Why Do My Own Words Keep Biting Me In the Ass?

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Recently I talked about how I told Patrick that since I cannot make ICE do anything, then he cannot say that I had him deported – regardless of the fact that I was the one that called ICE and filed a false and malicious report with them.

Once again, my own words have come back to bite me in the ass!

When I called the RCMP last week, to file yet another false and malicious report of harassment against Patrick, the fundamental fear I expressed was that by publishing the fact that I am racist and hate Mexicans he’s creating a situation where I might be attacked or assaulted by a horde of angry Mexicans (as if – they’re all too lazy to ever both with that, right?).

But, if we apply my same logic, my same words, to such a scenario, then it would not be Patrick’s fault that I was attacked because Patrick cannot make a gaggle of smelly wetbacks, 1500 miles away, do anything.  Just like I cannot make ICE do anything.  I even used that exact same rationalization in family court, under oath.

Damn my stupid inability to be half way intelligent!!!  Could it really be that years of chronic pot use has diminished my ability to think?  Nah, pot doesn’t have any side effects!

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