Why I’ll Never Leave Desiree

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James Pendleton and his fiancee, Desiree Capuano, outside their home in Sahuarita, AZ

James Pendleton and his fiancee, Desiree Capuano, outside their home in Sahuarita, AZ

Let’s face it – I have the social aptitude of a tree stump; low self esteem; I’ve never let go of my mother’s teat; I’m, at best, a pseudo-intellectual; and, let’s be honest, I will never do better than Desiree Capuano.

Desiree is such a sweet, caring, gentle woman.  How could anyone possibly believe the outrageous claims on this website?  Obviously her ex-husband is just obsessed with her and feels jilted because she left him for another man.  It doesn’t matter how “proof” her ex-husband posts on this website – it’s not going to change the way I feel about Desiree!

[Comment from the Editor: Actually, Desiree didn’t leave Patrick for another man. When Patrick found out Desiree was using drugs again he decided the relationship was over. Desiree went back to Michael Capuano after her and Patrick broke up.]

Sure, Desiree insisted – and still insists – that everything on this site is lies.  She insists the court documents, police reports, and audio recordings are all forged.  And I believe her!  Yes, I believe her ex-husband forged the Pinellas County Sheriff’s report (Pinellas County Sheriff’s report ) of her being a stripper and being arrested for nudity in an alcoholic establishment.  It doesn’t matter that all those police reports are available to anyone with a simple public records request – one thing I’ve learned from Desiree is that as long as you keep saying something is not true then it will be not true.  It will only become true if you believe it!

I do believe I am the first man Desiree has ever truly loved!

I do believe I am the first man Desiree has ever truly loved!  She has never felt about anyone the way she feels about me.  It doesn’t matter that everything she says to me is exactly the same things she has said to all the men before me.  It doesn’t matter that even after we had been living together for more than 6 months she still had comments on her Facebook page, protesting her love for her previous fiancé, Kristopher Lauchner (Desiree’s Facebook timeline), and pictures of Michael Capuano – publicly accessible for the world to see.  It doesn’t matter that the only reason she recently made her Facebook profile private was because of all the angry people who were pissed at her for trying to manipulate and exploit them when she went on TV about this website.  And as long as I keep telling myself that it will be true!

All the men Desiree has been with in the past have been horrible, abusive monsters!

And besides, all the men Desiree has been with in the past have all been horrible, abusive monsters who have taken advantage of her kindness and thrown her to the dogs when they were done with her.  I know this because she told me – and I don’t care what anyone thinks, Desiree would never lie to me – she loves me too much!  Consider her previous fiancé, Kristopher Lauchner: he was a monster!  Desiree had no idea he was using meth and stealing assault rifles; she had no idea he was taking her children along to commit crimes.  It doesn’t matter that she was arrested with him on multiple occasions – he made her do it!  She told me so.  And it doesn’t matter that she was smoking meth with him – he forced her to!  And Michael Capuano?  He was clearly physically abusive.  He would physically beat Desiree!  And, it doesn’t matter that all the police reports show that she was the one that was physically abusing him!  The police lie!  Everyone lies!!!  Only Desiree has been telling the truth.  She would never lie about that kind of stuff.

Desiree would never lie to me – she loves me too much!

And, with all the pain and grief Desiree has been going through as a result of all the horrible things her ex-husband has been doing to her, how can I, in good conscience, turn her away?  It doesn’t matter that she brought it all on herself – no matter what a sweet, caring person like Desiree does to another person, she would never deserve to have all her terrible acts made known to the public!

I refuse to believe that Desiree has ever been with a man who was stable and level headed, like me.  I will not believe that every time she has been, the outcome was the same: she stays with him until she has sucked him dry (financially and otherwise) and she gets bored, then she goes back to some emotionally and psychologically disturbed man that is as messed up as her.  It doesn’t matter that that’s her comfort zone.  It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know how to be in a stable, healthy relationship; that she needs the chaos, the conflict, that she gets from people like Kristopher and Michael.

I refuse to believe the reason she really hates her ex-husband so much is because he is the only man that kicked her to the curb, rejected her!  She says she left him so that’s the way it happened.  The family court documents proving the opposite do not matter!  Evidence means nothing!!!  It doesn’t matter what Desiree said, under oath, prior to us falling in love!!!

History is no indication of what can be expected from a person!

History is no indication of what can be expected from a person.  Anyway, people change.  Even if Desiree did do all that horrible stuff, she’s not the person she was before we met – our love has changed her.  She would never do that kind of stuff anymore.  It doesn’t matter that even just a couple of months ago she went on TV and openly lied, and feigned fear and anguish to manipulate masses of people – she would never do that to me!

No!  I will refuse to see all the signs, to heed the warnings of my friends.  I will refuse to believe any of the evidence is real, or that it even exists!  I will continue to convince myself that Desiree loves me, and needs me, until I have blown my savings, mortgaged my house, destroyed my professional and personal reputation.  Until the day comes that Desiree tells me she doesn’t think things are working out and that she’s going back to Phoenix, because I will never find another woman as wonderful, as loving and caring, as loyal and devoted, as Desiree Capuano!

Desiree and I love each other and that’s all that matters.  I don’t care that no employer will ever take me seriously – as long as Desiree and I are together then everything else will work itself out.

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  1. Taylor Downs says:

    You’re an idiot, James. This bitch lied to you form the start and you’re still supporting her and her kids? She’s not even good looking. She’s a hog. Have some self respect, bro.

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