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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
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Last attempt at an amicable resolution
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jul 21 2013 11:13:28 am

As you know, you started a new position 3 weeks ago.  As of yesterday, I
put a deposit on a 2 bedroom apartment which I move into on August 1.  My
current position pays, after taxes and deductions, about $80,000 a year (my
disposable income).  The project manager is going on maternity leave later
this year, at which time I there has been talk of me taking over her role,
which will put my disposable income at about $108,000 a year.  Since I have
absolutely no bad credit in Canada, I have been able to get approved for a
loan of $20,000 which I intend to spend entirely on legal fees.  In
addition, I intend to spend ALL of my income (minus cost of living) on
legal fees.  I have been in contact with a lawyer in Los Angeles and have
provided him full disclosure of material, including all of our emails, and
he is willing to take the case.  He will be charging $250/hour but he has
an incredible track record.  Obviously, I would rather put that money
toward G*****'s future and education...but I am prepared to put every
resource I have, and to get myself grossly into debt, to get G***** back
and to have you removed, completely, under court order, from both of our
lives - permanently.  From my conversations with G*****, it is clear that
is what both of us want!

School here starts the day after labor day.  I have already completed the
required formalities to be able to enroll him here (because he was not born
in Canada) and he has been approved.  I have applied for his Social
Insurance number.  He is covered under my medical insurance and is the sole
beneficiary of my life insurance.

This is my final attempt to resolve this matter amicably.  I hereby request
that you return G***** to my custody before the start of the BC school
year, with all of his belongings.  If you continue to refuse to cooperate,
in G*****'s interests, then my only remaining alternative is to proceed
with the lawyer.  And let me be perfectly clear: if we go down that road
EVERY aspect of your life WILL be scrutinized, his investigator WILL
research, document and record EVERYTHING you are doing and have done for
the past 10 years; every disciplinary action or behavioral report about
Sage will be brought up; every single time you, Michael, Kristopher, your
mother, your brother, and anyone else close to you has ever interacted with
any law enforcement officer, not paid a bill on time, will be scrutinized;
every past and present employer and landlord will be interviewed; every
person you've lived with or associated with will be questioned; every tax
return, every credit card bill, every bank account, every medical record
(including psychological/psychiatric) for all the relevant people in your
life will be found and picked apart (medical records are confidential but
investigators always have ways around that).  Every time Sage choked a kid
at school it will be found.  Every person you've ever had any relationship
with, or slept with, or even just had a drink with, will be found and
questioned.  Every person that comes to your home, or whose home you go to;
every person you work with, will be researched and questioned.  Every
person you have ever betrayed, lied to, deceived and mislead will be
located and interviewed.  I anticipate it will cost me well over $100,000,
and I accept that.

I know, given your personality, that you would not respond to threats, and
that you will see this email as a threat - and to that end, I do not expect
you to even consider returning G*****.  I fully expect you will respond
with hostility and further delude yourself into thinking that you'll be
fine.  But, if I know anything about the justice system in the US (and in
Canada, too, I suppose), it's that in the end you will be left with nothing
- you will be broke, ridiculously in debt, out of a job, likely out of an
apartment, and you will lose in court, either way.  You know as well as I
do, that given your performance (in dealing with me) over the last 8
months, your refusal to cooperate in G*****'s interests, your deliberate
actions to complicate things for me so that you can get custody of G*****,
your explicit request for an order prohibiting all communication between
G***** and I, and the Court's expressly stated interest in maintaining the
status quo (which would have G***** in MY care - 8 months is not a
significantly long enough time for the status quo to have shifted), that
the court is going to order you to return G***** to me anyway.  You'd only
be delaying the inevitable and forcing G***** to continue to suffer (he
hates it in Arizona, he doesn't like Sage, and he's afraid of you).  We've
found ways to communicate without having to use your landline (because we
still believe you are recording/listening to the calls).  He is not of the
same social or behavioral strata as you, Sage, and whoever your fiancé
happens to be this month.  He doesn't feel like he fits in with all of you,
and he just doesn't want to be there.  No matter how long you keep him
there, or how many things you buy him he will never be one of you and he is
smart enough to tell that all of you will never fully accept him as one of
you - he just doesn't share you values and beliefs.

Anyway, it's up to you to decide how we proceed now.  You know my position
and intentions.  If I do not receive an affirmative response by the end of
the week I shall presume you oppose my request and shall proceed

Good day!


P.S. If nothing else, think about this one thing: it is because of your
own, deliberate, actions of repeatedly filing reports with DHS that I am
now in a position to cause you a lot more difficulty, legally, and that I
am doing as well as I am.  Had you not done that then maybe I'd still be in
LA struggling just to get by.  I suppose, for that I should thank you (but
I won't because I truly despise you and have concluded that you really are
one of the most foul people that has ever existed) (stated with my usual
tone of indifference).