from the perspective of Desiree, don’t think for one second that she would ever have the compassion or sense of responsibility to ever acknowledge that there was a single thing wrong with what she did, or that any of the hardship that befell Patrick as a result of her actions was in any way her fault.]


To All the People Who Got Worked Up About Patrick’s Statement

Tell me why it’s okay for Desiree to try to ruin Patrick’s life, to deliberately put him into a situation where he is homeless and destitute, even though she openly admits Patrick never actually wronged her in any way (prior to this website); but apparently he’s a monster for saying he will not remove this website until she is homeless and destitute?


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  1. melissa says:

    i dont think he is a monster, i think he has every right to be doing this. i think she is the one in the wrong, and she should just hand over the child. it’s not like she is going to win in the long run.

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