Whatchu Mean the RCMP Recommended a Charge of Criminal Harassment, But the Crown Said No!

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This post has nothing to do with Patrick or Desiree.  This post is about something much more interesting than a couple of yahoos who hate each other.

Here’s the thing, in the CBC story – by Natalie Clancy and Yvette Brend (hey, give credit where credit is due, right), they very clearly stated:

In July 2015, Fox was arrested and the RCMP recommended a charge of criminal harassment. The Crown did not approve the charge and Fox was released.

With me so far?  So according to Miss Clancy, the RCMP recommended that the prosecutor (I know you call it “the Crown” up here but I just can’t get used to that) proceed with prosecution on a charge of criminal harassment, and that it was the prosecutor that decided not to proceed.

RCMP Report – Criminal Harassment

But here’s I get confused.  In my hand I’m holding a copy of the actual RCMP report.  And, on page 4, the Constable wrote – and I’m quoting here:

There is no criminal offence being committed

So, according to Miss Clancy, the RCMP recommended a charge of criminal harassment even though in their report they conceded that no crime had been committed?  Say what?  Is someone on crack here?

So, Miss Clancy and the fine folks at CBC – who I’m sure always check their facts – would have us believe that it was the prosecutor alone who made the horrendous decision not to throw Patrick in prison for the rest of his life.  Somehow all of this just doesn’t seem very kosher.

I would propose, the more likely scenario was that the RCMP spoke with Patrick; looked at some of Desiree’s emails; realized how much of her allegation was completely false; and concluded she’s just a bitch that wants this website taken down because it’s pissing off her boyfriend.

Either way, I think their report pretty much sums it up.  I think this also goes to show that we really need to second guess every other detail of the story that’s been published in the media.

And I’m sure I’m not doing myself any favors by publishing this but fuck it!  Free speech and all that shit, right?  Power to the people, bitches!


3 Responses to Whatchu Mean the RCMP Recommended a Charge of Criminal Harassment, But the Crown Said No!

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    Very interesting observation.

    Considering most “news” these days is either about something a celebrity did that no one should really care about or what fad diet we should be following like religion or what we should hate Monsanto for today, I really wouldn’t get my facts from these “journalists”, nor would I expect them to research the correct facts and try to bring people an unbiased report.

  2. Me says:

    I know how you feel my stepson hasn’t physically seen his egg donor in 5 years (SHE walked away after standing up for her ex husband abusing the child). I get the anger. But as someone who sees my stepson everyday and is raising him, I see how he reacts to things. If we were ever to have published something like this, there’d be NO relationship with him (and it would be his choice). This would alienate him. I fear this may do the same with your child. Don’t do it for the fact that it makes her life easier, do it for your child. My stepson is 15, and he sees what his mother’s like…..he does. He makes comments all the time. Your child will make their own decisions, don’t push him away.

    PS. had your ex been in Canada, I bet my stepson mother and her would be best of friends!

  3. Fuck Off (is not Patrick) says:

    Desiree isn’t my wife, and has never been my wife. I’m not Patrick and I’m here not because I would do what Patrick has done, but because I believe this is a free speech matter, and that Patrick has every right to have this website up as a means of trying to get redress for his grievances.

    I also have no problems getting it up and have never have had any such problems.

    I know a few aspies. Good luck with your struggles.

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